Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Abortion moving on stage in N.C. Senate race

It didn't take some Republican U.S. Senate candidates long to criticize Republican Gov. Pat McCrory's decision not to appeal a federal judge's decision throwing out a requirement that women seeking abortions be shown a narrated ultrasound just before having the procedure.

Thom Tillis and Mark Harris responded quickly, asking McCrory to reverse his decision and appeal. Other GOP Senate candidates agreed.

All this signals that abortion is likely to be an issue in the race all year, just as it promises to be in other states.

Last week a New York Times story called it an "unexpectedly animating issue" in elections across the country. Republicans are using it to rev up their base. Democrats think it will fire up women.

The judge's decision involved the so-called Women's Right to Know law passed in 2011 and passed again over then-Gov. Bev Perdue's veto. And Judge Catherine Eagle's ruling puts it smack on the agenda in 2014.

"There's no question the ultrasound provision is a critical part of that law," says Harris. "We know that it gives critical information to women. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to resist the best information a woman could receive before making such a major life decision.”

Democratic incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan will be happy to take up that fight.

Says her spokeswoman Sadie Weiner: "Every Republican candidate in this race has advocated to restrict women's access to care, and it's disappointing they want to spend more time on this out-of-touch, irresponsible effort rather than focusing on jobs and the economy like middle-class families need them to."


Anonymous said...

Yeah, debate abortion. That'll solve a lot of economic issues.


Garth Vader said...

What Sadie Weiner meant to say was, "Senator Hagan will continue to fight to force men's health care policies to cover abortions, and at three times the premium they were paying prior to the Senator's vote for DearLeaderCare. The Senator would have made the comment herself, but she's on her way to her own DearLeaderCare doctor for her annual prostate checkup... after all, she's paying for it so she might as well go."

Garth Vader said...

Anonymous 11:27,

Trust me, the Observer will obsess on abortion and ignore the economy during this entire the election cycle, since mentioning the economy would doom Hagan to a 40-point loss.

I note that the reporter didn't ask for a reaction from the Obstetrician/Gynecologist in this race, Dr. Greg Brannon. Why is that, Mr. Morrill?

Anonymous said...

Stupid old senile republicans. Trying to put on a show for Jesus by pretending to care about unborn babies. If you want to impress him so bad how about you try helping the poor people in America who are struggling. Oh that's right, they're an inconvenience to you. Its a lot easier to pretend to care about a fetus that isn't born yet

Anonymous said...

55 million dead babies since Roe vs. Wade. Just think about that for a minute, if you dare. That is a national disgrace. Economic issues are important yes...but what's more important that human life? Millions of murdered babies, who have no voice. It's the ultimate savagery, protected by Democrats who somehow twist it into a "women's health" issue. More like a mental health issue for most women that go through with it. Sickening.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, how did ultrasounds become political?

I had one done on me after my near fatal car crash in 2004. I even joked am I pregnant.

Geez, what's the matter baby killers, don't want ultrasounds to reveal what common sense biology has already shown that what really is inside a womb is a living developing baby human being.

This is NOT a secret so why deny women the right to know if they're pregnant or not and see their unborn baby?


Anonymous said...

This law is a disgusting affront to the rights of women. Good call by the judge throwing it out, and good call by McCrory not to fight it.

It is mind-boggling that you religious zealots aren't seen as total loons by our society.

Anonymous said...

What we want is to be allowed to make the CHOICE for ourselves without armchair moralists who will be the first to tell us we are on our own when that life needs food showing us a video to make a terrible situation theater.

And how convenient Mark to call out baby killer when if the other half of the equation would just wear a condom instead of spreading "life" all over we might not need the other alternatives.

Anonymous said...

I'll agree on banning abortion when we all agree to ban guns and alcohol.

Anonymous said...

I have thankfully never been involved with an abortion but I have known people who where. While it was very difficult, they all believed that it should be the women's or family's choice. To a person none of them were in favor of a group of faceless lawyers deciding their futures.
As for the economy, do you like it better now or in 2008. Per every measurement, the economy has improved significantly. Why can't people give credit where it is due.

tarhoosier said...

I despair of the rebranding

tarhoosier said...

I despair of the re-branding of the Republican party.

Anonymous said...

Im curious in the abortion rights supporters opinion on Hagans spokeswomans statement, "Every Republican candidate in this race has advocated to restrict women's access to care..." if they find the use of the word "care" to encompass abortion as a distorted message.

Anonymous said...

NC unemployment rate dropped to 6.9%, lowest level in more than 5 years. Sen. Kay Hagan has been a Senator for the exact same amt of time. Coincidence NC is doing better? Oh, the hypocrite GOP, the 3-Gs (god, guns, gays) are their talking points, again. Don't approve of abortion, ease access to contraction/condoms! If mother has child, help her out w/childcare & training so she can on her feet, stop leaving mothers out in the cold!

Anonymous said...

Repulsicons seem to be the ones obsessed with abortion. The only time they even mention the economy or jobs is when there is an election.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

What about the right to live.

Anonymous said...

That doesn't make any sense.