Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Harold Johnson is no Young Gun

Republican Harold Johnson, who turns 69 on Friday, is no Young Gun.

Politico reported that the National Republican Congressional Committee has picked 16 candidates for the top tier of its “Young Guns” program, an effort that helps chosen House challengers with fundraising and other campaign support.

"The fresh additions to the NRCC’s list provide the most specific look yet at the House GOP’s highest-priority targets for the 2010 cycle," Politico said. "With the 16 additional names ... the “Young Guns” list includes a total of 39 candidates – exactly the number of seats Republicans would need to take back control of the House this November ...

"Several Republicans competing for vulnerable seats did not get the “Young Guns” promotion. North Carolina House candidate Harold Johnson, for example, whom House Republican leaders backed in a primary for Democratic Rep. Larry Kissell’s seat, has not cleared the bar yet."

Johnson could not be reached.

“As demonstrated by his resounding primary victory, Harold Johnson is running an excellent campaign," said NRCC spokesman Andy Sere. "We fully expect him to reach the next level in due time as he replenishes his campaign coffers and gears up for the general election.”


Anonymous said...

Was Lou Huddleston a Young Gun or potential Young Gun?

Either way it proves that voters pay no mind to that kind of thing.

My advice to Larry Kissell is don't renew any longterm leases. If you must, make sure they include ironclad escape clasues.

Anonymous said...

The NRCC just didn't want to be embarrassed by D'Nutzio--they know Johnson is a light weight. Larry Kissell will be hard to beat. He voted against Cap and Tax and Obamacare.

Anonymous said...

well at least he is white and hasnt killed raped robbed or assaulted anyone. do something useful.
vigalante justice up front for cop or innocents killers needed.
maybe he will apply. much more honor than than politics.
its a sickazz pc world today with too many animals who need offed runnin around.