Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Perdue, McCrory dig for dollars in Charlotte

The two likely opponents in next years gubernatorial race are raising money in Charlotte this week.

Democrat Bev Perdue held a Monday night fundraiser at the home of Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers. Sponsors included investor Mark Erwin, former textile exec Crandall Bowles and Charlotte Chamber Chairman Pat Rodgers.

Republican Pat McCrory, meanwhile, will attend a Thursday night fundraiser at the home of Bank of America executive Cathy Bessant. Guests were to include House Speaker Thom Tillis and Senate GOP Leader Phil Berger.

Given this week's rush to adjournment in Raleigh, neither is likely to attend.


Anonymous said...

Keep looking, I wouldn't give a dime to either one of these pieces of filth.

Anonymous said...

The way things are going in Raleigh & America the socialist lib Marxist non workers party has been exposed & may be extinct after BHOs loss in 2012. Begging for a few votes in PR is desperation as the end nears.

The ideological conflict of the DNC is clear. In order to be the workers party you actually have to work. Cant claim working class blue collared status if you arent working & govt jobs in short supply. White collars dont count.

The DNC needs to bring back the good ole workers paradise days again but China & India with 3.5 billion or half the worlds population have all those 50 million jobs & want 50 million more. The death of socialist DNC liberalism is now a certainty.

Anonymous said...

Obama a dictator? His Libya illegal war among the other 10-15 he is fighing still dont not matter to the law? Is he above the law?



Anonymous said...

More bad news on the phony birth certificate.


Obama screwed up. Instead of all this fakery he could have just said he didnt remember or taken then 5th.