Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Edwards N.C. supporters back Obama

Sen. John Edwards' former national campaign chairman heads a list of Edwards' supporters endorsing Sen. Barack Obama.

Ed Turlington, a Raleigh attorney, joined reporters on a conference call this afternoon announcing their support of the Illinois senator two weeks ahead of the N.C. primary.

"I do hope what we're doing today is a symbol of what many people who supported Sen. Edwards will do," Turlington said.

He was joined by state Rep. Pricey Harrison of Greensboro and headlined a list that includes former Charlotte Mayor Harvey Gantt, Charlotte City Council member Anthony Foxx, former Democratic chairman Wade Smith and cabinet secretary Libba Evans.


Anonymous said...

Why does the media, and columnists like Maureen Dowd,keep on protecting Obama ???

We Americans have serious doubts about him, it has nothing to do with his race.

His intentions are unclear, but his affiliations are clear. Being surrounded with people like the violent Ayers, or the Hiteresque Wright, or his American hating wife Michelle, or his Kenyan half brother Islamic Jihad terrorist Abongo “Roy” Obama, or his Jewish/Israeli hating best friend Rashid Khalidi, or his close advisor Robert Malley who advocates supporting and helping the terrorist group Hamas, or Mr. McPeaks, Obama’s military advisor who open believes American Jews are the "problem." and “Christian Zionists were driving America's policy in Iraq to benefit Israel,” or Obama’s super delegate and major long term supporter Senator Meeks who openly hates and distrust all whites and gays or Obama’s most dangerous affiliation to Mr. Auchi who was Saddam Hussein right hand man and made billions in Iraq and has been a important supporter and behind the scene man throughout Obama’s rise to power.

Citizen AJ said...

His affiliations are clear? You are being manipulated by the Clinton campaign and republican party. Do you have friends that say things you would not want connected to you? Some of the relationships you list no one has ever heard of. Are all candidates now suppose to surround themselves in a vaccum and never interact with people just in case their negative opinions get out that could harm the candidate? I did not agree with the statement I am about to ask when I first heard others mention it but are you using these flimsy relationships as an excuse not to vote for a black candidate? This is the same fear tactics the republicans used in 2004 and look where the country is now. I guess you like paying $3.50 a gallon, no alternative fuel in sight and no way to get bills and laws passed to develop alternative fuels because no one can bring collaboration to defeat the oil cartels who control this country. America, easily swayed, easily manipulated.

Aaron said...

Folks, please stay focused on the larger picture. Many people are simply looking at who will win the democratic primary and subsequent general election. This is not a Nascar race. It is about choosing the person who will best govern. So, look at the records of how they have legislated and contributed to society and choose wisely.

Anonymous said...

Have to say that I was orginally an Edwards supporter but after studying, researching (time on my hands - 65 years old)I find that HILLARY CLINTON has more of what Edwards had than Obama -
Its those that have been told that there was no way to obtain their dreams and it was hopeless to look at proceeding - Hillary Clinton is a symbolic figure of HOPE and possibility to all who are told that they can not make it. Strange the word HOPE was originally used by someone else.
I want someone in the Oval office that I know something about - too many interent stories - even if ONE is true bothers me - from Pastor Wright, to Ayers, to Larry Sinclair to Rezko. I don't like worrying about who or what is next coming out of the closet - the Bosnia fib does not compare to any of the others (who has not fibbed once or twice in their life) at least she apologizes for it - unlike the other person....

By the way I am Independent but obviously you can see who I want - North Carolina has already made up its mind - but for once we have to change things for the better.

eye_dee_ten_tea said...

So the former supporters of a one-term Senator are now supporters of another one-term Senator.

"The more things change...."

Anonymous said...

Who Couldn’t Close the Deal?

“Why can’t Senator Obama close the deal?” The problem I have with this question is that it fits the Clinton’s tactic of “The Politics of Personal Destruction.” She is not using this against the GOP; she is using this to the Democratic Front-Runner!!!

This is the real question, Superdelegates:

How is it that the Clinton Machine with ALL OF ITS ADVANTAGES, allow Senator Obama to literally sail ahead of her??? Why couldn’t she close the deal???

I have the answer:

President & Senator Clinton and her campaign overlooked Senator Obama’s ability to organize. He was largely responsible for Clinton-Gore carrying Illinois in 1992. Remember “Project Vote!”??? Senator Obama was only 31 years old then. The story went unreported everywhere except Chicago. I have included an article published in January 1993.

Senator Clinton was self-assured, self-confident, and felt entitled to the Presidency and she missed this and as a result he sailed past her on Super Tuesday! Now, it looks impossible for her to catch up in Pledged Delegates, Popular Vote, States Won, and the rules continue to change everyday. We even recently have heard counting Electoral College numbers!!! She made a huge miscalculation and she is attempting to make Senator Obama pay for her mistake.

Article, Jan 1993 – “Vote of Confidence” – 31 year old Obama

Questions of Integrity, Character and what the Republicans will use in the Fall:

Voters should be aware that the Clinton’s are named defendants in a Civil Fraud Case connected to Campaign Finance irregularities and have not disclosed the appeal. The media does not cover it as we don’t know about it. Yes, the Republicans are going to use it.

There will be a trial date set at a hearing on Friday, April 25th, just 3 days after the key Pennsylvania Primary for the Fraud Case Paul v. Clinton in the Los Angeles Superior Court. Plaintiff says he will call Gov Rendell as witness in the case.

UPDATE: The hearing was held in Chambers today and further information will be available later today about the status of the case (4/25), and a hearing “RE: CONTEMPT” filed by the Plaintiff for May 13, 2008 (I wonder if this is because they have not yet served former Clinton business partner, James Levin who is on Federal Parole).

From what I can make out, this case began when prior to Sen. Clinton’s 2000 New York Senate campaign and also raised donations for Pres. Clinton’s Library. Plaintiff claims that the appeal was granted based on introduction of new videotaped evidence that contradicts Senator Clinton’s signed Declaration and previous testimony. The Department of Justice had been holding the tapes and they were just released them to him last year when the appeal was filed.

Allegedly, there was some cat and mouse played with process service. This resulted in an admonition by Judge Aurelio Munzo stating that he didn’t care if the Clinton’s (Pres & Senator Clinton and Chelsea) were served on the campaign trail. I have not been able to find out if one of the other main defendants, James Levin, has been served yet. He was former business partner to Pres. Clinton and former Library Board Member (removed since his Federal conviction of defrauding the Chicago Public Schools of money). Mr. Levin is on Federal Parole and Plaintiff alleges that he is reporting as required, but no assistance from Parole office was being provided to serve him to appear in California courts to testify. As I type this is seems just ridiculous that we as voters have not heard a news stories about it since the appeal was granted. Bloggers however are discussing and following the case. Someone said the trial date was going to be set for October. That is one problem that results from the information being shared on blogs instead of investigated by the professional media. What I can tell you is that the GOP knows about it for sure! I will be calling the court house on Friday afternoon, to find out the actual trial date.

We don’t know the Clinton’s side of the story because they have not disclosed this case. Peter Paul tells his side of the story on Video. And yes, it is being viewed on the Internet. You can click on any of the hyperlinks below to view any of the videos or to get access to the court documents.

Just Google: “Hillary Uncensored” Peter Paul’s video

At first I could not believe it, so I found the website for the Court and did a search of their database. I still couldn’t believe it and called and spoke to the Clerk. It’s a real case!!!

Los Angeles Superior Court of Appeals:
Then click on Civil Case Summaries and enter case number to see case history.
Case Number: BC304174
Los Angeles Superior Court Public Information Office (213) 974-5227.

You will need to use a credit card to pay for access to the court documents online.

Peter Paul is reporting the progress of the case do to lack of media coverage.

The GOP has utilized the services of a 527 called “Citizen’s United” ( to produce a 90 Minute Movie for the public to defeat Senator Clinton in the Fall if she wins the nomination. This group begins the movie with her very first week in the White House and Travelgate, then they begin with Pres. Clinton pardoning of 11 of 14 FALN Terrorist Members (responsible for bombing Frances Tavern in Manhattan in 1975 who had not even applied for pardons) prior to her Senate victory, and Sen. Clinton winning overwhelmingly the Puerto Rican vote in New York. Is she really strong on National Security? Does this also speak to trustworthiness and integrity?

Then they cover the current fraud case. They use the current case as one of many concerns that I have about Senator Clinton. The US Supreme Court recently (last month) ruled that the 527 must release its donor list before they begin showing if for a fee in theatres. They are of course appealing the decision. This will be a huge fundraiser for the 527 to buy ads. In fact, the 90 minute movie is One Big Republican Ad!!!

This is the 90 Minute Movie that the Citizens United has created for the GOP to defeat Senator Clinton. Voters everywhere will become aware of this.










Bitter Vs. “Screw ‘Em”

There has been weeks of coverage on Senator Obama’s comments about the bitterness (he should have said outright anger) of people in small towns (actually across the country, especially in the Rust Belt) which I feel is the truth. However, there has been little coverage of Senator Clinton’s remarks in 1995 that cannot be disputed when she was angry at the lack of support of Southern, white, working class voters. That could be a huge problem in the General Election for the Democrats. By the way, Senator Obama has not used that against her in the primary when his ill worded comments were on a two week news cycle.

It is infortunate that some in the media do not in an unbiased manner.We must be diligent and research for ourselves and be thoughtful about the larger context of matters.

Anonymous said...

“Smoking gun” prompts Andy Martin to say Obama should withdraw as presidential candidate. Martin says “retainer” by Robert Blackwell, Jr. was classic Illinois “pay to play” and may have been criminal behavior.


Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not

Politically Correct”








(NEW YORK)( April 27, 2008) The disclosure today in the Los Angeles Times that Barack Obama laundered money through a law firm to conceal the source of his income while an Illinois state senator is the “smoking gun” that is going to doom his candidacy.,6789688.story

Barack Obama should withdraw as a presidential candidate. Immediately. The latest evidence of his professional corruption is going to doom the Democratic Party.

Although the L. A. Times’ reporters have tried to present Obama’s crooked deal in a fair and balanced way, there is no way you can avoid the conclusion that the substance of the transaction was intended to conceal that Obama was engaging in political money laundering to disguise the source of his income. Obama is exposed as just another corrupt African-American legislator in Illinois cutting deals for other African-Americans. Is it any wonder he became the protégé of sleazy Senator Emil Jones in the Illinois senate?

Why was Obama’s Blackwell deal “money laundering?” The L. A. Times story is not clear on that point. Laundering was involved because Obama used “disclosure” to conceal the source of his income while a public official. Obama’s game also exposes that in Illinois even good government types, such as Cynthia Canary, can be corrupted. Canary tries to whitewash something that she would strongly condemn if the practice had been engaged in by any other legislator. In other words, Obama has even managed to corrupt Canary and the integrity of her organization. It’s disgusting.

Obama’s “client,” Robert Blackwell, Jr. was also an operative in the machinations of crooked Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich,

The Times details how Obama was still “of counsel” to his former law firm, but that he was not providing any services to that entity. Then Obama made a deal with Blackwell, and wanted to conceal that Blackwell was supporting him. So Obama “laundered” the “legal fees” by running them through the law firm and then issuing a list of the law firm's clients-none of which had anything to do with Obama--to disguise the Blackwell money in a laundry list of hundreds of unrelated “clients.” This was a classic case of money laundering and business fraud. Obama wanted to conceal the large sum he was receiving from Blackwell, so he concealed that Blackwell was the source of his income by pretending he was providing services to the law firm’s other clients. Utter fraud. “Barry O” ain’t stupid, he’s slicky and tricky, and he’s a ticking time bomb for the Democratic Party.

Since the law firm had nothing to do with Blackwell, and was merely acting as a conduit for legal fees for Obama, this example shows that Obama was nothing but just another crooked Illinois politician.

Obama’s “law firm” was also guilty of professional misconduct, because the lawyers knew that Obama had not provided services through the law firm, and was merely using the firm to obscure the fact that the major source of his personal income was one client on whose behalf Obama was later to advocate (there may have been earlier informal advocacy than the senate letter which has surfaced).

Time and time again, Obama’s law firm stands guilty of being exposed for sleazy professional tactics and gross conflicts of interest. Obama’s law firm was nothing more than a college of corruption for money laundering, conflicts of interests and other inappropriate professional behavior; and a collection of crooked lawyers that were stealing and concealing at every opportunity. Is it any wonder that honest lawyers get a bad name when crooked operatives such as Obama play games and use the law to conceal the source of their income?

Since the law firm had no relationship with Blackwell, running Obama's fees through the firm was false and fraudulent. Since Obama had nothing to do with the law firm's other clients, using a list of hundreds of unrelated clients to obscure that only one of those "clients" was paying him money was federal criminal mail fraud as well as a corruption of the ethics rules in Illinois. That Cynthia Canary tries to whitewash such blatant corruption shows that she has lost all sense of ethics and legitimacy when Obama is the one stealing the money. What’s her link?

Finally, the L. A. Times article leaves unanswered the big question: what legal work did Obama do to earn $112,000? He has never disclosed that he was working half-time for Blackwell, and there is no paper trail or track record of Obama having ever done any legal services to earn such a substantial sum. Before today, no one knew of the massive Blackwell-Obama connection. So where is the evidence of providing legal services to earn the money? I am going to be asking for an FBI investigation later this week.

***** “Barack” Obama: just one more crooked Illinois politician. He’s a disgrace to the good, honest hard working people of Illinois.

Four years ago I disclosed that Obama was a fraud artist. I didn’t know at the time just how true my conclusions were, or how expansive and extensive Obama’s corruption really was. A big thanks to the L. A. Times for providing the “smoking gun” to document just how utterly sleazy Barack Obama has been in his professional life.

Obama should immediately withdraw as a presidential candidate. The “honest graft” that Obama engineered with Robert Blackwell, Jr. is going to doom the Democratic Party in November. Any delegate, pledged, super or otherwise, who supports Obama for president after disclosure of the Barnhill/Blackwell caper, has a death wish for the Democrats in November.

[Note: this column has focused on the crass political corruption Obama engineered to conceal the source of his income, and the way “good government” types such as Cynthia Canary are providing “cover” for Obama’s corruption. The fact that Obama used his senate letterhead to gain money for his client is just one more angle of the same slimy story. Using his senate office for his client is self-evident; the use of a professional firm to launder and conceal that his major source of income was only one person, Blackwell, is not so obvious, which is why this column has concentrated on that aspect of the L. A. Times’ revelations. The “senate letterhead” aspects, however, are no less important for what they reveal about Obama’s "play to play” operations in Illinois politics.] Obama was just an African-American Tony Rezko. Is it any wonder the two were so close for decades?]

And is it any wonder that Barack Obama is now afraid to debate, given the latest sleaze cascading out of his past?

Anonymous said...

The Obama camp is full of innuendos, half-truths and double standards.
With another important primary coming up in a state with a significant Black electorate, the black political leadership is trying to smear the Clintons in the hopes of giving Obama a much-needed boost.
We, the voters, are not stupid. We know what you are doing and we are not taken in.
Shame on you Clyburn.

Anonymous said...

The Obama camp is full of innuendos, half-truths and double standards.
With another important primary coming up in a state with a significant Black electorate, the black political leadership is trying to smear the Clintons in the hopes of giving Obama a much-needed boost.
We, the voters, are not stupid. We know what you are doing and we are not taken in.
Shame on you Clyburn.

Anonymous said...

Saturday, April 26, 2008
Follow the Money: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Part 3
Before: For some time RezkoWatch has been asking about the April 1, 2004, private dinner reception at Chicago's Four Seasons hotel hosted by Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and the April 3, 2004, party held at the house of its host, indicted political fixer Antoin "Tony" Rezko (see here and here)—both held in honor of Iraqi-British billionaire businessman Nadhmi Auchi—and whether Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) was in attendance at the events.

In his April 14, 2008, testimony in Tony Rezko's federal fraud trial, Stuart Levine said that both Sen. Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama, were at the party. Levine's testimony was confirmed the following day by another source, Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn, who had attended the party at Rezko's house.

On April 16, 2008, Chicago Times reporter Michael Sneed reported that he had a "source" who claimed that not only did Sen. Obama give a "big welcome" to Mr. Auchi, Rezko's guest of honor, but that Sen. Obama also "made a few toasts!"

After: Now, Chicago Tribune reporter John McCormick writes that in an April 25, 2008, interview Sen. Obama didn't deny the "assertion" by Levine, the "government's star witness in the Rezko trial, about the party honoring Nadhmi Auchi, a British citizen who is appealing a fraud conviction in France. Obama said he didn't recall the event."

"I mean this has been, I guess, four years ago," he said. "My understanding, through his lawyer, Mr. Auchi doesn't recall meeting me."

Asked if he thought Rezko may have been using him to impress potential investors, Obama replied: "I just don't have a recollection of the event. As I said, I was in the middle of running a U.S. Senate race. So, you know, I was speaking all the time, probably six, seven, eight times a day."

McCormick is as equally mystified as RezkoWatch:

Why, just weeks after winning the Democratic U.S. Senate primary in 2004, would Barack Obama attend a party for a controversial Iraqi-born billionaire whom Rezko was trying to lure into an investment?

Why indeed!

ketta said...

Hey Anonymous! That bulls--- that you talk is probably why you call yourself anonymous. And we Americans have serious doubts about your hate that you try and spew. While I skimmed through your comment's I can see you are an undercover racist, whatever color you are. You have an issue with a black man over you and that's sad. Do you affiliate with the pillars of the earth? Are your friends saints? Mine's sure are not, but that does not change who I am because I am a strong person who holds my own, Do you think its fair if someone judged you for being related or friends to someone crooked? You are whats wrong with this country today. I'll pray for you.

Anonymous said...

from the Missionaries. It’s pretty scary…..

From a friend whose husband is a retired Army Colonel. They have lived all over the world….from Germany to Korea.

I’m sending this from a friend who received it directly from the Missionaries. It’s pretty scary…..
Here is a note concerning Obama from missionaries in Kenya.
Thanks for sending out an alert about Obama. We are living and working in Kenya for almost twelve years now and know his family (tribe) well. They are the ones who were behind the recent Presidential election chaos here. Thousands of people have been displaced by election violence (over 350,000) and I don’t know the last count of the dead. Obama under ‘friends of Obama’ gave almost a million dollars to the opposition campaign who just happened to be his cousin, Raila Odinga, who is a socialist trained in east Germany. He has been trying to bring Kenya down for years and the last president threw him in prison for trying to subvert this country! December 27th elections brought cries from ODM (Odinga Camp) of rigged election. Obama and Raila speak daily. As we watch Obama rise in the US we are sure that whatever happens, he will use the same tactic, crying rigged election if he doesn’t win and possibly cause! A race war in America.

What we would like you to know is what the American press has been keeping a dirty little secret. Obama IS a Muslim and he IS a racist and this is a fulfillment of the 911 threat that was just the beginning. Jihad is the only true Muslim way. We have been working with them for 20 years this July. He is not an American as we know it. Please encourage your friends and associates not to be taken in by those that are promoting him. It is world wide jihad. All our friends in Europe are very disturbed by the Muslim infiltration into their countries. By the way. His true name is Barak ******* Muhammed Obama. Won’t that sound sweet to our enemies as they swear him in on the Koran!
God Bless you.

Pray for us here in Kenya. We are still fighting for our nation to withstand the same kind of assault that every nation, including America, is fighting. Takeover from the outside to fit the new world order. As believers, this means we will be the first targets. Here in Kenya, not one mosque was burned down, but hundreds of churches were burned down, some with people in them, burned alive.

Jesus Christ is our peace but the new world order of Globalism has infiltrated the church and confused believers into thinking that they can compromise and survive. It won’t be so. I will send you a newsletter we sent out in February documenting in a more cohesive manner what I’ve tried to say in a few paragraphs.
Love, Celeste

Celeste and Loren Davis

About our Father’s business!
Luke 2:49b

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama is taking a beating in the press caused by his association with his former pastor, and Hillary is loving it, we'll see how far this goes. I know that Americans have short memories, but do you remember Bill Clinton in the White House with all the scandals with women. Remember Bill was impeached and disbarred, Paula Jones Jennifer Flowers Juanita Broderick and many others, Is that what America wants to go back too. How about selling American military secrets to China,how about selling the Lincoln bedroom for $100,000.00 per night, how about Bill too busy getting serviced while Bin Laden was bombing American embassies all over Africa and killing Americans, while Bill did nothing. Come on America wake up. Remember the whitewater biller records found under Hillary's bed after years of searching by the FBI.
Yes it's true Americans have a short memory.
John in Charlotte

cass harrison said...

Words do matter. Barack Obama sends a message of hope for the future. This future is for our children and our people. It's the last hurrah for Hillary who preaches despair and divisiveness on her downward path. Let's hope she doesn't take the Democratic Party down with her. John Edwards would make a tremendous addition to the Obama team. It's a winning combination for North Carolina and the nation. That's the dream team!

Anonymous said...

As reported yesterday in the Raleigh News & Observer, African-American households are receiving anonymous robo-calls with misleading information about voting. Those calls are very similar to tactics recently used in Virginia and Ohio, suggesting they may be linked to a national voter deception strategy.

In one North Carolina call, the caller falsely states that voters must send in a "voter registration packet" before voting. The State Board of Elections released a transcript of the call (you can also listen to it at the Democracy North Carolina website):

"Hello, this is Lamont Williams. In the next few days, you will receive a voter registration packet in the mail. All you need to do is sign it, date it and return your application. Then you will be able to vote and make your voice heard. Please return the voter registration form when it arrives. Thank you."

PLEASE please, folks, do not fall for any previously recorded or even live phone calls you receive from "election officials"! You DO NOT need to "...sign it, date it and return...". Stay informed. Know when and where you can vote, that you have registered, and what info you may need in order to vote -- this is an easy thing to do, just by calling your town or city hall or checking with your party or chosen candidate's local office/s.

It doesn't matter which candidate you support -- no one has the right to mislead you!

schertz1 said...

I do not see a problem with Obama’s association with Wright. I haven’t really heard him, Wright, say anything particularly hateful toward any one group of people. He does advance conspiracy theories, none of which I hadn’t heard. Reverend Wright’s opinions are just that, his opinion not Obama’s or his campaign’s.

The media should focus on Bill Clinton and the Colombia Trade deal he is trying to get through. The one she is supposedly against. Why Senator Clinton can no longer tell the difference between the truth and a lie also deserves a bit of media attention. Senator McCain should also be made to answer for his relationship with John Hagee.

I believe Obama is the best candidate and I plan to vote for him.

Anonymous said...

"Senator McCain should also be made to answer for his relationship with John Hagee."

McCain was never a member of Hagee's church - the guy endorsed him for president. Then why do you want to give Obama a pass on his relationship with a man who was his pastor for 20 years?

Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A leader of the Democratic Party under Bill Clinton has switched his allegiance to Barack Obama and is encouraging fellow Democrats to "heal the rift in our party" and unite behind the Illinois senator.

Joe Andrew, who was Democratic National Committee chairman from 1999-2001, planned a news conference Thursday in his hometown of Indianapolis to urge other Hoosiers to support Obama in Tuesday's primary, perhaps the most important contest left in the White House race. He also has written a lengthy letter explaining his decision that he plans to send to other superdelegates.

"I am convinced that the primary process has devolved to the point that it's now bad for the Democratic Party," Andrew said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press.

Andrew said the Obama campaign never asked him to switch his support, but he decided to do so after watching Obama's handling of two issues in recent days. He said Obama took the principled stand in opposing a summer gas tax holiday that both Clinton and McCain supported, even though it would have been easier politically to back it. And he said he was impressed with Obama's handling of the controversy surrounding his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

"He has shown such mettle under fire," Andrew said in the interview. "The Jeremiah Wright controversy just reconfirmed for me, just as the gas tax controversy confirmed for me, that he is the right candidate for our party."

Anonymous said...

ABC Digs Into Clinton Trade Hypocrisy - Clinton Campaign Responds With More Deception
by: David Sirota
Wed Apr 30, 2008 at 15:39

On Monday, I wrote about Hillary Clinton airing an ad decrying the closure of a defense manufacturing factory that her husband, Bill Clinton, helped close by approving the sale of the company to a Chinese state-owned firm. Now, ABC News is running with the story, and uncovers some more ugly details. The Clinton campaign has responded not by fessing up, but by putting out more dishonest deceptions.
David Sirota :: ABC Digs Into Clinton Trade Hypocrisy - Clinton Campaign Responds With More Deception
From Jake Tapper:

"A memo prepared for [Indiana Senator Evan] Bayh by the non-partisan Congressional Research Service earlier this year stated that the Clinton administration could have objected to the sale under CFIUS, but it did not...In 2000, also during Bill Clinton's presidency, Magnequench purchased from UGIMAG the factory in Valparaiso that manufactured the Neo magnets. President Clinton's administration took no steps to stop the purchases in 2000, either."
The sale was a pretty serious national security issue, not so much because the technology was sensitive, but because the sale means our military has to rely on foreign companies for critical weaponry. Here's Tapper:

The two Chinese companies were headed by the husbands of the first and second daughters of then-Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping. One of those daughters was at that time "vice minister of China's State Science and Technology Commission, whose responsibilities included acquiring military technologies by whatever means necessary," according to David Cay Johnston in "Free Lunch: How the Wealthiest Corporations Enrich Themselves at Government Expense (And Stick You With the Bill)."
"Complaints about the sale of Magnequench were made to the U.S. government because of the military applications for the magnets," Johnston reports. "Still, the Clinton administration, an ardent proponent of globalization, approved the sale."

Around that time, Shingleton says, "there was talk about the national security issue and the loss of jobs because they were leaving. Some of the higher-wage jobs left immediately [in 2000]. I knew personally some people who were managers and who lost their jobs."

Not surprisingly, the Clinton campaign is compounding its deception with more deception as it tries to explain away this latest controversy. McClatchy today quotes Clinton spokesman Jonathan Swain claiming that "In 1995, when this group bought Magnequench, there were assurances made that production would stay in the United States." But as ABC recounts, the Congressional Research Service reports that the state-owned Chinese company that Clinton allowed to purchase Magnequench "promised to keep those Anderson, Ind., jobs in the U.S. only until 2005."

This is about as pristine an example of Clintonian deception and parsing as you are going to find. First comes the pander - an ad that conveys that signature Clinton bite-the-bottom-lip, feel-your-pain message of empathy and outrage. Then comes the revelation that the whole thing Clinton supposedly feels bad about was originally brought about by the Clinton administration, which she endlessly touts. And finally there is the lying - pretending that there were "assurances" that what happened wouldn't happen, when in fact those assurances were not what's being claimed.

With both Indiana and North Carolina being among the two worst-hit states by the Clinton-backed NAFTA/PNTR policies that this Magnequench controversy epitomizes, you would think this would make a perfect issue for Barack Obama to start talking about.

Tags: free trade, Strategery, (All Tags)
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ABC Digs Into Clinton Trade Hypocrisy - Clinton Campaign Responds With More Deception | 7 comments


by: you @ soon
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Great word David as usual (0.00 / 0)
The problem is MANY are so concerned about Fox New appearances that they let these RAELLY IMPORTANT stories slip are the best....
Oh I am waiting MATT for the Hillary O'LIElly posts, I hear she threw a fellow Dem inder the bus..As Gomer Pyle used to say.....surprise, surprise


by: gaiilonfong @ Wed Apr 30, 2008 at 14:52:57 PM CDT


by: you @ soon
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its truly a shame this story is buried by 3 dumb rants about post-partisanship (0.00 / 0)
Nice work David. Its amazing that stories like this, and Mark Penn and Bill consulting for NAFTA deals are not finding more traction. I thought for sure that Penn and Bill's NAFTA recent NAFTA work would spell the end. Boy did I underestimate blue collar workers. So what's the problem here? What do we have to do to help these stories gain more traction?

Michael Bloomberg, prince of corporate welfare


by: Will @ Wed Apr 30, 2008 at 23:42:45 PM CDT
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by: you @ soon
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The connection between ownership and manufacture (4.00 / 2)
in this case seems minimal.
Chinese ownership of the firm is less than 20%.

The reason that the neo magnets are manufactured in China (in addition to labor cost) is that the ore is there.

As a national security matter, lacking the natural resource to make the magnets would seem more important than the location of the manufacturing operations.

The company claims that it no longer makes neo magnets, because they were losing money.

Clinton did secure an agreement from the Chinese firm to keep the jobs in the US until 2005. But the company that eventually subcontracted the work to China was apparently a larger Canadian company. That was approved by the Bush administration, not the Clinton administration. I have no idea whether what the company claims is true (that is, the manufacturing end produces an 85 cent part that could be made in your kitchen if you had a patent license from another company). The company seems to imply that the choice was either licensing outside the United States or stop making the product entirely.

The Clinton administration may have lost an opportunity to secure on paper a permanent agreement to keep the jobs in the United States, rather than a ten year agreement, but it's hard to see how that made any difference. The Canadians shut down the plants, not the Chinese. The Bush administration, not the Clinton administration, refused requests to intervene. The Clinton made some efforts to keep the jobs that ultimately were ineffective. The Bush administration let the jobs go. The story is more complicated than Clinton or Sirota admit. But Sirota is, as usual, astoundingly dishonest while claiming Clinton is a liar. There is no causation between the loss of the jobs in 2003 and the deal the Clinton administration cut, which was to keep the jobs until 2005. And there is no guarantee that the jobs would remain if the market conditions didn't favor keeping the plants open.

Long Island Glenn said...

All "WRIGHT/OBAMA" SYMPATHIZERS, (+90% Blacks and +50% apologetic Whites) read on...
I would love to hear how Obama and his wife reconciled with having their children grow up listening to (Wright) every week. Children clearly do not possess the BS filtering tools that reasonable non-racist adults do.
Did Barack and his wife de-brainwash their children Monday through Saturday each week???
Only to subject them to the racist extremist garbage every Sunday, FOR 20 YEARS!!!
Boy I would love to know the answer to that...
Obama is clearly not being genuine in his wavering responses regarding what was and was not heard at his so-called “church”…
Now that says something about Obama and his thinking…
Also he should be asked the following:
Why does he (Obama) get like +90% of the BLACK vote?
What segment of American society is REALLY RACIST with that statistic?
The NON_BLACK vote is clearly NOT race focused, thats a FACT!!!
Cmon you WRIGHT SYMPATHIZERS!!!! You are perpetuating the devisive garbage that the Wright guy (Reverend-”NOT”), used to line his pockets and support a lifestyle he probably couldnt earn in the real world.
The FACT IS that Wright “preaches” very negative extremist views, hes a racist, a spreader of hatred & unpatriotic Anti-American warped stories and wacko theories.
Watching his remarks, his cartoonish use of sarcastic voice tones and body & hand gesturing, left me shaking my head and laughing my butt off, this guy is a NUT….plain and simple.
And you know what really scares me…. Obama was closely aligned with this NutJob, for 20 some years…. Obama is in so deep…. so deep…so deep!!!

I personally am insulted by Obamas’ obvious lying about not really being aware of Wrights extreme Anti-American diatrabs, (oh sorry, …. preachings) lol, lol.
If Wright were the “Preacher of my Church” , I would have been embarrassed and ran as fast as possible from that place (Church… lol)…., the first TIME I ever heard any of that garbage.
Cmon BLACKs and apologetic Whites, show us youre really thinking, and not RACIST, vote HILLARY!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Voters:

I have watched our government and media over the last 8 years, lie to us, deceive us, manipulate our fears with terror warnings and intelligence briefings. I have seen this administration completely disregard our environment and act as though the great American dollar is more important than clean air and water. More important than the human right to shelter, food and healthcare. I have seen our government give tax breaks to the richest of Americans and have seen the middle class and poorer folks get totally anhilated.

I have seen executive power at its worst and it is time for a new chapter. It is time for a strong focus on our potentially crumbling environment for children grandchildren and us. It is time for leadership in the most amazing forms and I believe that Barack Obama is that leader.

I do not care what his preacher says, I don’t care what his wife says. I care what he has to offer. I realize that the Clinton era provided plenty of tabloid news and plenty of fodder for the media and I know that this is what is currently driving the media in its pursuit of manipulating this election. I know that someone like Obama provides really no juicy tabloids like a Clinton.

Unfortunately, there are folks in this country that still make their election decisions based upon what the media tells them and it is a shame that we are not there yet. I realized last night that if the Media can affect 5% of the electing population, that 5% is enough to affect the total outcome. This is not acceptable right now. We need a new direction and if you think for one minute that voting for Hillary to continue a lesser form of a monarchy is the answer, you are wrong. This nation cannot afford divisiveness. Hillary Clinton is a likeable person after watching her for the past year, but unfortunately the Republicans have already vilified her. They have already affected the opinions of ½ the country by calling her a slob, a witch, etc. How do you see this as being able to be effective?

Imagine your first day at your new job and you find that your new boss has already told all of your peers that you are difficult, rude and incompetent. Regardless of your abilities, this does not help you in your pursuit of doing your best job. We need a leader on day 1 that can bring people together to fix our problems. Do you really think that Hillary has the ability to do that with all of her baggage? Like her or not, she is not going to bring this country together. Bill’s past and the unfortunate dislike of her won’t let it happen.

We are a generation that is fed up with our consumerism all at the hands of our oceans, mountaintops and forests. There is a younger generation who believes that we can create an energy independent world full of possibilities and full of clean renewable energy. I realize that the Oil companies in this country are enormous and pretty much run this country, but it is time to say “NO MORE”

I realize that there are racial divides in this country, but I ask that you look into the future and ask yourself if you see things really changing. Obama’s vision for clean technology is the best amongst all of the candidates. His policy and plans for this country have the real potential for bringing this country together to build a totally new, renewable economy. If we do not act on the environment, it may be too late. If we do not act on Social Security, it may be too late. If we do not act on bringing the parties together and working to solve our problems, it may be too late.

Thanks for listening and please consider Voting for Barack Obama on Tuesday. Really consider it!

Anonymous said...

Anony 7:55, since you seem to be into copying and pasting, I will copy and paste my reply to this from another forum.


"We need a leader on day 1 that can bring people together"

OK, Pollyanna. Do you REALLY think that a junior senator who is naive and inexperienced AND a far left-wing liberal can get a consensus on ANYTHING in Washington? You are just as naive as he is if you do.


Anonymous said...

Edwards and Obama make perfect bed partners. They both lack common sense and neither can tell the truth. I am not crazy about Clinton but I would have her in office anyday as opossed to Obama and his group..they are terrorist regardless of what their parties say...did anyone ever know or hear about Obama until he decided to run for President??
No but everything we have heard about him has pointed to Terroristic activities, Anti -American affiliations...he's married to it and has been born into both groups..if it quacks like duck,looks like a duck..well then it must be a Americans who think he is the best thing since sliced bread are in for a rude awakening...