Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Poll: Johnson fares better against Kissell than D'Annunzio

A new survey by Public Policy Polling shows Republican Harold Johnson would give Democratic Rep. Larry Kissell a stronger challenge in the fall than Tim D'Annunzio.

Kissell leads both Republicans in hypothetical match-ups, but leads D'Annunzio by a much wider margin.

The poll also showed Kissell with "a steep decline" in his approval numbers since January. Johnson and D'Annunzio face off in a Tuesday runoff.

Tom Jensen, a spokesman for the Democratic-leaning firm from Raleigh, said D'Annunzio has been hurt by critical stories since the May 4 primary, including criticism from GOP officials. In th poll, 39 percent said their opinion of him had grown more negative since the first primary.

"The various controversies that have cropped up around D'Annunzio over the last six weeks have been devastating for his poll numbers," Jensen said on his blog.

PPP is expected to release head-to-head numbers in the GOp race on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

...as a registered Independent, my suggestion is to vote for Kissell.

He was one of few Democrats who voted against the health care farce which will add trillions od dollars of debt to future generations.

Voting Kissell will put an end to the garbage between Johnson and D'Annunzio.

Anonymous said...

People should vote for what they believe in and not listen to any poll. If you want to vote for Tim D'Annunzio don't pay attention to polls. I personally think that he is a nut case but so what. Peopple should look at the political positions people running for office take and vote for the candidate that supports platforms they support.

Anonymous said...

If Obama had needed Kissell's vote to pass the healthcare, Kissell would have delivered it. This way he can have his cake and eat it too. If re-elected, Kissell's first vote will be to retain Nancy Pelosi as house speaker. After that, he will tow the democratic party line 98% of the time.
Garbage between D'Nutzio and Johnson ends 6/22, not with a vote for Kissell

Anonymous said...

'People should vote for what they believe in and not listen to any poll.'????
Make it sound very noble. People need to use their heads. If either GOP candidate can defeat Kissell, it's Johnson. Putting D;Nutzio on the November ballot assures the return of Kissell to the house. If that's what you want, vote D'Nutzio onto the November ballot.

Anonymous said...

Pay no attention to polls. Johnson would only be a party puppet while D"Annunzio, who they are only trying to demonize NOW (not in the first primary), would be his own man. I'd rather have someone who could shake things up in DC than a "good old boy" who is a plain old vanilla WASP. Ted Knight on the old Mary Tyler Moore Show. Anyone whose tagline is "The Big Guy" is a pompous fool. All hot air.

Anonymous said...

The TP has rejected any association with this cock eyed retard fake conservative who is in reality an ultra racist liberal bigot like all the the rest of those lying deviant marxists from hells inferno many who work at the CO and all the other media douchbag free thinkers.

Anonymous said...

I see the O continues it's support of Johnson, a sure sign he is the weakest candidate against Kissel. You get to write, I get to Vote!

Anonymous said...

Like it or not, you're not voting D'Nutzio to DC, only onto a GE ballot in November where he will be crushed like an eggshell by Larry Kissell. In your face or not, he's a fringe candidate. Fringe candidates don't fare well in GE's. Vote D'Nutzio if you want to. Maybe Kissell and Pelosi will invite you to their swearing in parties. You will have elected them just as if you had campaigned for them.