Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jesse Jackson to eulogize Franklin McCain

A half century ago the Rev. Jesse Jackson was a classmate of Franklin McCain at N.C. A&T University in Greensboro. On Friday, Jackson will be in Charlotte to remember McCain at his funeral.

McCain, one of the four students whose 1960 sit-in at a Greensboro lunch counter started a movement,  died last week at 73.

"Frank McCain was such a dear friend, a classmate and such a force for change in the America we now live in," Jackson told me today. "God assigned Frank and the other three to history. In so many ways Frank was a cut above the rest of us. He was smarter, more mature, more focused. He was a trailblazer."
Jackson will speak at McCain's 2 p.m. service at Charlotte's Friendship Missionary Baptist Church.
On Thursday morning, McCain will be remembered at a memorial service on the A&T campus.


Anonymous said...

So, Jim, you only publish comments that are positive....I wouldn't let the crooked Jesse Jackson eulogize my snake much less a human. I know, of course, you will not let this comment be published since my other one pertaining to the "disgraceful" Jesse Jackson. Mr. Franklin McCain will roll over in his casket when Jesse starts his lies.

James said...

How's this for positive: I'm positive that Jesse makes his living with one foot firmly planted on the necks of those he claims to champion.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh and since the Rev. is in the area..why not stop by Duke Univ. and apologize for the fisaco and the ruining of lives of the Duke Lacross players and their coach that was fired for no reason. he knew that topless dancer was lying and he and Sharpton perpetuated the lie that she was raped. Now the wench is in jail for murder.

kermit humphrey said...

jesse was at a&t when the march took place.where was he?maybe he thought it wasn't that important

Anonymous said...

no comment