Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Pittenger gives his campaign $1.1 million

Republican Robert Pittenger has put at least $1.13 million into his 9th District congressional campaign, a new report shows. That makes the total he raised through mid-April $1.4 million. That's four times as much as his nearest GOP rival in the 10-man primary.

Pittenger, a real estate invester, put another $150,000 in his campaign in April. The money has allowed him to run an aggressive media campaign on TV and radio and put glossy mailers into the homes of many GOP voters.

He's not the only one giving or loaning himself money. State Rep. Ric Killian loaned his campaign $101,000. Financial consultant Edwin Peacock took out a $249,999 home equity loan. And insurance executive Dan Barry put in nearly $74,000.

Pittenger had more cash on hand -- $451,000 -- in mid-April than any other candidate had raised in the whole campaign.

And Monday the first Super Pac weighed in on the 9th District race. The Washington-based
Citizens for Conservative Leadership spent $6,600 on a mailer opposing former Sheriff Jim Pendergraph, a frequent target of Pittenger's ads.

That's still far short of the $371,000 independent groups have spent in the GOP primary in the neighboring 8th District. Most has come from the Club for Growth, which supports dentist Scott Keadle.


Anonymous said...

Pittenger and Pendergraph, for the sweet love of God! What a couple weasels!

Mike Steinberg said...

And these are the poster children for fiscal conservatism? B.S.
Visit www.MikeForUS.com to learn about the ONLY candidate to challenge Sue Myrick and also signed a Transparency Agreement waiving a gov't pension and allowing my finances to be audited - even after I leave office.

Anonymous said...

Pittinger def kicking some serous butt exposing these RINOs. Conventional wisdom is do the opposite of the CO who even threw a kiss to their 2nd fav lib spy Peacock.

The truth is clear as to who lives off big gumint bucks for life and who creates business wealth. Pitt introduced the marriage amendment too.

Peabraincock is out. He cashed in off the old man who was just as bad and needs to take "Jimmy" Roberts place on the commission. Ed can do the ole switcharoo and become Edith. Beware of the flimflam running it now.

Anonymous said...

Pittenger is nothing if he isn't a great businessman. He knows a smart investment - like the land he happens to own close to the embattled "toll road". If this million dollar investment can get hims elected, it will be a windfall for his bank account!

Anonymous said...

Is Pittenger a closet democrat? He certainly knows how to twist a line to mislead people on his opposition, while distracting them from his own behind-the-scenes shenanigans!