Friday, September 28, 2007

Got a question for Biden or Obama?

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will be in Rock Hill Monday meeting with York County Democrats. Barack Obama will visit the city Saturday the 6th. We hope to have the chance to ask them a couple questions.

So, if you could sit down with either one, what would you ask?

Let us know and we'll try to ask your question. Here's what I'd ask you to do. Whether you leave it here here as a comment or email me, let us know your name, where you live and how we can get a picture of you to run.


David McKnight said...

For Sen. Biden:

You've been an effective and articulate leader in foreign policy and defense debates in the Senate and throughout the presidential campaign. When will we see a major domestic issue priority overview from the senator from Delaware?

For Sen. Obama: As a good Chicago White Sox baseball fan, you made a point of needling Sen. Hillary Clinton about her dual Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees leanings as expressed during the Democratic debate at Dartmouth Wednesday. But since Hillary is a Chicagoan who has moved on to New York (by way of Arkansas), isn't it natural that she would wish to support teams from both her native and adopted states?

(I sympathize with Sen. Clinton on this issue because I have experienced this cross-loyalty situation on an intrastate rather than interstate basis in that I am a Charlotte native who has been living in Durham. So I pull for both the Charlotte Knights and the Durham Bulls to make the International League playoffs each year, then root for these teams as far as they go, with Durham having lost out to Richmond in this year's IL finals. But when Durham plays Charlotte I can waffle with the best of them because as exciting as Durham Bulls baseball is here in the Triangle, there are too many good memories of baseball at all levels back in Charlotte to simply forget the Hornets-O's-Knights legacies.)

Frank Burns said...

Question for Biden - What is your opinion on the relationship that the United States should have with Red China? Should we continue to support and defend Taiwan as an independant China or should we go agree with Red China regarding Taiwan being a province of Mainland China?

Question for Obama - Same question regarding relationship with Red China and Do you have any relationships with any Moslem groups?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Burns -

Right now, the U.S. does neither. We do not support the "one China" policy, but we recognize it as the PRC position. We have a policy of calculated ambiguity that only makes one condition: a peaceful resolution of the diplomatic dispute in the Taiwan Strait. I'm sure Biden would emphasize a peaceful resolution and Taiwanese self-determination. However, that would be a great question to ask Obama.

Biden should be asked about the 2005 Grassley Bankruptcy bill, especially now that MBNA is owned by BoA. Has he changed his position on this issue like Edwards has? Is it a different issue now that those jobs are leaving Delaware, and such a bill would no longer be in the best interest of his constituents? Is it a different issue in a national race? Was he as responsible for it as some bloggers make him out to be? Does the fact that the bill's architect is the senior Senator from Iowa play into his calculus at all?