Friday, January 23, 2015

Revealed at last: N.C.'s vast left-wing network

Bob Orr

According to the conservative Civitas Institute, they're part of the "vast, shadowy network" that makes up "the radical liberal left in North Carolina."

They’re named in the institute’s latest project, "Mapping the Left," a list of 140 organizations and 1,800 individuals "working to enlarge state government and erode our freedoms."

Just who are these radicals?

Well, people like former Tar Heels Coach Dean Smith, who sat on the board of an anti-death penalty group. Some are Republicans like former gubernatorial candidates Bob Orr and Chuck Neely and state Rep. Chuck McGrady.

Then there’s former Gov. Jim Hunt and his wife, Carolyn; Charlotte Mayor Dan Clodfelter, former Mayor Harvey Gantt and former Mecklenburg commissioners Chair Jennifer Roberts.

Some are in high positions: state Treasurer Janet Cowell and state Auditor Beth Wood. And some come from business, like former textile executive Crandall Bowles.

Most are on the boards of groups that the institute defines as having liberal agendas, such as the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, the League of Women Voters and the Sierra Club. Or they’re associated with funding such groups. That’s how The Foundation for the Carolinas (along with CEO Michael Marsicano), Food Lion Charitable Foundation and the Gannett Foundation all made the list.

"Mapping the Left was created to educate citizens and policy makers," the web site says. "It is a repository of vital information that exposes the largest funders and participants in today’s North Carolina political battles to public scrutiny."

The map consists of a giant web of interconnecting lines and circles. Susan Myrick, an election policy analyst with Civitas, said the point is to show who runs, funds and works for the groups she claims makes up North Carolina’s left.

Are the people on the list dangerous radicals?

"No but they’re people with an agenda," Myrick said. "Just like the right are people with an agenda. What makes the right different than the left? (The left) is so massive …

"It's easy for people to see the organizational network on the right because it's so small. But when we turn a light on the left, they're uncomfortable. I don't get it. People should know who they are."

Who they are are people like Orr, a former N.C. Supreme Court Justice who later ran the N.C. Institute for Constitutional Law which, like Civitas, is funded largely by the Pope Foundation. Orr made the list because he’s on the board of The Conservation Trust of North Carolina.

"I'm a strong believer in land conservation and historic preservation," Orr says. "On the other hand I've won four statewide elections as a Republican. I don't think anybody over at Civitas has even run for office."

Neely, a Raleigh lawyer, was asked in an email how he felt being on the leftist list, replied succinctly:

"I have always suspected me," he wrote.


Unknown said...

How does this rate even a mention in the Media? This is no more than Tea-Party republican propaganda. Will the Media print ANYTHING that the right-wing puts out?

Archiguy said...

Well, it's nice to know who the good guys are!

Right wing Republicans and their ideological allies on the Supreme Court have been the ones rolling back campaign finance laws and contribution transparency, not the left as they claim. They're the ones with the REAL "vast shadowy network".

Anonymous said...

C'mon Jim,
There are too many issues facing this state that relegate it being considered a backwater of "hickdom" which need to be exposed and discussed. This neo-Nazi, Social Darwinist drivel is reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials and the two "Red Scares." Now that 80 people alone will control 51% of the global wealth by the end of the year, I am sure that the CO will give credence to further "trickle down" snake oil. After all we have all seen over the past 20 years how that wealth has actually trickled down.

Anonymous said...

Jim Morrill is attempting to become McCrory's press secretary. He's a shill for the right wing and Civitas loonies. Consider the source of the writing. The Observer needs to send this partisan hack packing..

Larry said...

It must be nice to be so fair and balanced that you have your own perch from which to squawk at the passer by's telling them the value they possess in your World.

But then again it is the observer so the standards are low to begin with.

EuroCat said...

Jim, Civitas is not "conservative", it is right-wing off-the-charts loony and corrupt!

I can't believe that anybody takes those idiotic lying hacks seriously.

Half the people and organizations on their "blacklist" are true conservatives. When Civitas calls them "left", it proves how incurably stupid and psycho the liars at Civitas really are.

Larry said...

EuroCat I find out the most about folks and organizations by the enemies they have, more so than the friends they have.

Civitas must be doing things right, hey wait, it just hit me, Right get it Right.

Anonymous said...

Jim Morrill as right wing shill. I never imagined I would ever read that in print. Do not fret Jim, should the CO attempt to revoke your Asheville drummer circle media credentials I will vouch for your left-wing bona fides.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Civitas! Now I know where to better donate my money to causes that support my evil liberal agenda.

Anonymous said...

Of course there's the snide comment from Hairy Scumgardner.... Failed in his run for public office, failed in civil public dialogue, and personality...... OK looks too.

Jim Morrill said...

Exactly how do you get those Asheville drummer circle credentials? For a friend.

Anonymous said...

As a black man, the left in NC despises me! The longer I stay here, I realize that it is not the Yankees trying to steer us to the left. It is homegrown!! I switched party affiliation because the left in NC shut me out back in 2012. Now, that is saying something considering I am from a deep south state. If they don't be careful, there are thousands of other blacks who will jump the ship as well.

Richard Kistler said...

The question is whether or not the Civitas website has enough bandwidth to handle all the requests from liberals to be placed on the list. I don't think that the average liberal regards it as a bad thing to be on this list.

Anonymous said...

"It's easy for people to see the organizational network on the right because it's so small."

She was joking about that, right?

Larry said...

My, all this concern about somebody connecting the dots about the liberal underground.

And the comments about using it to donate to them to promote the liberal agenda.

That is what liberals do, donate to causes while Conservatives donate to helping people.

And add the icing on the cake of the liberal person who has such hate for me.

What a wonderful day this has been.

Anonymous said...

And does this "news" report state how these people are interconnected? No. Does it give a full and accurate account of how they are in this so called left list? No. Just more trash against a civilian watch dog group.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps all those whom are skeptical should look up Blue Print NC... I very surprised......(cough) the Press did not add that link. Any political party that has dominated any state for over 120 years is certainly going to have built connections and structures to insulate itself. Simply look at Orange County
-Chris Weaver

Thomas said...

Democrats sure are sore losers.

Anonymous said...

On the day after Dean Smith's death, I find the Civitas Institutes' right wing bully list particularly offensive. Smith was an icon of bringing North Carolina into the national spotlight through his devotion to building an exceptional world class sports program at Carolina. He did this over decades of leadership, heart and real devotion to excellence in behalf of all of North Carolina's citizens.
I find it hard to believe the vast network of alumni from UNC-Chapel Hill would let this affront to the reputation of such an outstanding North Carolina leader go unnoticed , unchallenged or unchecked. Let's get on board and call Art Pope and his fascist organization what it is. They're nazis! They use the same 'brown shirt' philosophy, the same techniques of isolationist political correctness and bullying the German nazis used before WW II.
The line between extremism is subtle in it's ugliness sometimes. Art Pope crossed that line with this new political algorithm.
Sieg Heil Pope!

Scott Watson