Monday, March 14, 2011

Republicans pounce on Duke's convention loan guarantee

Republicans have jumped all over our report Saturday about Duke Energy Corp.'s decision to guarantee a $10 million line of credit to organizers of Charlotte's Democratic National Convention.

The GOP and other critics call it a form of corporate contribution that flies in the face of the Democrats' plan for a "people's convention." New rules for the first time ban corporate cash contributions and limit the size of individual donations.

"The DNC Reneges on its Convention Funding Promises Barely a Month after Announcing Them," a GOP press release said.

A blog on the conservative Weekly Standard was headlined: "DNC Strikes a $10 Million Deal with Cap and Trade Lobbyist." Duke supported so-called cap-and-trade legislation.

And Politico ran its version of the story, echoing a Republican spokeswoman saying the Democratic ban on corporate money was "nothing more than a PR move."

Politico quoted Democratic spokesman Brad Woodhouse. "If they think our ban on corporate contributions and our cap on individual contributions is so feckless," he said, "then they should be able to abide by the same restrictions."


Anonymous said...

Oh please.

The GOP invented being a corporate strumpet.

Harrumph, harrumph over nothing.

Anonymous said...

Republicans are calling the Democrats out for being hypocritical. It is another example of the Democratic Leadership saying one thing and doing another. Obama and Co. attempt to label Republicans as big business, but they are no different. I believe that is the point Republicans are making here.

Anonymous said...

Pretty funny that 5/3 would make the DNC to bring in a guarantor for $10m. But hopefully, theres not much more to this than the lender spreading risk.

Anonymous said...

"If they think our ban on corporate contributions and our cap on individual contributions is so feckless," he said, "then they should be able to abide by the same restrictions."

Except, not even the Democrats are obeying their own ban -- they SAY they won't take cash from corporate sponsors, but they WILL take in-kind contributions (such as donations of services or facilities) and they WILL accept use of a corporate-backed line of credit which I absolutely guarantee you will NEVER be paid off if it's used. In other words, they'll take all sorts of stuff that has monetary value -- just not cash. [wink] [wink]

Here's some simple logic for everyone: There is NO difference between given money to buy something and just being given the something.

Hypocrite, thy name is Democrat.

PS: I'm posting this anonymously because I don't wanna get Alinskyed. You know what I mean.

Larry said...

Come join us as we document the dirty tricks

The Charlotte Observer will make sure that every bit of news about the DNC is pristine and upbeat no matter what they have to do to spin it.

Anonymous said...

Way to left, you lean way to left...

Anonymous said...

Kinda makes you wonder.

Anyone with a brain can make the determination "unions", especially the under the fire public sector "unions"...people who are supposed to work for you and I would not exist without the mandatory "union fee" forced upon the workers.

If Scott Walker can take the slave aspect out of the public union forced democrat political contribution machine and give free choice to the workers as to whether or not they contribute to unions at all, then by golly...we should eliminate all corporate ties to anything politics.

A hard core, right wing, boot strap be responsible for yourself poster.

Larry said...

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We have seen what the unions have been doing in Wisconsin and elsewhere, and now they are trying to bring their tactics to the Queen City. We MUST show up in huge numbers and overwhelm them. I know this is short notice. I know you probably already have plans. I have two events tomorrow night, and I am having to cancel them in order to be at this rally. It is that important. I trust that you will join me and stand side by side with me.

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Oscar Harward said...

Who are you going to convince the stockholders at Duke are only guaranteeing $10 million. Is this a “Duke Energy” corporate donation that the DNC memberships have criticized so much for? You can “betcha” the Duke Energy customers will pay in the end.

This Duke Power guarantee reminds me of the DNC Convention in Atlanta some years ago and left AT&T with some $300,000 of unpaid long-distance telephone bills. After threatening AT&T with corporate organizational changes, AT&T marked off the $300,000.

Anonymous said...


They have the right to political speech.

MarkA said...

Charlotte got the DNC because it was the only city to guarantee any shortfall. If the line of credit is used it is the taxpayers of Charlotte that will have to pay it back.

Anonymous said...

If the stock holders of Duke Energy
are smart they will sell their stock ASAP

Zon said...

Hmmmm. I wonder how much corporate money is going to be parading around the RNC?

Anonymous said...


You fruits look for any excuse to prance around in your tricorne hats and gaudy flag shirts.

If you people love the free market so much, then stop whining about jobs being shipped to cheaper countries.

Larry said...

Freud would have a field day with the poster above.

Anonymous posting, Fruit, jobs I mean come on this person has a lot of issues.

Just from this posting you can tell they have worked too hard for the little they have and are angry at just about everyone.

Too bad they are still living under the guise that a party can protect and baby them.

So I really feel sorry for them, and I hope the rest of you do also.

JonnyD said...

So what?

Just because those chickenhead Republicans sqwawk about something doesn't mean it's anything worth knowing about. They might as well be yelling, "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!"

Wiley Coyote said...

It used to be hypocrisy was a Democrat-owned word, always being leveled at Republicans.

The Democrat's biggest support group, who blindly pull one lever and walk away, Blacks, have had a boycott of SC going on now nearly 11 years.

Of course when the delegates come to down, they'll forget about the boycott and stay in hotels and eat at restaurants across the border.

It's fun being the net on a ping pong table watching the match...

Oh, btw...Kojo? Where's that boycott of Charlotte you were spewing about? Someone tell you to just shut up?

Anonymous said...

GOP. Go back to Sarah Palin worship. Leave Charlotte alone.

We're fine without the reactionary political jibberish.

Anonymous said...

Fist off we aren't going anywhere! This is OUR home too!

Second, a "line of credit" is another word for LOAN! Not everyone is as stupid as the DEM followers, the rest of us understand that "line of credit" would have to be repaid from the TAXPAYERS! NO WAY!

Third, we are hoping to secure an NRA convention for the same WEEK as the DNC! Now wouldn't THAT be fun!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Larry, Please go away. I have no interest in wasting time to on your GOP shill and spin site. What the GOP is doing here is "typical" of what the GOP lives and dies for and that is to sow confusion and negativism. But I bet the one thing that not an iota of time was spent on and that would be trying to help everyday people.So no, there will be no page clicks. Got it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wiley Coyote, after "I blindly pull the lever for Democrats", I'm going to open my eyes and hope to find you standing close by so I can ram that lever straight up....

Anonymous said...

So, Larry, Matt Riddenour, the KKK, the League of the South, American Renaissance, and all their other love buddies are going to have a reactionary whine fest across the street from forward thinking people who are actually taking a stand for the middle class in this community? My god! What a bunch of crybabies! Thank god these rubes are being outnumbered quickly in this town. One more reason why Democrats will prevail in 2012.

Anonymous said...

The Republican Party...
All pounce, no lead.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about the Charlotte School of Law about hypocrits...a for profit corporation runs that law school and they are definately in bed with the left winging dems that we are speaking about on this forum...a bunch of activists that want to tax the average working man at their expense but only for their gradiose social programs that consistently FAIL year after year and decade after decade. said...

I believe everybody ought to look at this.