Monday, February 27, 2012

GOPers at gay rights gala: 'Not in Kansas anymore'

What do you get when you hold a Republican banquet in the same building with a gay rights gala?

Some surprised Republicans.

That's what happened Saturday night when the Mecklenburg County GOP held their annual Lincoln-Reagan dinner in Charlotte's NASCAR Hall of Fame. Republicans who parked in the hall's parking deck found an elevator bank with two choices: "Hall of Fame" and "Ballroom." Some chose the Ballroom.

That's how people like Rep. Ruth Samuelson and other Republicans ended up at the fundraiser for the Human Rights Campaign, an event that attracted 1,400 people, including some in drag.

From GOP commissioner Bill James: "A couple of big wigs in the GOP got all the way into the gay gala. One stopped upon seeing Jennifer Roberts, others were in line for drinks and turned around to see drag queens behind them figuring that they weren’t in GOP ‘Kansas’ anymore – quickly leaving."

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pssst... Cheap gas in Montgomery County

Want gas for $1.80-a-gallon? Then head to the Montgomery County town of Biscoe tomorrow.

Republican Vernon Robinson, running for Congress in the 8th District, will be pumping 1,000 gallons at that price beginning at 11 a.m. at the E-ZEE gas station at 306 N. Main St.

Biscoe is the home of Democratic U.S. Rep. Larry Kissell. Robinson is one of several Republicans trying to unseat him.

According to Robinson, $1.80 is "the same price gasoline sold for when Larry Kissell and Barack Obama assumed office in January 2009. " Not only is he using the gimmick to make a point, but he's taking a page out of Kissell's playbook.

When Kissell first race unsuccessfully in 2006, he sold gas for $1.22/gallon, the price it was when his GOP opponent, then-Rep. Robin Hayes, took office in 1999. Kissell even ran ads showing motorists lined up for the cheap gas. Today, Kissell welcomed Robinson to his home county.

"I welcome Mr. Robinson to Montgomery County and thank him for spending his campaign money trying to help the citizens of our district stretch their hard-earned dollars in this way," Kissell said in a statement. "I encourage all the other candidates to likewise follow my lead ...

"In a political season already stained by rancor, ill will and brutally negative ads, I congratulate Mr. Robinson for taking the high road and spending his money to help working folks out just a little bit."

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