Thursday, July 01, 2010

Andrew Young: Elizabeth Edwards 'not facing the facts and not taking responsibility'

It's no secret that there's little love lost between Elizabeth Edwards and her husband John' s former aide, Andrew Young. Now Young has responded to Edwards' appearance Wednesday on the "Today" show.

Answering a question from Matt Lauer, Edwards dismissed Young's tell-all book, "The Politician."

"I wasn't particularly worried about anything Andrew Young said," she told Lauer. "His -- I don't mind saying that his book is just -- it's not that he didn't have a good story to tell, he did. But it's so filled with lies that ... I don't consider it having any bearing whatsoever on the truth, particularly with respect to me."

Young responded in an email to the Observer.

"As much as I admire Elizabeth's resilience and understand her pain, I am disappointed that she
is not yet facing the truth about the scandal that hurt so many people, and our country. She is not facing the facts and not taking responsibility for her role in constructing the myth of John Edwards and enabling him to carry on a terrible deception. Instead she continues to blame others and presents versions of events that are distorted. This approach -- an attempt to manufacture reality and deny responsibility -- set the stage for the Edwards debacle and only makes people feel even more cynical about our leaders and politics as it is practiced today.

"Having admitted she has not read my book, Elizabeth nevertheless declared it is inaccurate and false and that I present myself as a hero. Anyone who has read The Politician, or has seen me discuss my mistakes and failures in many interviews knows that I do not consider myself a hero. I am a man trying to share what I have learned about politics, human nature, and myself with the hope that the truth will benefit us all.

"Because of performances like yesterday, people are too quick to write this scandal off as just a soap opera. But there are powerful lessons that John and Elizabeth could teach this country, not about the two Americas - that opportunity is gone. But they could help us learn about the allure of the White House, the pitfalls of being in a position of such great power and how we can improve the current election system so a scandal like this doesn't jeopardize the presidency again."


Anonymous said...

They are both the scum of the earth!!!! Oh yeah we want to learn from these people!!

Anonymous said...

Young seems to have the right perspective on this sorry situation. Elizabeth Edwards is in denial which may be her best defense in dealing with this. She is a victim, but so are many others.

Anonymous said...

Racist Oprah refuses to interview Tiger Woods and his 121 female extra marital affairs that destroyed his life and a 750 million divorce settlement in the works that will end it all. Good.

She also never interviewed OJ Simpson before during or after once. Why?
Everything she did on pedophile Michael Jackson was pandering as usual.

What is it with her jumping on only white males all the time and trying to divert attention on their single love affairs?

She was at Duke the next day after the Lacrosse lie with the Black Panthers, Al and Jesse bigots.

She has not breathed a word about Eve Carson.

Andrew Young needs to have his azz whipped. What a puke.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

ANYONE who sells their story (i.e., book deals), is less than ethical. That applies to Andrew Young, Elizabeth Edwards, etc.

The only victims of these so-called adults are their children! Imagine how these kids will feel as they grow-up - continuously being taunted by the acts of their parents. This is the real tragedy.

Timothy Whitson said...

For the 300th time; everyone involved just please go away.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Young has always played the victim. It's always somebody else's fault. The scandal that her ex did was in no way, shape, or form her fault. She did not plan on having terminal cancer. And how can Young know her pain since he's never had breast cancer?

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Edwards is trying to paint a glossy picture of herself and her life for her remaining days on earth. Who would want to die with this soap opera hanging over their head?

Anonymous said...

That Elizbeth Edwards ain't nothing but trash and she knew she was a lieing to the people all along that her husbnads messing with that hore. My sister say Elizbeth Edwards got a mouth on her like a drunked sailer and they play all hi and mighty on up to the Today show. Trash eveyone of thems.

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that Andrew Young is correct. Elizabeth is not facing the truth. The best thing she could do now is STOP blaming other people and start using every opportunity she's given to teach others how to forgive, act classy, and be a good sport. She was dealth with a lousy hand - a cheater for a husband and a deadly cancer. But she can look at it this way, she lives in a mansion, is able to pay for her medical bills plus some, and have three beautiful children inspite of her and John's shortcomings. Life is wonderful for the likes of Elizabeth whose priority is power. We are still talking about her and buying her book arent we?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure you have to suffer from cancer to have empathy for someone who does. At the same time I don't think it's a good idea to blame others for trouble in your marriage, especially when that trouble causes a antional poltiical scandal. Everyone has had their say. Time for Elizabeth to stop trying to manipulate the public.

Anonymous said...

This bandwagon just keeps rolling along, doesn't it? And along comes Morrill again to throw gas on the fire that the media just won't let burn itself out. The media is like a pack of dogs, fighting over a bone. Yap yap! Bark bark! Gr-r-r-r-r.

With all that's going on in politics, can't you media folks find something real, something current to write about? John Edwards is history. Elizabeth Edwards is history. Andrew Young is history. They're all yesterday's news.

Phooey on all of you.

Anonymous said...

She's still doing it! Yakking about the private stuff that
we're all sick to the kazoo hearing about, so she
can sell more books. Elizabeth Edwards has lusted
just as much as her husband. For power, for money,
for fame. Please, please, please, go away.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Andrew Young...Elizabeth has still not apologized for HER role in this mess. I've had enough of her profiting off of being a victim and a doormat.

alysse said...

I do have empathy for Elizabeth, but I agree with Andrew Young. This is far deeper than a marital issue and to think it is less is just hiding your head in the sand. They were manipulating the process and have yet to apologize to the people. Young has fessed up and is admitting how dangerous this situation was. The Edwards lived above us for a while, seems they still think that way despite the truth coming out. I am happy that Elizabeth is getting on with her life and for once she looked rested and stress free, which goes a long way in fighting cancer.

Anonymous said...

She's such a sick woman, she will need many years of therapy to get over this.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Young is correct. I read his book. He does not paint himself as a hero. Also, I am friends with a woman who works on campaigns for a living and worked on John Edwards's in 2008. She knew Andrew Young quite well and believes he is telling the truth. She also said that bar none, Elizabeth was the rudest, most hateful person she ever worked with in her entire life. The real Elizabeth is vastly different than the public persona she has cultivated.

Anonymous said...

Talk about enabling, if I read the articles correct, Andrew Young and his wife were on the run with John Edwards mistress running from place to place and lest we forget all the time they were documenting what was going on for the purpose of black mailing for profit.
Andrew Young should have known if John Edwards was using campaign money for the mistress, after all he was covering up for them and I am sure being paid and kept all that time. If Edwards is found guilty and should have to serve time, so should the Youngs. They are crooks and who would buy their book. They should be ashamed because that are just as guilty.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, it's wonderful you're moving on with your life. I think Andrew Young is an insincere sycophant and exploiter. He's like a snake insinuating himself in the lives of the Edwards (always willing to please - sure, sure) and then sinking his fangs in as soon as an opportunity presents itself. Remember he aided and abetted the affair with Hunter and also refused to give up the Hunter/Edwards sex tape. We see through your sociopathy, Andrew. As for Elizabeth, I would hate for someone to write about my behavior
after discovering I had cancer and then finding out my narcissistic husband was betraying a three-decade long marriage with another woman. Be strong, be well and enjoy your beautiful children!

Anonymous said...

Coulda shoulda woulda. Meaningless drivel. Edwards lost. Didnt 1988 DNC nominee married Jesse Jackson have a love child in 1989 with a single professor from Cal Northridge? Where was the media or talk shows?

Elizabeth Edwards was just 200lb fat Wendys burger pig who refused to lose weight wear nice clothing or makeup or have her hair fixed in 2004 before she even got cancer and many believe her husband to lose. Who wants some unattractive drab fat first lady anyway?

Maybe she got what she deserved but who knows if she really has terminal cancer. Noone has seen her medical records. She could be lying and certainly dosent look sick or dying.

Young is just some prissy elitist lib bi-sexual Chapel Hill rat cashing in on fame.

Anonymous said...

God Bless Elizabeth. She is a wondrous woman who continues to show grace and resilience. She is one of the most impressive females I have ever read about. How she manages to continue with her many jobs of writing and owning a very successful store and raising beautiful children while getting her cancer treatments and planning trips to experience the world with her children is beyond me. She and the children are the only victims here. Shame on John, the girlfriend, and the Youngs for their immoral behavior. They are the trash in this story.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Young fails to recognize the affair would have been very short-lived if only he had refused to facilitate it from the beginning. The rest of the campaign staff refused, and some even did the right thing by quitting the campaign. There would be no illegitimate child if Andrew and Cheri Young had any morals and weren't power and money hungry.

Anonymous said...

Andrew and Cheri Young stole hundreds of thousands of dollars for their own purpose and lied to everyone. Elizabeth Edwards did not want to believe that her husband had more than a one-night stand. One was foolishly hopeful; the others are total trash.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in Chapel Hill knows Andrew Young is a liar. It is not just the stories about Elizabeth Edwards that are lies. He lied about nearly everything except the affair that he and his wife Sherry hid.

Anonymous said...

Hey yo. People are sick of this Liz hog who claims she has cancer yet she looks fit as a fiddle and Winfry needs to stick all this up her garbage truck sized fat butt.

I support Elizabeth Edwards said...

I read "The Politician" by checking it out from my local library since I did not want put a single dime in an opportunistic man's pocket. It is basically a book where the author admits to his job becoming nothing more than shuttling the wretched mistress from one hotel to another and this is way before the wackadoodle got pregnant.

Therefore, it's obscene for Mr. Young to claim today that Elizabeth helped construct the myth of John Edwards when it was people like Andrew more than happy to assist the philandering, lying Senator for personal monetary gain unproportional to the job at hand.

Thanks to the Senator, Andrew and Cheri Young, not including the book, already have a million dollar home. I didn't like the Elizabeth on the recorded phone calls but can only imagine how Andrew and Cheri drove the woman crazy by repeatedly lying about the mistress.

Of course John Edwards is ultimately responsible for all that happened. But Andrew and his wife Cheri helped him every step of the way and the minute the money dried up, the minute Fred Baron would not send his private plane to pick them up, they ran to a publisher ready with their meticulous notes Andrew kept throughout his employment with Edwardses.

The one truely admirable person in the Edwards story is Josh Brumberger. He is the only who confronted the candidate over the adultery.

Anonymous said...

I love the most recent comments, they are so true. To condem Elizabeth Edwards after she gave birth to four children not to mention losing a child and traveling with John around the Country while supporting him to become the next President and at the same time taking care of two children. I would be very careful to criticize her being over weight and unattractive. She did not have problem with one person against her there was John, the mistress, and Andrew Young and his wife. I would like to see the people criticizing her go through what she has ( exclude the cancer) and see how you would look.

Anonymous said...

Everything Elizabeth, John, and Rielle have stated point to Andrew & Cheri Young telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

I agree Josh B. was admirable in his action to question John about his actions. There are others, top members of the campaign, that just outright quit once they realized John's stupidity, immorality, and risky behavior. Only Andrew and Cheri Young were willing to do all that was necessary to hide this from Elizabeth. These acts by the Youngs are so unusual it is hard to measure the degree of sin. There are four people we can be certain will burn in Hell: John, Rielle, Andrew and Cheri Young. As they should. Some things you just don't do. I'm sick of the excuse, "we had 12 hours to decide." Yet, they didn't leave for 2-3 days. That also doesn't account for the years they helped John hide the truth or for the years they managed to squeeze big money from Ms. Mellon and Fred Baron. They are true scum - what a great foursome you make!

Anonymous said...

Things must be slow for Tubby Winfrey and her interviews and the local rag.

Noone outside of hell knows why this is still a current though maybe its to divert away from how totally screwed up things are with her boy in the WH.

Anonymous said...

I, too, have read Young's book and Game Change. When Josh B confronted Edwards, Edwards fired him.

If you had read Young's book, you would know that Rielle and Edwards affair had been going on for some time before Young found out about it. John and Rielle were meeting while John was campaigning, Young was in North Carolina running Edwards' office.

Also, if you are going to blame the Youngs, then you better blame the nanny, the campaign staff and Rielle, and Bob Greene.

All these people knew about the affair long before Andrew Young and his wife.

In fact, if John Edwards had told his wife the truth, instead of getting Abdrew involved-without his permission-the affair would have died. Not because John Edwards would have ended it but because Elizabeth would have harrassed Rielle to the point that she would have left the country and taken up residence in a foreign country.

Andrew Young did try to get out from under the Edwards but Edwards contributors kept telling him to keep Rielle safe until August. All were hoping Edwards would get the vice presidency.

As for Elizabeth, all of us know that Elizabeth is a pathological liar. The only time she will show you any respect is when she needs you to further her own gains.

Anonymous said...

Seriously anyone who would waste time reading this POSs book is lower than a snakes belly. Get a life!!!!

Anonymous said...

Young's story is accurate, and he admits his own mistakes openly. Elizabeth never acknowledges her mistakes in allowing the campaign to continue after she knew about the affair. People tried to tell her john was lying to her but she listens to no one. But without the whole affair thing, the campaign would have disintegrated because elizabeth drove off everyone decent.: Julianna Smoot, David Axelrod, Bob Shrum, countless nannies and aides, dozens of campaign workers. Don't believe her cr** about how she thought she was everyone's equal: her word was final and people did not dare defy her or question her and she loved it that way-insisted it be that way. She continues to hide from the truth about herself and how despised she was on the campaign trail and how she continues to blame the wrong person- Andrew Young- for her creepy husband's out of control ego. People who think she is a saint do not know the truth..

Anonymous said...

This incident is not as important to the country as it is to Young and cheating scandals are nothing new.... even in Presidential campaigns re: Gary Hart.

Anyone who had been paying attention to the Edwards knew they were full of beans long before this happened, which is why he never did have that much support in his campaign except from unions (who are corrupt anyway) and some women who liked the way he looked. I really think it's time this writer found another way to make money and leave Elizabeth Edwards alone. Politicians are just human beings like everyone else. Anyone who doesn't know that is pretty immature.

I was for Romney, he isn't going to cheat on anyone, he's a lot smarter than Edwards ever was, has more executive and business experience, two degrees with Honors from Harvard (one in economics, one in law) and is not full of it. People on both sides make take a closer look at him or at least give him a listen.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just wonder if it is Andrew or Cheri Young posting at at 11:34 on 7/3? Ha Ha. You can't fool all of the people all of the time. Heck, YOU can't fool some of the people some of the time!

Most interesting is the fact that Andrew (and Cheri) were the first two sycophants to indulge John Edwards. As a result he effectively created John's monster ego. As Andrew wrote in his book he continued stroking John's ego to an embarrassing degree. Why did the campaign staff call Andrew John's "butt boy?" It was not a sexual innuendo but a slam on Andrew for any menial task Andrew could think of to keep himself in the loop. Andrew stopped at nothing to stay close to the power and the money - including hiding a mistress. Hell is almost too good for these people.

Anonymous said...

Is John Edwards president?
If America is stuck on Oprahism then lets focus on the real world and who is in the White House that of course she would never do since we know she never disses a brotha or sista.

Forget Obamas African birth or fraud getting FREE grants off taxpayers as a foreigner or the fake Social Security number to go to college and law school etc, but what about his homosexual affair with Larry Sinclair?

Edwards is an illusion. Obama is the president. When will fatty Big O interview white gayboy Larry Sinclair who has passed lie detector tests that he had yrs of homosexual affairs with Barack while both smoked crack ( both kinds )

If we are gonna live in the world of Oprahs gutter and destroy Edwards then lets focus on the real president. Edwards is a non-issue for the past 2 yrs now.

What about Sinclair??????