Thursday, January 03, 2008

LIVE CAUCUS BLOG: Lines out the door

DES MOINES -- So much for schedules.

The caucus was supposed to start a half-hour ago, at 6:30, but voters keep coming. Lines were out the door all the way to the street. Caucus chair Jeff Goetz told somebody there could be 600 people here. In 2004, there were 360.

John Edwards won the precinct that year, barely ahead of John Kerry. Speculation has been that the more newcomers, the better for Barack Obama. He's expected to attract a lot of first-time caucus-goers like Justin Green, a 39-year-old bio-chemist (and former North Carolinian).

"He seems to be someone who can change the way things are done," says Green. "Bring people together. Give people hope."

UPDATE: Chairman just gave 5-minute warning.

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