Thursday, September 06, 2007

Who's in, who's out? NC's '08 races

Democratic state Sen. Kay Hagan of Greensboro this week became the latest Democrat to announce that she's considering a challenge to U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole. So maybe it's a good time to sort through some of the state's bigger races. If I miss anybody, let me know.

U.S. Senate
IN -- Republican Elizabeth Dole, Salisbury
OUT -- Democrat Brad Miller, Raleigh
OUT -- Democrat David Kirby, Raleigh
OUT -- Democrats Mike and Mary Easley, Southport
OUT -- Democrat Roy Cooper, Rocky Mount
MAYBE -- Democrat Kay Hagan, Greensboro
MAYBE -- Democrat Grier Martin, Raleigh

IN -- Democrat Beverly Perdue, Chapel Hill
IN -- Democrat Richard Moore, Oxford
IN -- Republican Fred Smith, Clayton
IN -- Republican Robert Orr, Yancey County
IN -- Republican Bill Graham, Salisbury

Lt. Governor
IN -- Democrat Walter Dalton, Rutherfordton
IN -- Democrat Hampton Dellinger, Raleigh
IN -- Democrat Dan Besse, Winston-Salem
IN -- Democrat Pat Smathers, mayor of Canton.
MAYBE -- Republican Jim Snyder, Lexington

Attorney General
IN -- Democrat Roy Cooper, Raleigh
IN -- Republican Bob Crumley, Greensboro

IN -- Republican Bill Daughtridge, Rocky Mount
IN -- Republican Dale Folwell, Winston-Salem
IN -- Democrat Janet Cowell, Raleigh
IN -- Democrat Michael Weisel, Raleigh
IN -- Democrat Chris Mintz, Raleigh

Labor commissioner
IN -- Republican Cherie Berry, Newton
OUT -- Democrat Wayne Goodwin, Rockingham

8th District Congress
IN -- Republican Robin Hayes, Concord
IN -- Democrat Larry Kissell, Biscoe
MAYBE -- Democrat Rick Glazier, Fayetteville

9th District Congress
IN -- Republican Sue Myrick, Charlotte

12th District Congress
IN -- Democrat Mel Watt, Charlotte


David McKnight said...


Does this mean that Congressman Mel Watt is definitely OUT as a possible candidate for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate in 2008?

If Mel ever runs statewide, here's a slogan he can use for getting the medical communites of the state involved in his health care platform:

"Watt's Up, Doc?"

David McKnight said...

Wait! Unlike "Jeopardy," this one should not have been put into the form of a question.

So the slogan would read better as:

"Watt's Up, Doc!"

Anonymous said...

There are a couple of additions to this list:


IN: Democrat: BETH WOOD, Raleigh

IN: Democrat-- David Young, Asheville
OUT: Democrat Chris Mintz, Raleigh