Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Clodfelter eyes mayoral bid

A few weeks ago longtime Democratic Sen. Dan Clodfelter raised eyebrows when he said he might run for the Charlotte City Council. Now he might run for mayor.

"I'm very seriously considering it," he said Tuesday. "I've been getting a great deal of encouragement."

Clodfelter isn't the only one -- or only legislator -- looking at the race since incumbent Democrat Anthony Foxx said this month he won't run for a third term. Democratic Reps. Becky Carney and state Sen. Malcolm Graham have said they're considering it.

Clodfelter said he could make a decision by the end of the month.

"When people reach out to you," he said, "
you want to think seriously about what they're asking you to do."


Anonymous said...

Lord help us. Trade one idiot for another.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Lord Help Us! Someone with a brain, someone who actually comprehends what happens in Raleigh and how not to upset every single constituency in the area on moronic, self-serving ideas. Please, Lord, let us wind up with a good man and human being like Dan Clodfelter instead of some political whack job to further drown this community in idiotic projects with no benefits for our citizens.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful...Another politician that believes in the "tax first, ask questions later" mantra.

Anonymous said...

Wow calling a former city councilman and former chair of the senate finance committee, the longest serving senator in state history, and an eccellent attorney and diplomatic person an idiot... i hope you dont vote.

Anonymous said...



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Anonymous said...

He has my vote! He's smart and dedicated.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

So Foxx, based on his trolly experience, will be Secretary of Transportation. He will still be better at transportation than Geitner & Holder at their jobs.
This President & his administration are a joke.

Anonymous said...

So we are supposed to have confidence in government? Foxx could not even get council members from his own party to support his trolly, a major airline had lost confidence in him to the point they felt they needed to pull the airport from the city. Has there ever been a less qualified cabinet member?