Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Roberts rules out mayor's race, not mayor's job

Former Mecklenburg County commissioners' chair Jennifer Roberts says she's ruled out running for mayor of Charlotte. But not being mayor of Charlotte.

The job was coming open at the end of the year after Mayor Anthony Foxx's decision not to seek a third term. It could come open even earlier after Foxx's nomination Monday to be U.S. transportation secretary. If and when he resigns, council is expected to appoint an interim mayor to fill out his term. 

"I have not made a firm decision on the appointed part," Roberts, a Democrat, said Tuesday. "I've been asked to consider it."

Roberts declined to say who asked her to. Council members are obligated to appoint a Democrat, like Foxx. But they won't name any one who actually intends to run for the job. That includes at least two incumbent council members, Patrick Cannon and David Howard.

State Sen. Dan Clodfelter said Tuesday he's "favorably inclined" to run. Rep. Becky Carney is also thinking about it.

If Clodfelter were to run, and win, Roberts -- who lives four doors away -- might run for his Senate seat.

"That's something I would consider," she says.


Anonymous said...

Please don't.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Why not? She is as good as any of the dems.

Wiley Coyote said...

We've had enough of the Roberts/Helms tax and spend for quality of life BS in Mecklenburg County.

By the way Jen, when are we getting our $7 million back from the Whitewater Center Boondoggle? Where is all of the growth that was touted to spring up around it?

Anonymous said...

Probably no one actually asked Jennifer Roberts to run except that voice in her head called GIANT EGO.

Anonymous said...

she looks like a democrat

Anonymous said...

That has to be Jim Morrills older brother.

Anonymous said...

Proposing a useless high cost redundant trolly got Foxx his new job. Why can't Jen try the same.

Ghoul said...

Wow, in the mayor's race, I had her ahead by a nose.

Anonymous said...


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