Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rivals: Hayes 'establishment' candidate to lead GOP

Two rivals for chairman of the N.C. Republican Party are calling former U.S. Rep. Robin Hayes the "establishment" candidate.

Tim Johnson, currently the party's vice-chair, said he expects to get tea party support in his bid for the top job. And Marcus Kindley, former Guilford County GOP chairman, said he's hoping to win grass-roots support.

The GOP state executive committee meets Saturday in Raleigh to name someone to fill the remaining six months of Tom Fetzer's term. Fetzer is resigning to start a consulting business.

"This is a classic case," Kindley said today. "We have the guys in Raleigh, they sat down and decided who they wanted to run.”

Johnson, meanwhile, said of his own support, "the vast amount is coming from Tea Party groups." He has spoken to Tea Party rallies in Charlotte and elsewhere.

"They truly were the ones that allowed Republicans to win and recapture the General Assembly the first time in 140 years," he said.

It's unclear how many Tea Partiers will be among Saturday's voters. The executive committee is made up of local and regional party leaders.

Hayes could not be reached. But his campaign manager, Jennifer Behr, said he expects to win.

"Robin’s got support from across the board," she said. "He's not in this because somebody handpicked him …. He realizes that this is just a job that he’s cut out for and now is his time and he’s seizing the opportunity.”


LexingtonJourney said...

In 2002 and 2005 there were two important votes in the U.S congress that gave the world money interests and globalists the boost they needed in their march to remove international borders and control the fate of nations with socialism and world government. Until that time the United States was one of the few world powers standing in the way of their agenda.

Then in 2002 we had The Trade Act, (Fast Track) and in 2005 the Central American Free Trade Act (CAFTA). Almost impossible to forget was that former NC congressman Robin Hayes was the deciding vote FOR, after saying that he was "flat-out, completely, horizontally opposed to CAFTA," and saying that "it's not in the best interests of the core constituency I represent," and that "there is no way I could vote for CAFTA".
To learn more about the devastation Robin Hayes has brought upon our nation and why his vote for Cafta and Fast Track is a major reason we have mass illegal immigration go to,

To say No to Robin Hayes for NCGOP Chairman, please sign the petition at

Anonymous said...

Memo to NCGOP:

Just because Betty White is "hip" right now doesn't mean you'd be "hip" by electing someone else who's past retirement age as your chairman.

Memo to Jim Morrill:

So sorry that Tim Johnson being black clashes with your employer's "Tea Partiers are racists" bent.

Yes, that's right America - the Tea Party choice for NCGOP Chairman is the only black candidate in the race.

marky said...

hayes has a plan, and proven leadership and fundraising.

johnson has a petition, and has been censured by the NCGOP

kindley has a beard

Anonymous said...

I like cashews!


I really do.

And I'd share my awesome supply of them to any registered Republiawesome that got that these cashews aren't free, but ROBin Hayes has been eating his Momma's nuts forever.

No! No! No!

To ROBin HayesBeen for anything!

csi said...

As a friend of Robin Hayes' racist-wife-grandmother-of-a-half-BLACK-child...

I think this whole race war in the NCGOP is stupid.

Because it's now about race, and that's what were supposed to win?

Just leave her and go back to Alaska and be done by Dudes former-Congressman-with-a-girl's NAME - AND LEAVE NORTH CAROLINA ALONE.

Sorry your Mom knew you so well.

forky said...

the race war was started, fueled, and beaten to death by TIM D'ANNUNZIO. ONE crazy moronic individual that unfortunately bares the Republican brand.

Anonymous said...

They elected him didn't they?

Stupid Republicans, always begging for irrelevance.