Monday, December 03, 2012

Protests, contest on tap for GOP meeting in CLT?

Next month's Republican winter meeting in Charlotte could get interesting.

Politico reports that former Congressman J.C. Watts of Oklahoma is considering a challenge to GOP Chairman Reince Priebus. Watt, who is African American, says the party should do more to reach out to minorities.

"(M)y concern is that as a Republican, every single Republican in America ought to be concerned about what has happened in 2008 and 2012,” Watts told Politico. “In this business, if you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

President Obama won 93 percent of black voters and 70 percent of Latino voters.

Meanwhile, a group posting on a blog called the Daily Paul says it's planning to protest Priebus at the Charlotte meeting. Organizers, who include at least two Charlotte supporters of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, are trying to raise money for a hospitality suite at the meeting. Their complaints appear to stem from the GOP convention in Tampa, where some conservatives felt shut out.

The GOP will hold its meeting at the Westin Hotel from Jan. 23-26.



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I can Julius Cesear Watts having a major impact on how black folks vote in the next election. Scheeze, is that idiot the best we can do?

Anonymous said...

Julius Ceaser Watts is an idiot to think the plantation voters will stray away from the Plantation Party, these 100% clueless voters only care about who will keep feeding the welfare pig through.

Anonymous said...

Just because capitalists work hard and make over a measly 250k that dosent go that far they are charged more taxes while 47% pay nothing? Obama evil socialism redistribution will fail.

Anonymous said...

Costas & Whitlock can shut up blaming guns for the murder suicide of Belcher & his girlfriend. Typical lib spew although Costa later recanted concerning 2nd Amendment rights.

Amerika is not yet fully a socialist communist fascist state that bans all guns for protection against criminals even if Obama is feverishly trying to make it one.

Liberals commit most all violent crimes with rare exceptions so it is agreed they should be denied gun ownership even though OJ never owned one. Normal people need guns for protection from insane criminal liberals.

Another problem is serial killers throughout history are all liberal homosexuals and/or pedophiles.

Anonymous said...

Obama socialist admits "I actually believe in redistribution"

Why don't liberals who actually pay taxes just volunteer to pay more since they are the ones who benefit? Just write a bigger check to the IRS. They wont mind.

Anonymous said...

socialism explained

Anonymous said...

Obama and his libs next mountain to conquer is legalizing pedophilia bestiality or cannibalism? Isn't it bigotry to deny these rights?
Why shouldn't humans and animals be allowed to marry anyway if they are in love?

Anonymous said...

New graphic 911 footage and why the muslim world, who liberals support, nuked back to the stone age.

Obama wants to disarm and weaken America to strengthen pagan muslim enemies.

Anonymous said...




We already know Obama's idea of gun control.

Its call Bhenghazi, Libya.

Anonymous said...

Libs are the nighmare. Why not disarm Obama's SS agents since guns are so terrible? Disarm America and see how quick Frum will die if they can find him from his hiding place.

Guns are the great equalizer. The bigger the guns the bigger the nation that rules the world.

Obama wants to discard all US nukes? Impeachable offensive statement. Get the coward out of here.

Anonymous said...

Truth is out that in all reality and candor Romney DID NOT want that Obama g-d awful mess with 16.6 trillion debt and atheistic dark age Marxist socialism at the very core of Amerika he has created the past 4 years.

Romney knows it will take a complete split of Red and Blue in order to take back the real America and Obama with his radical fanaticism liberalist policies even with same sex perversion etc has eternally ruined the other side in the same of redistribution.

Romney and Red States would be happy to split and reform a new capitalist America although and become its president but wants no part of the wretched Obamerica cesspool of 3rd world squalor.

Split of the bad marriage is the only way as Mitt and other top level capitalists convene secretly to improvise strategies.

Oil and water do not mix.

Anonymous said...

Why is the media covering up and Autism groups denying the deranaged 20 year old killer was mentally Autistic in Newtown?

Anonymous said...

In defiance of Mao and Marx ( or Obama and Castro and democrats in general ) many elite wealthy Chinese taking over the communist party. Time for asset redistribution to the peasant slobs and more taxation?
Class warfare boiling over.

Anonymous said...

Red Alert: Muslim in the WH

Anonymous said...

Obama becoming the scumbag tyrant Lincoln was?

Anonymous said...

Low IQ Obama worst president in history adds another award to his list of negatives.
Idiot libs voted this disaster a 2nd term to continue screwing normal America.

Anonymous said...

Worst piece of dumb trash ever elected in world history.

Taxes going up up up to pay for this socialist liberal commie 17 trillion debtload that keeps getting higher as inflation runs rampant.

Liberal moocher scum who pay no taxes need to be deported.

For years of this WH pos from hell and more taxation coming.

Anonymous said...

The dog face in the WH, who is living proof you are what you eat, raises pay salaries for scumbag Biden and Fed workers a billion a year in the face of a fiscal cliff before jetting back to HA and vacation of 7 million cost to taxpayers ??????

Anonymous said...

Health Insurance under the idiot in the WH ruining Amerika continues to rise like everything else.
Worst so called leader in world history with retarded IQ.

Anonymous said...

Who started all these muslim wars but Mr Cool Jerk jihadist in the WH who has done nothing about Bhenghazi deaths and aiding and abetting AQ.

Anonymous said...

Ban insane socialist libs and their collective media chump whiners from owning guns who commit 99.9% of violent crime as proven serial killers pedophiles and homos. Sane America needs the 2nd Amendment to protect itself from liberals.

Leave it up to them and the world would be on its knees 5 times a day worshiping some pagan cartoon belief speaking arabic living in 3rd world squalor and filth after redistribution dries up all wealth.

Anonymous said...

New GOP Gov PM better put Red State NC who voted and put him in the Gov seat first and foremost before catring to liberal scumbags who voted straight the muslim socialist blue Obama ticket. That goes for all other Republicans elected local state and national.

Otherwise PM will be a one termer like Purdue who pardons murdering criminals on her way out the door and was for the bogus so called equal justice act to keep murderers in luxury for life at taxpayers expense ... Poor Eve and others ...

When is Ballantyne splitting into its own new city/county severing ties as benefactor for the 3rd world blue socialists?

Using McCrory and the GOP Legis Ballantyne needs to quickly become the 101th NC county taking in parts of western Union County that is legal since it was part of Meck-Strelitz until 1842. With RED in full control of Raleigh the time to individualize is NOW !!!
( take in Lancaster and York northern fringes also )



Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you give the keys to the bank to the bank robber extortionist shakedown artist in the Jackson Sharpton mold. Money grows on trees as the DC printing press machines run 24/7/365.

Libs are all moronic idiots from Dantes Inferno hellhole with no grip on reality ...

Anonymous said...


Why has the Pravda commie pinko CO omitted or censored this big pay raise McCrory game all his over paid top staffers in Raleigh?
All other media in NC has reported
these obviously poorly timed poorly thought out poorly administered big pay hikes except the CO. Typical.

Has liberal McCrory lost his marbles? One termer coming up for the one who was behind the 500 million new "NBA" arena after it was voted down?

Good for NCHSS Wos who will work for only 1 dollar per year.

McCrory needs to change his affiliation to BLUE DIMO-CRACKHEAD !!

Anonymous said...

After lying it would save the family 2500 annually the facts are ObamaCare will cost the average tax payer family 3000 extra per year while the 47% govt moochers pay nothing.

America = 3rd world banana republic coming soon