Thursday, May 03, 2012

Marriage amendent becomes issue in Senate race

In a new campaign flyer, Republican John Aneralla hits his top opponent over the marriage amendment.

In the flyer, sent to District 41 Republicans, Aneralla says Cornelius Mayor Jeff Tarte opposes the constitutional amendment which would ban same-sex marriage.

Not true says Tarte.

He says he supports the constitutional ban. Aneralla says he based his statement on a questionnaire for the conservative Civitas Institute that Tarte completed a few weeks ago. In it, he wrote that he opposes same-sex marriage, "but not in the constitution."

"I hadn’t made up my mind," says Tarte, who admits to having struggled with the issue."Are we going to run into unintended consequences where we’ll deny benefits to people? How about heterosexual couples who aren't married? Will common law marriage go away? ...  I would prefer not to have it in the constitution if I had my druthers."

Tarte said he's come down for the amendment, however, and said so during a forum this week.


Anonymous said...

I really planned to vote for you Jeff but you caved by supporting Amendment One. Even if it passes everyone knows it will only be on the books a short time. The younger generation will think this is a stupid issue later and wonder why our generation struggled with it at all. It will be viewed with the same disbelief that kids feel now when they hear about separate water fountains or women not being allowed to vote. You are an educated man. Don't sell your soul so quickly to advance in politics.

Anonymous said...

I'm in my mid 20s and I will never support gay marriage. One man, one woman is where I will forever stand.

Flip Floppin Tarte said...

Good old Flip Floppin Tarte just can't figure out where he stands on the issues.

He was against the marriage amendment before he was for it. He was the #1 advocate for the Red Line, then he was sorta against, then it was ok again and now who knows. He's been on almost every side of every issue.

Come on Jeff pick a side and stay on it so we can all quit asking Where do you stand Jeff?

Anonymous said...

The complete ludicrisy of it all is that a state has to even lower itself to the slimy gutter to vote on something so obvious but proves what a totally fucked up nation America has become under the rule of the liberal slippery slope law. Nobody says anyone had to be a perfect little angel or a puritan but damn .... this aint even close.

If Pittinger introduced that bill then he deserves to be the next elected Congressman to take over for Myrick.
Obama just continues to prove he is unworthy for 4 more yrs to continue spending mega trillions and homosexualizing America top to bottom.

Maybe it was eating all that nasty dogmeat 3 times a day in SE Asia for 10 years or so before moving back to Hawaii where eating his fav tasty Pitbulls were illegal. And he didnt like Rottweilder meat? Weird.

Mark said...

"Homosexualizing America"? As if people would stop being gay under a Republican president? Homosexuality has always existed and it will continue to exist, regardless of whether this amendment passes. The only thing you have power over is whether you let what other people do in their personal lives affect you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Its a simple case of constitutionality. This was an irrelevant amendment before it was even brought up to vote for it. Gay Marriage is already illegal in NC, why we had to do this is unknown. Except to come up with something divisive to get people to fight over and ignore the things politicians don't have answers for.

No matter, by the next generation the matter will be taken out of the majority's hands because its a simple case that its unconstitutional. The Supreme Court will take it when it finally feels people are realizing gay people aren't evil, and say yeahhhh this kind of law is illegal and it will all be tossed out.

The funny thing to me is that people see Gay marriage as being this horrible lynch pin in keeping marriage. Gay marriage won't change anything, people will still hate, the only thing that will change is a gay couple will be able to get health insurance and everything else. WHY people feel that this can't happen is beyond me

Anonymous said...

Mass serial murderers and pedophiles are historically all homosexuals. They are a corruption to youth and a menace to society costing taxpayers trillions in health care for diseases such as aids and hiv.

Ironically Sharia Islamic Law who beheads homos has a 99.9% effective cure and prevention rate that flies in the face of liberal bogus genetic excuses.

Maybe muslim and christian nations can seize on this common ground for diplomacy. Once it is made a crime in America the guilty pervs can be sent to nations like Iran with its 99.9% cure ratio. Those beyond repair are beheaded or hanged in public squares. Hard to argue with success.

JDBishop5 said...

Citizens of N.C. seem to have no idea how stupid their state looks to educated people all over the world by virtue of the gay marriage issue. The voting majority there in N.C. must be morons. If you were to secede from the Union again, we would welcome your departure.

R. Lee said...

JDBishop5, you seem to suggest no one could have a different opinion than yours and still be educated and thoughtful.

I voted against the constitutional amendment, but statements like yours are embarrassing. It's too bad you can't even comment on a news item without being insulting to anyone who doesn't share your views.

Anonymous said...



Pack it in. Fags are officially NOT WANTED and its permanent.

Move to San Francisco where they are standing in line to jump off the Golden Gate but keeping it quiet.

Libscum have been weighed in the balances and found to be wanting.

Anonymous said...

Just what will these dog eating SE Asians think of next?

If dog meat is so tasty as our president says better beware of Chinese and all Asian food. That sweet and sour pork may not be so porky.
The Pu Pu dish may be suspect too.

Forget Hunan (human) chicken altogether.

Anonymous said...

When you pass laws based on hate and paranoia, you get bad laws. North Carolina shamed itself yesterday and for those homophobes out there, maybe you are afraid of how you feel inside. Live and let live is a healthy life ethic. hate and paranoia only make you weak and incosequential.

Anonymous said...

Hetrophobe mass murderer fag pedophile sicko insane suicidal predators all suck azz.

Gay Obama and Gay DNC fit to be tied at ANTHONY FOXX who started all this !!!!

Charlotte and Foxx got some major plainin' on this one...

Dont worry Im comin Elizabeth -- This is the BIG ONE ...

They tried to warn that NC was not insane and perverted like the other homo states but they wouldnt listen.

Obama may try to switch convention sites and move the DNC to San Fran aka the real world class Queen City


what a mess ... Obama has someone to blame for losing in Nov too ...

Anonymous said...

For goodness sake, Jim, shut down the comments on this thread. It's a new low for Observer readers.

Anonymous said...

What hasnt been reported is how dogs and even cats have been vanishing in thin air Obamas entire life including dogs at the WH owned by staff.

So whats really cookin at the WH crib these days?

(Barry loves catmeat too)

robert said...

Who are these STUPID LIBERALS who think that homosexuals, blacks, hispanics, jews, arabs, yankees, any all the other low lifes who doesn't talk like, or look like, or think like me and the other Republican Conserative Baptists should have the same rights as the Baptist White Republicans who are superior to everyone else? What planet are these morons from? Either be white and conservative like us (and you better not be a jew or other non-beliver, or you better get the heck out of the state fast) or you are just a dumb,dadgum liberal. And probably a yankee. Remember what the the forefathers, John Hancock, Patrick Henry, and all the rest said in the Declaration of Indepence" All men are created equal, except of course the gays, blacks, jews, anybody who talks with a foreign accent, and the catholics are somewhat suspect too. Everyone else is equal, except of course the Mormans, unless you are a Morman who is running for President."

Anonymous said...

Worldwide homosexual sickos are the worst serial killers including cannibals, and pedophiles

Fags of all kinds are 5 times more suicidal than hetrosexuals

Sicko fags all stay mentally depressed and suicidal

Perverted fags are all pedophiles who molest young children

Families need to keep their children and youth away from homosexual pedophiles

Obama and Biden are obviousy bi-sexual sicko pervs with the Democrat liberals seek to turn America into Sodom and Gomorrah while legalizing same sex marriage and molesting all children.
Both need to be arrested jailed and executed plus are unfit devious parents and leaders.

Sicko perv homosexuals cost taxpayers trillions in health care expenses for deadly diseases and related mind corruption of 100s of millions of youth.

Anonymous said...

The president of Iran Ahmedinjad recently bragged in NYC that Iran is 100% homo free.

Funny how having your head cut off per Sharia Law converts homos 100% to hetro and their depression suicide pedophilia beastality and cannibalism is automatically cured. Amazing cure.

America needs Sharia Law quick.
Oddly Iran has more jews than arabs and Ahmedinjad is jew/arab.

Anonymous said...

Final tally of Amendment One homo marriage NC Supreme Court

38.34% of registered voters voted

100 NC counties:

92 voted for

8 voted against

( roflmfao )

Anonymous said...

get it right dummie.

34.38% voted

93 counties voted for

7 counties voted against

massive margin - dont listen to the lies -- nc is the real reason obama publically shot his wad as the loser in nov sealed his fate as a 1 termer

romney will be elected in nov as
45th prez - its official

faggotry lost the election for bambam - to funny

thats good for america

like they say you are your own worst enemy and the more things change the more they stay the same

somebody wayyyyy out of touch in the media

meck cast 176,886 votes
81042 for
95844 against

45.815949255 % very very good
54.184050744 & very very bad

14802 difference in votes

08.368101489 % variance - not bad

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Could homosexualizing the muslim world and its presidents and military like Obama has done to America be the way to end all islam the world over? Are libs good for something or would christian nations then sympathize with muslim nations if that occured?

Anonymous said...


I'm still seeing loser's campaign signs out there all over the county. My take is if you are such a great "can do" candidate, why can't you engineer an effort to retrieve all of your signs within a decent amount of time. It seems that candidates love to plant their signs in the city/county right of way, but once they've lost, they're so po'ed that they say to heck with gathering them back up. "Let somebody else do it" they seem to say. This is probably how they would have governed, the truth be known. If we had an ordinance fining candidates for having their trash all over town, we probably could bet these picked up. Biggest offenders: DULIN, PEACOCK, DRIGGS, GRIFFIN...nice try guy but try to show some leadership, won't ya?

Anonymous said...

Is that pistol duel betweest Pit & Pen still doable or would one be scared and the other glad of it?
Winner takes all in DC.

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