Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Republicans doubling down on Thom Tillis

With polls tightening in North Carolina's Senate race, the National Republican Senatorial Committee is betting another $6.5 million on Thom Tillis.

The NRSC is investing that much to help Tillis on top of the $3.9 million already committed.

The move comes as groups are making last-minute adjustments to their spending strategies three weeks before Election Day. A week before the new N.C. investment, the NRSC canceled $850,000 in ads on behalf of Michigan Senate candidate Terry Lynn Land.

The NRSC bump still leaves it behind its Democratic counterpart. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has spent over $16 million on behalf of Sen. Kay Hagan, and just announced another $1 million.

The NRSC investment comes as internal tracking polls and outside surveys show the race is tightening. Real Clear Politics shows Hagan with an average lead of 1.5 points, smaller than just a few days ago.

After getting pummeled in TV spending for months, Tillis and his allies pulled even and even a little ahead in mid-September, according to the Center for Public Integrity.

Lately they've been hitting Hagan with a series of ads that highlight the time she missed a Senate security hearing to attend a Park Avenue fundraiser.

"Even though Sen. Hagan has persistently led in the polls, it’s never been anywhere close to a lead too big to come back from," said Tom Jensen, director of Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling.

"For instance in 2008 we found her lead go from 3 points to 7 points just in the final week of the campaign. If Tillis could make a similar gain over the next 3 weeks that would be enough to erase the 3-4 point lead Hagan has in the polls right now. We’re finding that the overall national climate right now is trending in the GOP’s direction."



Anonymous said...

As usual the Observer talks out of both sides of its mouth. On the one hand they decry the corrupting influence of money on politics, but on the other all they do is write lazy articles like this that simply regurgitate campaign expenditures.

I note particularly that they - including their so-called "Ace Political Reporter Mr. Morrill - gave scant coverage to the Thursday debate in which Sean Haugh came across as the only civilized participant, addressing genuine issues rather than engaging in infantile bickering.

Oh well, I'm sure Mr. Morrill and his down-by-90%-McClatchy-ESOP-pension-plan will be among the next round of cuts at that joke of a company. Why pay someone a salary to do the cut-and-paste job a monkey could do?

Anonymous said...

"If you like your plan, you keep your plan. If you like your doctor, you keep your doctor."

e9999999 said...

Re-elect Senator Hagan. Anyone going to the polls this year should familarize themselves with the extraordinarily dirty tactics of the right in an attempt to re-gain power. As I recall, the last time they had power they lied about everything, handed trillions to the already wealthy screwing you over in the process, and, in some cases, sent your children to risk their lives or die in an oil war.

Anonymous said...

Reelect Harry Reid so all bills can sit idle for another 2 years.