Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Will Jordan help lead Meck GOP assault?

Remember Hal Jordan? He's the Republican who came within 30 votes of unseating then-House Speaker Jim Black in 2006. Black, who later would go to prison on corruption charges, was hobbled by scandal that November. But Jordan won in what was still an overwhelmingly Democratic district.

Now he's considering a run for an at-large seat on the Mecklenburg board of commissioners. He would join incumbent Dan Ramirez on an at-large ticket that would try to take advantage of Democratic disarray and retake control of the board.

Democrats, particularly board chairman Jennifer Roberts, have been hurt by the mess over selection of a new sheriff. A lot of Democrats are angry over a process that first elected Nick Mackey, an African American, then invalidated his election and saw the installation of his rival.

A lot of African Americans, who make up about half the county's registered Democrats, have threatened to retaliate at the polls.

So here's a question: How much do you think the sheriff's fiasco will affect the race for county commissioner?


Anonymous said...

I hear nothing but praise for Commissioner Roberts from both Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Sure some extremists of both African American and white communities will pin the blame on her for her strong, unwavering leadership
and strict adherence to the rules and the law--but they are, after all extremists and not the majority. Most of the people mouthing off about her in a negative way are those who are trying to gain notoriety by saying fiery and often malicious, untrue statements. "Look at me! I am important"
Well, we have seen the racists come out to play during this crisis and now we are seeing the sexists and the crass opportunists pinning all the blame on Jennifer.Nice.

Anonymous said...

There won't be any payback in the general elections, though there will be some in the primaries. What, do you think Rev Dwayne and his merry band are going to vote for a Republican?

Anonymous said...

You said about Hal Jordan, "But Jordan won in what was still an overwhelmingly Democratic district." Jordan did not win. I think you meant to say something like "But Jordan did well in what was still an overwhelmingly Democratic district."

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