Thursday, January 03, 2008

Edwards starts early

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Democrat John Edwards got an early start on a long day today with a morning rally at a cold Des Moines union hall.

Hours after speaking to around 3,000 people at a rally featuring singer John Mellencamp, Edwards made his way to the stage in a room packed with about 200 supporters and journalists.

In a voice hoarse from a 36-hour campaign swing through southern Iowa, he sounded optimistic about his chances in tonight's caucuses.

"There is an energy and momentum behind this campaign that cannot be stopped," he shouted, prompting chants of "Go John Go!"

After the quick visit, the N.C. Democrat headed off to stops in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. Edwards plans to return to Des Moines for what he hopes is a victory rally before flying overnight to New Hampshire.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! Go John!...please....go.