Thursday, May 03, 2012

Marriage amendent becomes issue in Senate race

In a new campaign flyer, Republican John Aneralla hits his top opponent over the marriage amendment.

In the flyer, sent to District 41 Republicans, Aneralla says Cornelius Mayor Jeff Tarte opposes the constitutional amendment which would ban same-sex marriage.

Not true says Tarte.

He says he supports the constitutional ban. Aneralla says he based his statement on a questionnaire for the conservative Civitas Institute that Tarte completed a few weeks ago. In it, he wrote that he opposes same-sex marriage, "but not in the constitution."

"I hadn’t made up my mind," says Tarte, who admits to having struggled with the issue."Are we going to run into unintended consequences where we’ll deny benefits to people? How about heterosexual couples who aren't married? Will common law marriage go away? ...  I would prefer not to have it in the constitution if I had my druthers."

Tarte said he's come down for the amendment, however, and said so during a forum this week.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Pittenger gives his campaign $1.1 million

Republican Robert Pittenger has put at least $1.13 million into his 9th District congressional campaign, a new report shows. That makes the total he raised through mid-April $1.4 million. That's four times as much as his nearest GOP rival in the 10-man primary.

Pittenger, a real estate invester, put another $150,000 in his campaign in April. The money has allowed him to run an aggressive media campaign on TV and radio and put glossy mailers into the homes of many GOP voters.

He's not the only one giving or loaning himself money. State Rep. Ric Killian loaned his campaign $101,000. Financial consultant Edwin Peacock took out a $249,999 home equity loan. And insurance executive Dan Barry put in nearly $74,000.

Pittenger had more cash on hand -- $451,000 -- in mid-April than any other candidate had raised in the whole campaign.

And Monday the first Super Pac weighed in on the 9th District race. The Washington-based
Citizens for Conservative Leadership spent $6,600 on a mailer opposing former Sheriff Jim Pendergraph, a frequent target of Pittenger's ads.

That's still far short of the $371,000 independent groups have spent in the GOP primary in the neighboring 8th District. Most has come from the Club for Growth, which supports dentist Scott Keadle.