Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Myrick's son following her footsteps?

Twenty-four years ago, Dan Forest was a student at UNC Charlotte when his mother, Sue Myrick, was elected mayor of Charlotte.

Now he's running for office himself.

The Raleigh Republican is campaigning to be North Carolina's lieutenant governor. Though the race has stayed far below the radar, he's been speaking to GOP groups around the state.

Forest, 43, is the son of Myrick and her first husband, the late Jim Forest. He attended East Mecklenburg High School before transferring to a school in Columbia. He practiced architecture for 23 years before stepping down in late 2009 to start a political advocacy group. He left in March to start his campaign.

Filing for the office won't start until February. One other Republican, Wake County commissioner Tony Gurley, also is running.

Forest said his mother, a member of Congress since 1995, may campaign with him before its over.

"I think she will be very willing to once the time comes," he said. "She'll be in campaign mode too."


Oscar Harward said...

If he will turn out to be as honorable, intelligent, and reliable on the issues, he will be a “goodun”. Rep. Sue Myrick is one of the very best.

Oscar Y. Harward

Anonymous said...

So sad.

Anonymous said...

I hope is past is reviewed and investigated. I seem to remember some election night high-jinks with opponents of his mother.

Charlottemike said...

I am sorry but I cannot agree with you about Rep. Myrick. She signed the "Contract for America" pledging term lits but is still running for re-election; she uses her experience with cancer as a campaign issue but consistently votes against funding for health; and when was the last time she faced her constituents in an open session?

She is in a safe gerry-mandered district so the only leadrship she has to show is periodically waving the red flag on terrorists or the undocumented. We deserve better,

I would be interested in knowing who funded his "political action group" and the directions of his actions.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a good old "heriditary democracy!"

MeckDeck said...


Were Sue to retire and not run again, how much, if any, of her campaign funds could she roll over into her son's campaign efforts?

Anonymous said...

Look to the old Carolina Amway groups to rally around him as they did to sponsor mother. Dexter Yager's sons are experts on how to do it all with their network.

Anonymous said...

"Following her footsteps?" Where, into paranoia and senility?

Anonymous said...

If "following her footsteps" means that he'll take that adorable mixture of racism/homophobia/superstition/jingoism to the voters needing it most, then I wish the boy would consider doing something (ANYTHING?!) productive with what's left of his adult life.

Anonymous said...

Oh God no! Citizens of North Carolina... run away from this guy!

Anonymous said...

@anonymous/5/10/2011 07:12:00 PM
yes, Amway and PTL are the backers that propelled her into office. Evangelical $$$ and crooks like Jim and Tammy... ain't America great!

Anonymous said...

If he's like his mother, he is racist, simple-minded, arrogant, and narcissistic -- perfect ingredients for a lousy, double-talking politician in the Southern GOP tradition of Sue Myrick!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,

Why don't you run for something? Here is someone willing to jump into the fray and make a difference.

Dan will make an excellent candidate and he knows how to create jobs as opposed to Walter "Go Play Golf" Dalton. http://www.golfcourseindustry.com/gci-042911-nc-golf-day.aspx

He spent two days at an event called Golf Day. Sounds like Government math to me.


Anonymous said...

Dalton has taken more money from big business than any Republican.

It is all there at the State Board of Election Website.

When your health insurance rates are high thank the current Gov. and Lt. Gov for their close relationship with the Not for Profit BCBS.

Anonymous said...

Meck Deck,

None of her funds can be rolled over.

Anonymous said...

Making a difference in a bad way is just was Sue Myrick has done and lots of it, unfortunately for Charlotteans and North Carolinians. No doubt, little boy Myrick will do more of the same ... that is, if he follows Sue's horrible example. Btw, there are also some families in Charlotte who have paid and continue to pay the price for Sue's home-wrecking shenanigans in decades past. Yes, yes ... she has certainly made a difference! Get real!

Anonymous said...

Hey Everybody,

Jesus is posting on the Charlotte Observer Website. Apparently, the one perfect person, that has ever lived on this earth, has decided to grace us with his opinion of Sue Myrick.

How have you remained silent all these years about various despots and tyrants, yet seem to want to lazer in on things that are meaningless to public discourse?

Looking forward to the sequel to your first book? Will you have a Kindle version?

True Believer

Anonymous said...

My heavens, the hatred and ignorance of some posters is frightening. Sue Myrick is an honorable and responsive Member of Congress and a very nice person to boot.

I am embarrassed by some of these hateful comments!

Anonymous said...

She's a monster, although a lazy and incompetent one.

You should be embarrassed by her, you moonlight-and-magnolias simpleton.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing honorable about her.

She's an adulterous homewrecker and everybody in Charlotte knows it.

Funny how the Amway-and-Jesus crowd looks the other way.

Anonymous said...

You sound mad. Are you a Harvey supporter with a chip on your shoulder?

Get over it!

Dan will do a great job!

P.S. What were your parents like? Obviously short on the manner lessons. Let's talk issues not trash.

Anonymous said...

Anon said, "I am embarrassed by some of these hateful comments."

"Sue Myrick is an honorable and responsive member of Congress."

And yet you don't seem to be embarrassed by your own ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Anon 11:30,

Too bad Jesus isn't on this board commenting about Myrick.

Perhaps He would tell her to stop being a fear-mongering bigot. Perhaps He would tell her to stop hinting to constituents that until they prove otherwise, all Muslims should be suspected as terrorists.

Anonymous said...

More mealy-mouthed southern-fried simpletons ringing in at 11:48.

You people are the scum of the earth and the laughing stock of the nation.

Anonymous said...

Dear 12:01:

You are in the South. You may not be aware of the fact when people grow up in a particular region their speech patterns reflect the local intonations and accents associated with that region.

Your jingoism aside, what particular areas of the country are laughing at us? Where are you from?

I'm guessing you cannot have a substinative discussion of political issues because it would destroy your stereotypes.

Well I need to go, my tractor done run over my dog again and my wife is havin pains with our 12th child and I think HeeHaw is playing on the picture box.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you people really are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Pakistan commoners say US lying about bin Laden


Anonymous said...

I find it telling how many folks are making such righteous proclamations, critiques, and even bestowing praise under the cloak of anonymity. What would everyone say if this discourse were in person, face to face. Irony intended in "Anonymous said..."

Sean O'Donnell said...

FISCAL MESS: Sue Myrick has voted for countless unbalanced budgets/appropriations. She is squarely to blame for our spending/debt mess.

Myrick in 2003 voted for Medicare Part D, a $19.6 trillion unfunded mandate.

CONSTITUTIONAL MESS: Sue Myrick has voted for the Bill of Rights-destroying Patriot Act.

Sue Myrick supports the Nazi-like Department of Homeland Security.

FOREIGN POLICY MESS: Sue Myrick voted for the Iraq war, unnecessarily killing thousands of people...and supports endless occupations and nation building.

Myrick wants aggression toward Iran, who has no nuclear weapon program.

Sue Myrick supports the war on drugs that is ineffective, and for which there is no constitutional authority given to Congress.

We've had enough Sue Myrick for a lifetime. She's done enough damage. When will NC 9th District wake up.

Anonymous said...

Is this weird or what?

Osamas neighbors swear the US Military shot the wrong guy after Obama fakes his birth certificate?

Lets not even discuss how they disposed of the evidence and Obama refuse to show any pics even to Congress?

In a court of law would this pass muster? What a fucking joke America is.



Anonymous said...

Best wishes to Dan, an honorable person.

I am not in your party and I don't always agree with your political views, but I trust you to make thoughtful principled decisions. I believe that you will serve NC well.

I hope that you'll stay 'above the fray' and not join in the mud-slinging cat-calling in this comment stream.

I trust that you'll consider opposing viewpoints, and make thoughtful decisions.

Anonymous said...

Damn. Porn found now at bin Ladens compound too? The US Govt getting desperate.

Bin Laden had 5 wives maybe more. How could the man get around to 5 or more wives and porn too plus rig 911 and everything else?

how will they demonize this arab shiek billionaires son who had only 500 bucks on him?

Will the military/govt find Hoffa? Bermuda Triangle solved? Hitler found? Amelia Earhardt? Stonehenge solved? Lost Atlantis found? the list goes on ...
ps your pres/govt lies like hell.


Anonymous said...

Obamas fake birth certificate goes with his fake SS number typical of illegal aliens.
Who is this half white guy in the WH anyway?
We know the govt killed bin Laden and hid the evidence to get the birth certificate Trump heat off him but that will fade off YET the media says nothing in a conspiracy.



Anonymous said...

What about this Obama and hater Cornell West connection?


Anonymous said...

Bin Ladens death was a CIA fake


Anonymous said...

Dan Forest will do lots to help North Carolina. He is just like his mother. Reliable, honorable and intelligent just like that other poster wrote.

If you would like to make a difference go visit www.redstampede.com

Anonymous said...

I invite everyone over to www.redstampede.com when it launches very soon to debate this topic. For or Against the forum is always open.


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