Thursday, April 01, 2010

McHenry hits back at conservative census critics

On Census Day, U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry has shot back at fellow conservatives who have urged people not to send back their census forms.

"I’m worried about this year’s census," he said in a news release. "I’m not
worried about ACORN rigging the count – we already succeeded in kicking them out
of the census. I’m not worried about the President’s attempt to run the census
out of the White House – we beat that power grab back last year. I’m not even
worried about privacy – this year’s 10-question census form is the shortest in
memory. No, what worries me is blatant misinformation coming from otherwise
well-meaning conservatives. They are trying to do the right thing, but instead
they are helping big government liberals by discouraging fellow conservatives
from filling out their census forms."

McHenry, ranking Republican on the census subcommittee, was responding to reports like one in the Houston Chronicle this week about a partisan "enthusiasm gap" in completing the census. Some prominent conservatives including Texas Rep.on Paul and TV host Glenn Beck have questioned the census. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota has said it could make it easier for the government to round up people and them in internment camps.

"Boycotting the census also offends me as an American patriot," McHenry wrote. "Our society spends too much time talking about what government owes us; and not enough on the duties of citizenship and the hard work required to keep our freedom.
Filling out the census is one of the few things our Constitution specifically
asks of U.S. citizens and it is our duty as Americans to take that
responsibility seriously.Anyone who tells you that this year’s census is
unconstitutional and that you are not required to fill out the form completely
is flat out wrong. ...

"We have been largely successful in keeping this count apolitical and it
would be a tragedy if some of our ill-informed friends handed Democrats a
victory at the last minute."


Raif Hollister said...

Five. What else do they need to know?

Anonymous said...


I don't know about Beck, but I haven't heard about boycotts from Michelle since mid-2009. A lot has changed since then, Acorn was involved, Obama was trying to take over the count, and the 50 proposed questions crossed the line. I'm guessing Beck is on the same boat, but I may be wrong. If not, you need to clarify your remarks because you imply they oppose the current census, which may be incorrect.

Jessica Milicevic said...

I love how McHenry says that its important to keep the census "apolitical," and yet in the very same sentence, says that he doesn't want to hand the Democrats another victory. I thought he believed that the census was an American duty, meant be help the entire nation and not one specific party. And yet he has a hidden political agenda--overpowering and outmaneuvering the Democrats. What a hypocrite. When will the parties quit this spitting contest and finally work together to help the people of this nation? I guess I'm just an Independent idealist.

Anonymous said...

The primary function of the Census today is to provide the govt with a means to decide how to redistribute private property confiscated from the citizenry.

If you support government theft of private property, by all means, fill out your Census!

Freedomlover said...

The only reason you're not hearing more about the dangers of the census is the gov't has cracked down on the parties and leveling threats against them. Don't think for a minute the Obama administration won't use this data for their own benefit. I don't know why anyone would willing share all of their personal information with the gov't. No thanks!

Anonymous said...

Beck has urged listeners to send the census thing back in. It means the difference in how many electorals a state has as well as how much money a state gets. I think you only have to put how many are in your house. That is what I did.

Anonymous said...

Census info was used to round up 120,000 Japanese-Americans, force them to sell all their property, and imprison them in concentr.., er, 'internment' camps in the United States during WW2.

Don't trust the census.

cltindependent said...

anony 6:18, that was back in the 40's, that's why the Census information is NOT SHARED with any other agency, government or otherwise. The people that don't send it in are just hurting themselves. Michelle Bachman has spouted this same bit of misinformation, that could not happen now. Patrick Mchenry is an ill informed wanna be Tom Delay idiot, but I agree with him on the importance of the census.

Ronnie said...

Anon @ 4:02 - You said Beck told you to send it back in??? Seriously, you actually listen to what that idiot has to say?

Man, no wonder we republicans are losing so many seats if we've got rubes still listening to beck. Lord help us.

Anonymous said...

RE: cltindependent: "anony 6:18, that was back in the 40's, that's why the Census information is NOT SHARED with any other agency, government or otherwise."

OH! I see! So, THIS TIME, it will be different, right?

We should TRUST the government this time, right? Because they will NEVER abuse the information again?!?

The Census is nothing more than a means to redistribute private property stolen by the government from the citizenry.

If you support legal theft, by all means, fill out your Census!

Anonymous said...

Give 'em hell Patrick!

Anonymous said...

The Republican Party has turned into the party of paranoid schizophrenics who are afraid of, and opposed to, absolutely everything.

They care about absolutely nothing except defeating the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

I answered the one question they need, since to redistrict, all they need to know is how many people live there. All the other questions are about redistribution of wealth through socialism.

Anonymous said...

On another note Barack Obama has lied on his own personal census form and checked himself as being black only and not mixed black and white as is the case.
Whites need to protest this that proves that anyone can check anything thus giving inaccuracies. Obama is technically only eligible to be US president because of his white mothers US citizenship and certainly not his black fathers African UK citizenship notwithstanding the Kenyan controversy birth that has no bearing on this issue.

Anonymous said...

I encourage all conservatives to NOT fill out the census. Then they might get the government they don't deserve.

From a good Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Areas that have not received census forms:
Northern AZ, towns in WI, MI, areas of NYC, northern FL, Southern GA, Twin Falls Id, Counties in Nevada, Western WA, Vallejo CA,
And the list goes on and on..
The conservatives cannot return what they have not received. This is infuriating many because it looks at if the ones who have not received the form are conservatives.

Anonymous said...

I filled out the number of people living in the household and under "race", I checked "other" and wrote "human".

Anonymous said...

The Census is nothing more than a means to redistribute private property stolen by the government from the citizenry.

If you support state-sponsored theft, by all means, fill out your Census!

ettolrahc said...

The communists just want more information so when they decide to unleash the military they can target the conservatives. It's time Republicans rose up in revolt and took our country back. I'm locked and loaded and ready to bare my arms.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the census used as a means to gerrymander districts as well?

Anonymous said...

That sawed off little fink McHenry is something else. Wow!

dar456 said...

conservatives vs liberals is the modern day cowboy/indian scenario.

instead of making important decisions regarding our country they put themselves in a fricking ping pong match and neither side wants to back down. who cares if there is a D or an R beside their name. issues have resolutions and youre either working towards a solution or mucking up the works for the other side, all while trying to get re-elected to stay on the tax payers gravy train.

the US congress, what a load of crap!