Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Wrangling over Rangel's money

Add Democratic Rep. Larry Kissell to the list of Democratic congressmen unloading campaign donations from fellow Democrat Charlie Rangel.

Last week the House ethics committee admonished Rangel for violating gift rules by accepting reimbursement for trips to the Caribbean in 2007 and 2008. Since then Republicans across the country have called on Democratic lawmakers to return any money they got from Rangel.

Republican Tim D'Annunzio was apparently the first 8th District GOP challenger to ask Kissell to do the same. He says that since 2006, Kissell has accepted $8,000 from Rangel.

"Other Members of Congress that accepted contributions from Charlie Rangel are quickly distancing themselves from him, and returning the money or donating it to charity," D'Annunzio said in a release. "Why isn't Larry Kissell following their lead?"

According to a spokeswoman, Kissell already had.

Haven Kerchner said Kissell decided Friday to give to charity $4,000 he got from Rangel and $10,000 he got from Rangel's political action committee.

Records also show that Rangel's PAC -- The National leadership PAC -- gave Kissell's 2006 campaign committee another $5,000. Kerchner said because that committee is closed, "those funds are no longer available."


Diane said...

I wish $8,000 was all Tim D'Anunzio took form the Feds. We might not even be in this mess if not for war profiteers like him.

So glad hypocrisy isn't off the table for a good Constitutionalists like Tim.

Nancy said...

Just proves what I've been saying all along.

Kissell is apparently willing to give back his dirty money, IS TIM D'ANNUNZIO?

Oh, it ALL came from a wife beater? How sad for the NRCC.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Has D'Annunzio accepted a dime from anyone who's last name doesn't end in a vowel?

Or has anyone else even offered?

Anonymous said...

I heard Tim D'Annunzio has accepted more than $500,000 from a person of low moral character that was literally charged with criminal trespass and other misdemeanors involving a domestic dispute with his ex-wife.

Call Tim now at 910-848-0200 and DEMAND he finally take a stand against domestic abuse, by giving it all to the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence.

Chris said...

"I also want to bring up a quote from a Bloomburg.com article back on 14 July."

Gotta love a Congressman who can't even spell, or take the time to run spell check. Check out his blog for more of Tim's daily rants.


Anonymous said...

You "Big Guy" supporters are unbelievable.

Never miss an opportunity to attack frontrunner D'Annunzio huh?

Your polling must really suck Harold.

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