Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kissell, and opponent, bouyed by new 8th District poll

Democratic Rep. Larry Kissell and one of his Republican opponents are both touting a new poll for the Kissell campaign.

The poll shows Kissell leading each of three Republican candidates in the 8th District race. He led Richard Hudson, who pollsters Zac McCrary and John Anzalone called the "perceived Republican frontrunner," 46 percent to 36 percent.

The pollsters also tested Kissell against GOP candidates Fred Steen and John Whitley, though didn't release numbers in those matchups. They didn't test him against Republicans Vernon Robinson or Scott Keadle, or against Democratic rival Marcus Williams.

Hudson called Kissell's showing "weak."

"What this demonstrates is that I am the Republican the Democrats fear most and I am the one who can beat Larry Kissell," he said in a statement. "Kissell recognizes me as the Republican frontrunner and his own poll shows me holding him under 50 percent before we have even begun to hold him accountable for his liberal .... voting record."


Lauren Slepian, a spokeswoman for Keadle, chose to put her own spin on the results.

"What this demonstrates is that Scott Keadle and Vernon are kicking Kissell's backside," she said, "and Kissell is trying to show that he can beat the weak guys in the field."

Christopher Schuler said Hudson's "trying to do a good job spinning it his way but the numbers speak for themselves."


Anonymous said...

OK, so the poll ignores the Club for Growth/frontrunner candidate, Scott Keadle? What kind of poll was this, some guys standing at Walmart with clipboards in their hands?

Anonymous said...

Everyone I talk to is voting for Keadle... and after I saw Richard Hudson's tv ad where he looks like a drooling redneck, I am too.

Anonymous said...

Have to love Keadle supporters! Keep supporting a failed candidate with no knowledge of the issues and no real plan to fix them. His "plan" is basically copy and paste work from the Heritage Foundation. Failed in 2010 in the 10th district and will fail in 2012 in the 8th! Good luck in another congressional district in 2014 Scott. Maybe you and Vernon can both become perennial candidates with the purpose of building up donor lists for resale.

Anonymous said...

Ever talked to Scott Keadle?

He's not voting for Keadle.

He can't. He doesn't live here.

Keadle and Robinson are both such perennial loser frauds, there's no point to poll them. Even their OWN districts have rejected them each TWICE.

Anonymous said...

"What this demonstrates is that Scott Keadle and Vernon are kicking Kissell's backside," Lauren Slepian said.

There's the Tim D'Annunzio trademarked fire and brimstone I've been missing in this five-way republican clustermuck!

Still keep in touch with your old boss Timmy?

I see now you're working for one of those "carpetbaggers" (as you called them two years ago) from Iredell County?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Or if Renee Hudson is allowed to vote from Richard's real home in DC.

Anonymous said...

Someone's "real" home is where they were raised idiot!!

Anonymous said...

So would that be Virginia, Texas, DC, the 9th District, or the CMPD DUI drunk tank for your life-long gubmint employee Richard Hudson, ya idjit?!?

Anonymous said...

Face it folks. Two people in the Republican primary actually live in the new District, both from newly added counties.

Whitley in Robeson, and Steen from wherever his NCLEG position could find him a few more Republicans.

The only reason Hiccup Hudson is even a contender is he's been a Washington insider all his career and gets more "scratch" (his back and he'll scratch yours) from DC PACS and career politicains like Robin HayesBeen than a never-was like Vernon Robuson or Scott Keadle (who are identically displaced), because as Richard says, he "knows how to play the game."


Real people from here with a serious bone in their body have three choices: outsider Whitley, competant Kissell, or hold your nose and vote State Legislator Steen. At least they live here.

The rest are carpetbagging opportunists that couldn't get a job where they actually live and think you're dumb enough to pay their rent in DC.

Anonymous said...

Here's an except from currently unemployed Richard Hudson on his hopes and aspirations circa last election when he screwed McCrory's pooch (and his career).

“I knew we were in trouble when, the night before the election, Obama was in Charlotte,” he said. McCrory lost, dashing Hudson’s hope of becoming the governor’s chief of staff.

Your experience as our Representative frontrunner? You know this District tends to be both swing and moderate above all.

Hudson is now back in the congressional scene as Rep. Mike Conaway’s (R-Texas) chief of staff after having worked for Hayes and Reps. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) and John Carter (R-Texas).

Any regrets about losing McCrory's campaign for Governor?

“Initially, I was disappointed I wasn’t going to [North Carolina state capital] Raleigh, but I’m very excited about coming back to the Hill, and I feel very fortunate to have landed a job with someone as good as Mike Conaway,” he said.

Is that the same Texas Mike Conaway that's been best friends with GWB ever since Bush was elected governor of Texas and appointed Conaway to the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy over banks, savings and loans and whatnot?

No comment.

Interesting, wasn't your first boss Robin Hayes a big fan of GWB and big banks and sending jobs overseas too?


Moving on, what is your "dream job" young Mr. Hudson?

Dream job: Chief of staff to the governor of North Carolina (“Guess I blew that one.”)

Okay. And what would you call your "claim to fame" or as it were, why you qualify as a true resident of the 8th District and perfect representative for all those disenfranchised Tea Party folk looking for change?

Claim to fame: Champion of the Congressional Oyster Eating Contest and/or Reigning Skeet Champion, Congressional Sportsman Foundation Staff Shoot.

Im-pressive. I can see you truly are ready to start (back) in DC on day one (or after a lifetime).

See more of Richard Hudson's full interview at Capital Faces/ The Hill 2009.

Congrats Richard Hudson on being the currently unemployed "frontrunner" as per your endorsement of Larry Kissell's internal poll!

Anonymous said...

Speaking as someone that travels through Montgomery and Stanly regularly to get to Charlotte, all I see is Whitley and Kissel signs.

Who is Hudson anyway? I've seen one or two of his Hayes' era signs stuck haphazardly beside a "Justin Burr for State Rep." sign or two.

But doesn't Richard Hudson have more resources, funding and presence in this district than that to tie his entire wagon to the favors of "Li'l Prince" 'bail-bondsman' Burr?

Anonymous said...

Lauren Sleeeeeepian? WAKE UP!

Please tell us this isn't all just about the money. You now believe in Scott Keadle like you once did Tim D'Annunzio? First you hate Carpetbaggers, then you move to Iredell to be one? I mean your old boss is running again as a carpetbagger somewhere else, right? So I guess it's all par for the GOP course.

Do Republicans believe in anything, anymore other than government paychecks?

Your new boss Keadle must at least like the fact-smackdown on Dirty Richard Hudson. I mean come on, you won the last primary with this stuff... I mean, before losing of course to Harold Johnson. Gosh darn those Iredell County Republicans! Oh...

Good job though, Lauren! Bring it again!

Whatever Scott is paying you, the DNC will double it, I'm sure.

Heck, I'd pay to see 'the toothless dentist' in a good ol' fashing Republican primary death-match with 'the drooling spokesman for toothless dentists' (or any other PAC that gives Hudson money).

GO! I sense you have things to work out GOP.

URDumb said...
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Anonymous said...

Richard Hudson is such a phony. A Myers Park grad pretending like he's from Cabarrus county when he spent all his career in DC or hanging with that dimwit McCrory, who couldn't win Mecklenburg County.

Hudson's ad with his dog makes him look like a total douchebag.

Perfect for Congress

URDumb said...

I'd really like to learn more about Whitley. I sense a three-man runoff coming. Nobody is getting 40 percent either here or in the 9th.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you more about John Whitley, you're right - not only does he live in the district, he was born and raised in Kannapolis. His family owns the Whitley funeral home, in business for 100 years. He is smart, dedicated to serving people through his practice, a business owner (medical offices, animal rescue), owns two farms, lifetime NRA member, has the support of the national TEA party (as evident from his speech last weekend in DC - see CSPAN), is NOT in the race for the money (will take a HUGE paycut), is NOT a Washington insider, does NOT take money from PACS, lobbyists or special interests, and has personally attended just about every local GOP related event in the district since announcing.

This is all in conjunction with his full time job of neurosurgery. He works full time in Fayetteville, travels after work to campaign events, stays as long as constituents are willing to talk, then drives home, often arriving well after midnight to tend to his rescue animals, then rinse, repeat... His ethics are solid, pro-life, pro-2nd, anti-Obamacare (a $1.7 Trillion tax), and will stand up to the establishment because he has vowed to not only support term limits but will self-impose a 6-year maximum on his own time in Washington so that he can return to the career that he spent most of his adult life working hard to achieve.

Check out his videos on YouTube, search "John Whitley Congress" - you'll see why his ads now airing on Fox and Charlotte's 14 blow away Richard Hudson's bulldog ad. The only thing Richard Hudson has over John Whitley is money and if the 2012 vote is anti-establishment, Hudson will go down in a landslide. If that occurs, Whitely will win without a runoff on May 8th.

Anonymous said...

If Richard Hudson wins the primary, word on the street has it that a 3rd party candidate is ready to file. Washington insiders need not apply for the 8th District!

Anonymous said...

Hudson won't win the runoff even if he 'wins' the primary with a high 30 percent. But there is always that invisible hand from Raleigh. Fetzer determined our last runoff and gave it to the establishment candidate. I have no illusions that Hayes won't try again with his boy Richard. Robin would be mortified to learn he's that irrelevant here now.

The real runoff question is who can beat Robin's boy blunder? Steen or Whitley?

Anonymous said...

Whitley can blow away Hudson, Whitley has no skeletons or DUI's, no playboy party boy history, no divorces... Hudson has earned over $1.2 million of Federal pay since 2000 as a Washington insider, so has his new wife. They represent $2.4 Million combined of Federal paychecks from multiple Congressional staffer positions in multiple states. Neither has lived in Cabarrus County for 15 years. Hudson has never had other than a paycheck from taxpayer money.

Where does the bulldog live? Who's house was in the commercial? Hudson is a fraud! He established his business in November, 2011 just to be able to say he is a business owner. His consulting business has not even earnd ANY money yet! He may be a pretty boy but that did not help John Edwards. The NC GOP chairman Robin (Robert) Hayes may have indirectly endorsed him by being in Richard Hudson's political photo shoots, through his wife and his co-workers, but the anti-establishment vote in 2012 will lead Whitley to victory.

John Whitley's for Congress TV ads contain substance and positions. He has spoken publicly in Washington against Obamacare. He has national Tea Party supporters and can clearly demonstrate a lifetime of serving people, not himself. When was the last time Richard Hudson even set foot in the 8th district? When he was working for Virginia Foxx? Her endorsement is useless, BTW as she defends her current Chief of Staff for drunk driving in 11/2011. Makes sense why Virginia Foxx endorsed Richard Hudson... must have known about his DUI too!

That's just what we need... An immature drunk as our representative in Congress.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you're not telling anyone that reads political blogs at the CO anything we don't already know. Those aren't your voters.

What you need to do is print that stuff on some door hangers and get the tea party folks to go door to door in Stanly and Cabarrus.

Nothing else matters than educating the dumbest of the dumb. TV commercials don't do that. It's literally a waste of money here at this point. If only the tea party could pull it together and do a little independent expenditure not at all coordinated with any campaign, then they could pretty much say or do what they want. ;-)

Oh, and whatever the NRCC tells you to do, do the opposite. They are not your friends. They will tank you for insider Hudson any chance they get.

Anonymous said...

Agreed - other methods of distributing that information are being considered by groups against Hudson, I assure you. This blog accomplishes one major goal - anyone who Googles Richard Hudson Congress will at least have a chance of seeing it here too.

Any search on his name with DUI comes up blank otherwise because his cronies in DC have hidden the facts of the case(s)...

URDumb said...

this is funny much. you'd think pacman hudson would be ridiculed by the press for this, but they just love his tarantula lyin' azz.

Anonymous said...

LOL, show me the dog. The house.

Your "business" phone number...

37 Union Street South Suite B
Concord, NC 28025
Phone: Not Available

Anonymous said...

Interesting. It's a fake address to a law office, ala also unemployed 'businessman' McCrory.

Moretz & Skufca PLLC
Scheisters at large, fake business address for hire.

37 Union Street South, Suite B
Concord, NC 28025

Wow, some investigative journalist could blow this entire Richard Hudson scam wide open with a little googling.

Anonymous said...


Oh, that's right. the lamestream corporate media loves them some lying republicans.

Anonymous said...

Dear Editor. There are facts everyone should know about Richard Hudson before voting for him. Richard Hudson is running a campaign of mailouts? The represention of him portrayed in the mailouts is not 100% accurate.

One mailout pictures him hunting with Robin Hayes in an attempt to make him the establishment candidate. I don't know if that will help him in Richmond county because we have had enough of Robin Hayes. The flyer tries to connect him to the local community by calling him the owner of a small marketing group in cabarrus county.

What they obviously don't want you to know is this time last year he was in Washington DC where he has been for several years. He and his wife were Chief of staffs for Republican Congressmen. The RNC and Robin Hayes picked him to leave his job as a Congressional Chief of staff and move to the US 8th Congressional district in hopes of getting him elected. His cronies and lobbyists donated heavily to his campaign.

The RNC is doing that all over the nation. They are riding the Tea Party wave and slipping in their own candidates. His mailout campaign makes him look very impressive. But it's good ole boy politics as usual. The RNC is part of the problem. And in this election of throw the bums out do you really want to install a Washington Insider?

The progress we made last election were the Tea Party freshmen. They wouldn't vote the way John Boehner wanted them to. So the RNC are trying to elect candidates that will be loyal to them, not us. Is that what you want in your next congressman? A Republican loyalist?
Rev Russ Fincham, Rockingham Tea Party

Anonymous said...

I am flat-out, horizontally opposed to Richard Hudson.

Anonymous said...

Rev Russ Fincham from the Rockingham Tea Party is absolutely correct. Richard Hudson's most recent mailer indicates that he knows there is some VERY bad stuff in his past, and he has proactively his behind faith to justify it.

Mailer quotes: "when I was younger, I lived life for myself..." and "my past mistakes (plural) have been healed by the power of Christ's love..."

Of course the power of forgiveness is real, but we know about one DUI, although Richard Hudson lied about when it occured, trying to write it off as a college mistake when he was already in Washington. What about the two sealed court cases? What is hidden in those? Since Virginia Foxx has a history of supporting staffers DUI's, my guess is Richard is hiding a couple more DUI's. If that is the case, what does that say about his demeanor as a leader?

John Whitley is the best man for the 8th District. His moral character is beyond reproach and does not require forgiveness. He is the only candidate that can guarantee victory against Larry Kissell in the fall.

The Huffington Post Is glorifying Richard Hudson because they know Kissell can defeat him. Vernon Robinson is also susceptible. Scott Keadle can't remember questions from moderators durng debates (multiple venues) which the audience laughs off, but seriously demonstrates lack of intelligence (or a minimum lack of taking notes) and Fred Steen is a no-show at several events and is only locally popular in his corner of the District.

If you're not with Johm Whitley, you're for re-electing Larry Kissell.

Anonymous said...

Actually I think Robinson has the best chance of beating Kissel. Kissel will use Hudson's record and multiple DUIs against him and seal the deal. And there is no way I could EVER support Robin's BFF. Keadle is obviously clueless and Whitley can't possibly represent such a different area. As mentioned, Steen is just a party insider and more of the same. I for one would like to see a real hard-core conservative who isn't afraid to mix it up with insiders get elected. At least someone to offset what the liberals have left us with.

Anonymous said...

If you work for Robinson who used to be a Democrat, you might belive that. But Robinson is by far the most controversial. His Twilight Zone commercial has 140,000 hits for a reason. This is his last chance for election as an eternal candidate, he is pulling out all the stops. The fact that he pays himself with campaign money like Hudson will be shredded in the press before November.

If you believe Whitley is narrowly focused, you have not been to enough town hall meetings or GOP functions. You must not get out and interact with the candidates often or you would know that Whitley articulately answers any question posed and is ALWAYS the last candidate to leave the room, generous with his time and like Keadle, has a legitimate business and an MBA. Whitley is highly educated and will NOT bow to the leadership, but will do the right thing based on the Constitution and the needs of the 8th.

Keadle is OK but forgetful, Steen has no chance, only known in Landis and Salisbury areas. Hudson is simply bad for America, not just the 8th. Richard Hudson has never earned a public dollar his entire life and with three DUI's, multiple speeding tickets and an alcohol problem should be in Betty Ford Clinic or jail. Shame on Robin Hayes for supporting him!

Anonymous said...

I like it when Whitley wears a doctor smock to Tea Party functions. It reminds me I won't get a choice under him.

Anonymous said...

Richard L. Hudson finally on record (not rumor) about DUI. There are four other respectable candidates in the running for the 8th District Congressional GOP nod, we need not accept the party jamming THEIR well connected candidate down our throat.

You can, do and WILL have a choice! Vote for the candidate that will stand up against the GOP leadership, a candidate that has never held public office. Now is the time for us to take our country back. Back room deals and lobbyists like Richard Hudson ARE the problem in Washington. Why do you think Virginia Foxx is endorsing him? Maybe its because she has a habit of supporting Chiefs of Staff with DUI's?

Don't vote for the GOP butt kissing money boy, vote for a new voice in Washington. If you vote for Richard Hudson in the 8th, Larry Kissell will clean his clock with his OWN background.

Anonymous said...

Richard L. Hudson finally on record (not rumor) about DUI. There are four other respectable candidates in the running for the 8th District Congressional GOP nod, we need not accept the party jamming THEIR well connected candidate down our throat.

You can, do and WILL have a choice! Vote for the candidate that will stand up against the GOP leadership, a candidate that has never held public office. Now is the time for us to take our country back. Back room deals and lobbyists like Richard Hudson ARE the problem in Washington. Why do you think Virginia Foxx is endorsing him? Maybe its because she has a habit of supporting Chiefs of Staff with DUI's?

Don't vote for the GOP butt kissing money boy, vote for a new voice in Washington. If you vote for Richard Hudson in the 8th, Larry Kissell will clean his clock with his OWN background.