Monday, August 31, 2009

GOP health forum Tuesday is (almost) invitation only

Hospital staff and invited guests are expected to make up the crowd Tuesday morning when Republican Sens. Richard Burr, John McCain and Mitch McConnell host a health care forum in Charlotte.

The three GOP senators will tour the Levine Children's Hospital at Carolinas Medical Center at 8:30 a.m. and meet with employees, doctors and patients until 10. The event is nominally open but will take place in the hospital auditorium, which can seat only about 250 people.

"We have tremendous interest from our employees," said hospital spokeswoman Gail Rosenburg. "We are such dominant players in this whole issue of reform that we're pleased to be able to have this event for our employees."

McCain and McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, are doing a similar even in Kansas City today with Missouri Sen. Kit Bond. Bond, like Burr, is up for election next year.

Missouri Democrats criticized the invitation-only event in their state. Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, who has held a series of town meetings on health care, took a dig at the Republicans on Twitter last week.

"More townhalls on Monday. West Plains and Springfield. Open to public. Sens Bond and McConnell having one in KC Mon but invitation only," she tweeted.

N.C. Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan has held no town halls this recess.


Anonymous said...

"N.C. Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan has held no town halls this recess."

Fraidy cat. She doesn't really want to hear what people have to say. They elected her, but she doesn't work for them now. She's waiting for her bosses in Washington to tell her how to vote.

Anonymous said...

"She's waiting for her bosses in Washington to tell her how to vote."

As are all "democrats" in the age of obama, like planted sleepers from a 70's movie Charles Bronson, and Karl Malden would headline.

The Jim Jones syndrome in Washington has surpassed becoming frightening.

Anonymous said...

Jim, it is either invitation only or it is not. Sounds to me like it's not but because of the high profile attendee there is more demand than space so they are trying to control the number of people they turn away. Now if there were not much demand I would bet the headline would be the poor turnout. Jim you seem to start the story with the conclusion "you desire" as the headline. Your job is to report the story not create it. The only thing worse than reporting is your writing.

Anonymous said...

If the room only holds 250 and 1,000 people want to attend, how do you handle the excess. They have to do something. They have been clear to say, it is not by invitation-only like the earlier event. How about an article saying how you would handle things. Give them a break...or are you afraid you will not be allowed. Guess they thought the TV guys would do a better job reporting the event than you.

william said...

just like a high school football game where seating is limited. students and faculty should get the seats first, then family of players, cheerleaders, band, students, etc. THEN interested parties on a first come basis. in this case, workers there are going to take up all the seats. outsiders can come and line up for any empty seats or standing room.

Anonymous said...

Gee here is a novel idea.. WHY NOT HOLD IT IN A BIG ROOM? Maybe because the GOP is afraid the Riff-Raff will get in

william said...

maybe a "big room" is not available. but for you libs it would be okay to move the meeting to the superdome. then the travel could be paid for by TAXPAYERS. and all of you could attend.

question: who are you going to tax to pay for wellfare, sickfare, lifefare, birthfare, deathfare, medicare, medicaid, ss, va, etc., when the rich run out of money?

ps, Difference between Republicans and Democrats:

Maria (could have been one of charlie's angels) is SC Republican Governor Mark Sanford's mistress.

Golan (could have starred in brokeback mountain) is NJ Democrat Governor Jim Mc Greevey's mistress.


Anonymous said...