Friday, February 08, 2008

McCain's S.C. running mate?

Two South Carolinians should be on John McCain's short list for running mates, according to an op-ed in today's Wall Street Journal.

S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford or U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint would both be good choices for McCain, writes Pat Toomey, a former GOP congressman and president of the conservative Club for Growth, an anti-tax group which has been critical of the Arizona senator.

Sanford, Toomey says, "has demonstrated a commitment to economic conservatism. And DeMint, who led Mitt Romney's campaign in the state, would bring his own strong conservative credentials.

"When it comes to fighting government spending in Washington," Toomey says, "Mr. DeMint can be found on the frontlines."

The Club for Growth has said McCain's overall record "is tainted by a marked antipathy towards free markets and individual freedom." It ran TV commercials against McCain's rival, Mike Huckabee, criticizing him for raising taxes as governor of Arkansas.


Anonymous said...

And what do they bring to the ticket?

I understand why you suggest these men, but they are unknown to the nation.

McCain must choose someone who has backing. Huckabee has that.

And that's not to say he knows anything of economics...

Anonymous said...

Those are exactly the two guys I would have picked. He needs to throw us conservatives a bone. Both Jim DeMint and Mark Sanford are fiscal conservatives which ought to be appealing to everyone after what we've been through the past few years. There is NO WAY I want to see Mike Huckabee as VP or President for that matter. He is NO fiscal conservative, and how he says he didn't raise taxes in Arkansas is beyond me. My mother-in-law lives there and it just isn't true. Also, I read where he destroyed the hard drive on his state computer to cover up some of his more grasping ways....check out 'Gimmiegate'. I do not like anything about him. He reminds me far too much of an evangelical Clinton.