Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Selling conservatism with bumper stickers

Loren Spivack is trying to resurrect the conservative movement. One bumper sticker at a time.

Spivack, 42, just opened “Free Market Warrior” kiosks at Carolina Place Mall in Pineville and at a mall in Hickory.

Among the merchandise are conservative-themed bumper stickers (“I’ll be as gracious to your president as you were to mine”), T-shirts and bobble-heads.

A Massachusetts native, he launched his business on the Web. He just moved to Charlotte to set up shop after studying the region’s demographics and voting patterns.

He votes Republican but says his main loyalty is to free market principles he sees being eroded. He doesn’t have much patience for Washington politicians of either party.

Spivack says the “next step of revolution” is for Republicans to regain control of Congress, then go after that party which he says “lost its way.”

“I’m doing my part to help out,” he says. “It has to start from the grassroots.”


Anonymous said...

If those bumper stickers were free they still would be overvalued.

Anonymous said...

Jim, I am glad you are still employed by the Observer but really, is THIS a front page story?? This seems to be just free advertisment for a no-idea,Flat-Earth Republican. Please, there has got to be a better story out there.

Anonymous said...

Yes, if Jim was a "real" reporter, he'd be reporting on Obama bumper stickers.

That is sarcasm, in case you can't hear the tone of my voice.

God's Slut said...

How much money can you make selling bumper stickers?

Anonymous said...

And another related story would be how the Secret Service showed up at the home of an OK man who exercised his free speech with an anti-obama/abortion sign on his vehicle. Good about over-sensative liberals. And it's those who push human caused climate change dogma who are flat-earth/flat-brained when it comes to actual verifiable scientific evidence as a previous 'anonymous' name called.

Anonymous said...

I would be happy to buy one stickers if he would let me put it over his big mouth.

Anonymous said...

Obama supporters UNITE!! There's a free thinking man out there who is actually trying to MAKE MONEY and has to be stopped!

Perhaps he's ralted to John Galt...?

Anonymous said...

related, that is!

Anonymous said...

To anonymous who said "This seems to be just free advertisment for a no-idea,Flat-Earth Republican."

Typical Lib - just calls names to label people he can't compete with intellectually.

This is one "republican" that would love to meet you in public for a true debate...and mental war of words and thoughts...just to se if you're capable of not calling names and saying something other than "Change! Change! Change!"

Real change is most definitely coming, and it's going to be in the form off getting the bed-wetters out there of off the government teet once and for all.

Anonymous said...

I saw the cart at Carolina Mall yesterday. Congratulations to the owner who came up with this idea. However, it would be better to have a nicer, friendlier person in charge. Yesterday afternoon there was a mean looking girl who wouldn't even respond when I said "Hi!".

I am a Conservative and I support this idea but I will not support bad customer service.


Ricardo Mata

Anonymous said...

The best bumper sticker I hsve seen, and a truck in Tennessee has it painted across the tail gate, says

One Big A$$ Mistake America

Anonymous said...

"Selling conservatism"?

Good luck trying to find any buyers.

Steve said...

Ron Paul in 2012

Anonymous said...

To you libs. The one constant on your side of the aisle is your inability to engage on debate or poiticla discourse without taking things to a personal level.
Why is it you lefties run out of ideas so quickly that you must take every discussion into a playground spit fight?
Like it or not freedom opf speech applies to everyone. Not just people that agree with you.

Anonymous said...

To the wacko lost and will continue to lose because all you are is a party of bumper stickers and hotair. Repubs are really not a political party, they have no real ideas just bumper stickers. I'm praying for you.

Mary said...

Capitalists and consumers should pay the real costs of what is sold and bought. The destruction of the planet and extinction of species is expensive, more than we'd want to spend.

Anonymous said...

I actually have enjoyed this whole "We lost!!!!! How could that happen?" reaction from the right wing/ultra conservative branch of the Republican party.

Watching them be exceedingly sore losers has been a blast.

What fun. And you go with those bumper stickers! If I hadn't been able to assuage my feelings by putting on a bumper sticker that read "I love my country, it's my government I fear!" (the day Dubbya was elected,) it would have been an even loooooooooooooger 8 years.

bumper stickers said...

well you gotta love free speech.

Anonymous said...

See you at the Tax Revolt Tea Party tomorrow (April 15) at 2pm at the City Hall lawn.

Here's a few bumper stickers and signs I'd like to see:
Give me liberty, not debt.
Obama lied, the economy died.
The fourth estate is a Fifth Column

Obama makes me long for the halcyon days of Carter. Not.

See you there.

john from pittsburgh, pa said...

More signs of a party that has been resoundingly rejected by the American people; whose ideas have been discredited; and a party out of power and out of ideas. Through the socialism word around, maybe you can scare the rest of the Fox Entertainment Channel viewers and commedian Rush Limbaugh listeners. The Repulicans have only the racist and hate-filled loosers as its base anymore. A party out of ideas and a party that has left a country in debt and jobless.
What a record and legacy.
Thank you from a liberal, pro-union, Catholic Democrat

john from pittsburgh, pa said...

their ideas fit on a bumper sticker??
wow, hope they are better than their ideas they had for the last 8 years?
it was a great last 8 years: torture; near-depression; two wars; no-bid contracts for the vice-president; warrantless wiretapping of American citizens; and a country nearly crippled and less safe from terrorism; a nation filled with people that are poorer than when they started 8 years ago.

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