Friday, September 26, 2008

North Carolina the new Ohio?

Could North Carolina in 2008 play the role of Ohio in 2004?

That's what NBC political analyst Chuck Todd says he's hearing from folks in Barack Obama's campaign.

“(They) tell me they think in four weeks we will be talking about North Carolina more than we will be Ohio,” Todd told Dave Wagner of Flashpoint, a public affairs show on NewsChannel 36.

“They do believe the voter registration advantage that they have had in this state which started with the very competitive primary during the spring is allowed them to change the face of the electorate.”

You can catch Flashpoint Sunday at 10:30 a.m. In addition to Todd, the show features Davidson political scientist Susan Roberts, and me.

In his segment, Todd also talks about North Carolina's U.S. Senate campaign. Political analyst Charlie Cook also weighs in on the race in a column today.

Republican Senate hopes are looking more dismal around the county, he says, adding that GOP prospects "in Minnesota, Oregon, and North Carolina have dimmed a bit in the past month or two." To read the entire column, click here.


Anonymous said...

If we are the new Ohio, does that mean that all the people here from ohio will finally move. Ah whishful thinking

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news for NC! We're a growing state with diversity not only in race/gender but also in political thinking. I am so happy to part of an evolving progressive state. We should all be happy!

Anonymous said...

Does that mean our vote will be decided in the middle of the night when one county locks out election observers, after a long day in which a lot of people get turned away from voting because of poorly allocated resources?

Anonymous said...

With our cigarette prices ACORN has a shot, but if it is raining will they go under the bridges to make sure the voters they registered actually vote?

The demographic change most likely to ensure NC for McCain is the consolidation at Bragg. Tens of thousands in last few years, not voting for Barry as C in C.

Anonymous said...

Screw diversity...don't want to be Ohio...we need border control!

Anonymous said...

Why all the vitriol?

I agree with the second comment, this is wonderful news for North Carolina. It is exciting to be a resident of a state that is evolving versus stagnating.

I'm concerned about posters who are both angry and mean to other posters; unnecessary roughness.

Frankly, it's unbecoming and quite distant from the long-held southern hospitality axiom.

Anonymous said...

What do people thing of McCain's connections to the gambling industry?

I would think his base would be upset with this.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? Will we see fireworks or something?