Thursday, April 26, 2012

Club for Growth becomes Club for Keadle

The conservative Club for Growth pumped another $209,000 into the congressional campaign of 8th District Republican scott Keadle this week, bring the total of its PAC and Super PAC to more than $384,000.

And the Club may not be finished.

"The Club for Growth PAC believes Scott Keadle is true fiscal conservative .... and he’s worth every penny," said Club spokesman Barney Keller. “In the past the Club for Growth PAC has done everything  its endorsed candidates need to be victorious.”

Keadle, who lives in Mooresville, is one of five Republicans running in the May 8 primary for the right to take on Democratic incumbent Rep. Larry Kissell.

To put the money in perspective, the Club contributions are more than two of the candidates -- Fred Steen and John Whitley -- had raised through the first quarter. Richard Hudson and Vernon Robinson are also running.

The Club money is paying for a new run of TV ads for Keadle.


Anonymous said...

Morrill do you do ANYTHING other than repot campaign contributions and transcribe ads?

A stray dog could do your job and it would be a lot easier on the eyes too.

Jim Morrill said...

I think that's actually part of my job. Along with other things. And it would depend on the dog.

But thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

The whole scene would be moot if candidates were forced to campaign in the nude, baby.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim,
Thanks for allowing anonymous voices. If anything you earned my respect!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous voices from somewhere else like Keadle, Hudson and Robinson.

Their WashingtonLust is just sad.