Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Steele a hit with Meck GOP chairman

A lot of Carolinas' Republicans were pulling for Columbia's Katon Dawson to win last week's race for GOP national chairman. Not Lee Teague.

Teague, Mecklenburg County Republican chairman, was pulling for Michael Steele, the former Maryland lieutenant governor who edged Dawson for the chairmanship.

Teague invited Steele to speak at last year's Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner in Charlotte. He also found himself on the same page. Both criticized a Republican congressman who dismissed his GOP primary opponent as a liberal.

"This shouting Liberal! Liberal! Liberal! stuff is not going to work this year," Teague said the time, adding that the congressman "and a lot of other Republicans in Washington need to get a clue."

Asked about Teague's comments at the time, Steele said, "We don't have the brand power to do that right now, so we need to come to the table with a better game. We need some common-sense solutions that speak to where people are in their everyday lives. So running around screaming 'this guy's a liberal' won't get you re-elected."

"He understands that we’re going to have to fight very hard to get the attention of the average voter," Teague said today, "and get them to understand that our solutions will make their lives better.”

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Anonymous said...

Fully agree. So many people are using their hatred for Bush mixed with gross misunderstandings of what Reps stand for that we need a positive spokesman to clear this up. We want: (1) freedom - from large, expensive, intrusive govt to pursue our respective, individual dreams. We were founded on that concept. (2) personal responsibility - we are all in charge of our own lives and must do our best, not blame someone else and demand government help when things go wrong. (3) respect for the law - a system that punishes crime, with sentences determined by the law, not judges who remove the blindfold Lady Justice gave them in order to use "empathy" for those who appear before them. Most of all, we need leaders who say "You CAN do it," not "You CAN'T POSSIBLY do it without government help. You're black / poor / gay etc., so the barriers against you are INSURMOUNTABLE without the government." How insulting. When the "disadvantaged" and their advocates understand how much they are insulted by this liberal, self-serving rhetoric, they will start to appreciate the conservative way.