Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Monday's YouDebate

The pack of Democratic presidential candidates comes to Charleston Monday for their second debate in the state this year. And this one should be interesting.

It's sponsored by CNN and YouTube, which is asking its users to submit questions on video. A lot of them are serious, about things like health care and education. And then, there are the others.

Check this one by a guy named pzottolo. He asks:
-- "How do you propose to put the care in health care? And baby-kissing doesn't count."
-- "Are you concerned with how the American president looks to the world? And if so, would you be willing to undergo plastic surgery?"
-- "Will the separation of church and state be more than just the word 'and'?"

Then there are a couple Tennessee country boys who call themselves travisandjonathan. They have a question for John Edwards.

"Tell us how good lookin' do you think you are," they say. "Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10. Don’t be false modest .... Do you think you're better-looking than Barack Obama?"

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David McKnight said...

Hey, do you think Hillary Clinton and John Edwards will get a question about "winnowing down the field?"

I could see Marlette doing a cartoon on that faux-pas:

Frame One: Clinton and Edwards in the foreground, one of them saying: "It sure would be good if we could narrow down the field to the serious candidates." In the background are the surprised faces of all of the other Democratic candidates as they overhear these remarks.

Frame Two: All the other Democratic candidates are in the foreground on a debate stage under a banner reading: "We've Narrowed the Field Down to the Serious Candidates." In the background, looking through the windows of the stage door are Hillary and Johnny, noses pressed up to the glass, and with the quote:

"Gee, couldn't we at least have been given press passes?"