Monday, April 09, 2012

Republicans top legislative rankings

No surprise here: Republicans topped the latest legislative effectiveness ratings by the N.C. Center for Public Policy Research.

GOP wins in 2010 turned legislative power upside down when Republicans captured the General Assembly for the first time in more than a century. Not surprisingly, their effectiveness -- as measured by surveys of lawmakers, lobbyists and some capital reporters -- rose as a result.

The Center also released legislative attendance records. Two Democratic senators from Charlotte were among those with the body's lowest rankings. Sen. Charlie Dannelly ranked 45th with 91.3 percent attendance. Sen. Malcolm Graham ranked 48th with 86.4 percent attendance.

In the House, GOP Rep. Ric Killian of Charlotte ranked last in attendance. He was hospitalized for hip replacement surgery at the beginning of the session and missed special sessions because as an Army Reserve colonel he was called to active duty in Afghanistan.

Here are the 2011 ratings for Mecklenburg County-area lawmakers (with 2009 rankings in parentheses). There are 50 members in the Senate, 120 in the House.

Bob Rucho, R: 5 (37)
Dan Clodfelter, D: 14 (5)
Tommy Tucker, R-Union: 23 (not in office)
Charlie Dannelly, D: 44 (18)

Thom Tillis, R: 1 (32)
Ruth Samuelson, R: 18 (70)
Ric Killian, R: 42 (75)
Becky Carney, D: 46 (19)
Bill Brawley, R: 47 (not in office)
Tricia Cotham, D: 88 (51)
Martha Alexander, D: 94 (30)
Rodney Moore, D: 104 (not in office)
Kelly Alexander, D: 105 (84)
Beverly Earle, D: 110 (49)


Anonymous said...

Giving uselessness a new name:

Tricia Cotham, D: 88 (51)
Martha Alexander, D: 94 (30)
Kelly Alexander, D: 105 (84)
Beverly Earle, D: 110 (49)

Anonymous said...

Throw in Obama, Holder and Foxx for good measure

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So the president of America as most powerful job in the universe just step under G-d who damn sure knows how to spend and waste trillions can do absolutely NOTHING about gas prices?

Sounds like America needs a BIG change and elect a president who CAN get gas DOWN to 1.50 a gallon or lower and DRILL BABY DRILL.

Hell we will tear up Trade and Tryon or Independence from one end too the other drilling for black gold texas tea if we have too.

Bring in the Texas Roughnecks ..

Anonymous said...

A do-nothing legislature is always effective.

My favorite part is when the Republican legislature undoes the one thing it did all year, getting Amendment One on the ballot, by hiring pro-gay rights Donald Trump to headline the NCGOP convention.

Might as well have given his speaking fee directly to the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network opposing Amendment One. Hollywood Trump already personally donated $10,000 to the anti-bigotry cause on his little national TV show this year.

Silly Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Where is the NCGOP convention this year? With Robin Hayes in charge, I'm guessing it's been outsourced to Central America.

Anonymous said...

Amendent One is a done deal. No lib faggots allowed.

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Human sacrifice would be next. All religions are equal. This was essential to the Aztec religion. Human sacrifice bigotry.

The liberal list goes on.

Adrian DeVore said...

As a citizen who formerly lived in Rep. Martha Alexander's (D) and Sen.Clodfelter's (D) legislative districts. I found them to very to highly effective legislators who actively responsed to the concerns of their constituents.

Anonymous said...

One not so minor point. Rep. Killian did NOT get called to active duty and his surgery was elective not emergency. Killian serves so long as it is convenient. He volunteered to advance his career and secure a promotion at the expense of constituents. He scheduled surgery during one of the most critical times members needed to be there. That is why he ranks behind some democrats and freshman members.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do do not vote for Ed "Jennifer" Peacock. He even gives RINOs a bad name. Will democrackheads even have him?

Get the Peacockadoodledo out of the Republican Party PERMANENTLY.

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 7:38am - you're a disgusting human being. I'm sure you thought your little comments were witty or clever, but they made no sense and have nothing to do with the article above. Do us all a favor and get back under your bridge, troll.