Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dear Erskine: Evesdropping on the Dirty Book Guy and the UNC president

If I ever got bored, all I'd have to do is check my inbox.

There, through the magic of a blind copy, I find things like this dialogue between Charlotte mayoral candidate Martin Davis (aka the Dirty Book Guy) and Erskine Bowles, president of the University of North Carolina system. Davis was complaining about UNCC Chancellor Phil DuBois. Here's an edited version.

Dear President Bowles: Chancellor Dubois is up to his old
tricks yet again. In an effort to assist pro-mass transit local government, last night he appeared before Charlotte City Council to indicate his public support for spending even more taxpayer money on yet another wasteful, unnecessary, public capital project which will benefit primarily the government institution he is being paid by the taxpayers to operate. This is just another example of blatant conflict of interest on
his part. You let him get away with exactly the same behavior several years ago during the campaign to repeal the half cent sales tax for transit, so I have no real hope you will take disciplinary action. An ethical, proper, just response would be to remove him. I won't hold my breath. Most Sincerely, Martin Davis 79' UNC-Chape Hill

Martin-- Thank you for writing me . I appreciate your taking
the time to express your point of view. I , however , don't see anything
"partisan " about Phil speaking out in favor of mass transit . In fact the
last time I was lucky enough to be home , our Mayor , a republican, and our County Commission Chair , a democrat , both spoke in favor of mass transit. I hope you will continue to let me hear your point of view. Erskine

Erskine: Not surprised you see nothing wrong with a public servant
using office to grow government at the expense of the taxpayers. At
the 4-27-2009 Charlotte City Council meeting, Dubois stated that one
the reason's to extend the light rail line to UNCC was to enable fans
to be able to ride to UNCC home football games. Our entire economic
system is collapsing because doctrinaire liberals like you, Dubois, the
Clinton's, the Bush family etc., have seized the reins of government
and spent us into oblivion. As the economy continues to deteriorate I
hope you and your friends take pleasure in what you have done to

Martin -- Thank you for writing . You may remember that when I was (White
House Chief of Staff), I negotiated with Speaker Gingrich and Senator Lott ,
the first balanced budget in a generation . In fact Speaker Gingrich has
often referred to me as a true fiscal conservative . Just thought you might
find that of interest. Erskine

Erskine: Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I am happy you can recall
your extremely repressed, rational tendencies. I hope you will give
them free rein, remove Dubois from his sinecure, flee the Socialists
(Democrats), and join our band of true liberals here in Charlotte as we attempt
to bring sanity back to the political process. Sincerely, Martin


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see a Democrat acknowledge Newt Gingrich and Trent Lott were responsible for the balanced budget and not just Bill Clinton as most Democrats claim. What appears strange to me is why the Democrat party continues to provide high income employment to Erskine. The only reason I can figure is they feel guilty about failing Skipper in his run for Governor and Erskine in his run for Senate.

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