Thursday, October 16, 2014

A 12th District first? A Republican outraises the Democrat

Republican Vince Coakley did something no Republican has done before in the 12th Congressional District: Raise more money in a quarter than his Democratic opponent.

Coakley raised $172,000 in the third quarter to Democrat Alma Adams' $158,000, according to new reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. He also had more cash on hand at the end of September, $105,000 to Adams' $64,000.

Not that money is a big advantage in the district, which is overwhelmingly Democratic.

Adams, a state legislator from Greensboro, has raised more for the entire election: $666,000 to Coakley's $291,000. But she had a competitive primary.

Both are running for the seat held for two decades by Charlotte Democrat Mel Watt, who left to head the National Housing Finance Agency. Each of their names will actually appear on the ballot twice. Once to fill Watt's unexpired term and once for a full term.

Adams and Coakley, a Charlotte broadcaster, are about as far apart on issues as candidates can be. Both tapped national fundraising bases.


Anonymous said...

anyone who votes for alma adams needs their head examined

Anonymous said...

The rorschach district.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even realize that they Vince Coakley was black. I live in the 12th district and I am a young black Republican. Race doesn't matter. However, it is refreshing to see a black conservative like myself who is tired of the race baiting democractic party. Maybe I will consider this seat in the future if he doesn't win. I hope he wins though. We need real leadership and not "The white man won't let me do this, The white man won't let me vote." Excuses and more excuses. I beg black voters to stop voting based on race and party. I'm sure that my fellow Christians are seeing how the democrats are trying to convert the church to please their ambition. If you want your continued freedom, you should vote Republican. Otherwise, blacks will soon become an afterthought.

Anonymous said...

Alma can't be any worse than the empty suit that filled the slot for years.
Should be a good district for Charlotte's own, Anthony Foxx, once the FAA disaster is over.

Anonymous said...

Vince Coakley should stick to hosting radio talk shows that spin right-winged GOP talking points. It's a better fit for his misguided viewpoint than representing the 12th Congressional district.

He should try running in the 9th District and see how that works out for him.

Anonymous said...

I am a black conservative who will definitely vote for Vince Coakley. I'd like to thank the white liberals who have already conceded the seat to him and are now calling for Anthony Foxx when he comes back. I'd like to ask that guy a question.

Who told you Foxx was coming back to Charlotte? I'm always amazed when White Left wing socialist pick their own "BOY" to put in office because he will do what he's told. They hate blacks who leave their plantation. Racism is alive and well in the Democrat/socialist/communist/progressive party.

Anonymous said...


Is there a point to your endless series of simplistic regurgitations of fundraising reports? If you're too old and lazy to get out on the trail and ask the candidates serious questions about issues ("How would you address the NSA overreaches exposed by Edward Snowden?"; "Would you send your own son/daughter into a frontline combat role in Syria?") then cashout your retirement plan and hit the beach, man.

Anonymous said...

If I had the money to put up one political billboard this election cycle, it might be one like this on Freedom Drive:


It would not say to vote for or against anyone. It would simply pose the question.

Anthony Foxx will not be coming back. Oh, he may get a place in mountains for when he visits on vacation from being a seven or eight figure partner with a prominent DC law firm. And I wish him well though I did not vote for him. He was honest.