Wednesday, September 26, 2007

With help like this....

Give Alan Teitleman credit. At least he's subtle.

Teitleman is a young Republican from Mint Hill who this week announced that he'll challenge GOP Rep. Jim Gulley in next year's primary. Gulley, 68, is from Matthews. So along with his announcement, Teitleman sent some pictures of Gulley.

"I've been told that you may be missing some recent photos of Jim," he said in an email. "Feel free to use at your pleasure."

The pictures weren't all unflattering. They didn't all look like the one above.

Teitleman also has edited Gulley's Wikipedia entry to include a paragraph about his own campaign as well as a link to his Web site. Gulley says he's gone in there and erased Teitleman's additions several times, only to see them added back the next day.

Says Gulley: "It's so early. Why are we starting now? They’re still running the municipal elections."


And get ready for more wild and crazy legislative races.

Former Mecklenburg County commissioner Lloyd Scher launched a Web site this week in his bid to take on state Rep. Tricia Cotham in next year's District 100 Democratic primary.

And on the Republican side, former state Sen. Bob Rucho said he's leaning toward a race against incumbent Sen. Robert Pittenger in their southeast Mecklenburg district.


Swamp Cat said...

after reading your blog on alan teitleman, I wouldn't trust him any farther than I can throw him... sounds to me like he basically stabbed jim gulley in the back. sounds like a self-absorbed political hack to me

Anonymous said...

I have met Mr. Teitleman and I personally think he is unstable. He is impulsive and runs his mouth too much. He worked for Rep. Gulley. This is just like him. He is spiteful and vindictive and I would never vote for him!!!!

Anonymous said...

Alan Teitleman ran Jim Gulley's legislative office for two years. Those were the only two years that we ever heard from Jim Gulley, except during an election.

It seems more like Jim Gulley backstabbed Alan Teitleman, not the other way around..

Anonymous said...

wait a second. this is the same jim gulley who voted with the democrats to elect jim black as speaker, right? and the same jim gulley who voted for the democrats budget...and the same jim gulley who voted for gun control this year and for state funding of embryonic stem cell research...

wanted to clear that up.

Anonymous said...

It shounds to me like the district needs some new blood. We need to get some younger GOP leadership in the House. That definitely does not mean re-electing Gulley. An elected official once told me it didn't really matter so much on how a Rep. voted, except how they made their first vote, which is for who will lead the House. If Gulley votes for the Democrat Speaker, then we might as well have elected a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

I've known Alan for a number of years, and I can assure you the he is not what North Carolina needs. He is unstable, self absorbed, and immature. Furthermore, he's never had a job.

Anonymous said...

Alan Teitleman is by far the better choice for State House representative. He's had a number of jobs, including working in Raleigh for two years as Gulley's LA. He owns a real estate company and has consulted for dozens of candidates. Jim Gulley on the other hand doesn't have a job, and the only thing that is keeping him living is his own ego that he's somehow making a difference.
Jim Gulley is a liar and a fake conservative.

Alan Teitleman is the real deal. He's loud and outspoken, but wouldn't you rather have that than the guy who put JIM BLACK into office!

Get the facts straight. Alan Teitleman's been an activist for a long time. He's made enemies. I'd be worried if he didn't. That shows that he has BACKBONE and will stand up for MY district. Not some loser who needs to be told how to vote like Gulley.

Good riddence to Jim Gulley. Enjoy the rest of your life.

Anonymous said...

And I'd bet that those who say he's vindictive and self absorbed are the same folks who rammed down an endorsment of a gay rapist over Alan's objection and support of a good candididate.

If you're going to attack him, you should at least have the guts to put your name on it.

Pathetic. Our system of goverment has come down to this.

Visit his site - and make an informed decision

Anonymous said...

Being an LA in Raleigh is not a job. Its a hobby. Alan has trumped up semi-accomplishments and is effectivily trying to defraud the people. He's a mid-20's political nerd. And he's not even that good of a policital nerd. We can all be conservative as long as we ape whatever bill o'reilly says. He is a young man of little education and has even less insight.

Furthermore, prior comments showcase Alan's childish nature and how unstable he can be. Is making enemies really the ideal? Alan is a republican Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Alan is definitely the Republican Hillary. People in the Mecklenburg county GOP are being duped if they think that voting for a lunatic like Alan is a good vote.

Anonymous said...

I have had informal dealings with Alan myself. He is very much so a self serving politico junky. I understand his enthusiasm but he has hurt his own reputation with his diarrhea of the mouth. He never knows who is around him when he is spewing his accusations and insults. From what I have seen he would rather help defeat another Republican than any Dems. One last thing... I neglected to see this issue on his website, but have the understanding he would rather allow murder to defenseless babies than to promote responsible choices. I challenge him to add abortion to his list of issues!