Friday, November 02, 2012

Calling for a foul in final days

First the Walter Dalton campaign. Now the state Republican Party.

Both groups have filed complaints this week with the state elections board about rival campaigns.

First the Dalton campaign alleged that Republican Pat McCrory failed to properly report two campaign flights and illegally accepted a corporate contribution.

Now the state GOP has filed a complaint alleging that Gov. Bev Perdue illegally funneled $99,000 to the Dalton campaign. That's the amount of money that she refunded to donors this year that found its way into the Dalton campaign.

"Their donations should be treated by the SBOE as a contribution from the Perdue campaign to the Dalton campaign," state GOP executive director Scott Laster wrote in the complaint, "and treat it as a contribution that far exceeds the $4,000 limit.

McCrory had a 6-1 financial edge over Dalton according to new reports filed this week.