Wednesday, October 24, 2012

N.C. Republicans set to ride mcCrory's coattails

Two weeks before the election, Republicans are confident of Pat McCrory's chances to be elected North Carolina's governor. So confident they're already trying to ride his coattails.

McCrory has made robo-calls on behalf of Dan Forest, the GOP candidate for lieutenant governor. Forest is the son of one of McCrory's predecessors as Charlotte mayor, now-U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick.

The call, sponsored by the state Republican Party, has gone to voters across the state (and at least one from out of state whose name is still on the N.C. voting rolls.)

"Please give me the lieutenant governor I need to get the job done," McCrory says in the call. "Dan and I have a great working relationship and we share a similar vision for getting North Carolina back to work."


Anonymous said...

"Mamas Boy" McCrory will win but he needs to stop talking in 1st grader style when he does his stupid commercial and cut the crap about being mayor every other word. Very condesending.

At least he seems to have stopped that native NC nauseating wimpy drivel phonetics with words like;

Bone pronounced as b o e n e

Tone as t o e n e

Phone as p h o e n e

Lone as l o e n e

Stone as s t o e n e


You idiots spit out the grits and ham hocks. Learn to talk correctly or just shut the hell up and dont talk at all.

Obama Biden
DNC 2012

Anonymous said...

To the previous poster - holy judgemental. I hope you don't have children that you are passing that nonsense to. I hope you don't actually live in NC, if you do...please feel free to leave.

McCrory is running a clean campaign, unlike his (to use YOUR word, though spelled correctly) 'condescending' and nasty, negative spouting opponent.

McCrory for Governor!
Forest for Lt. Governor!

Anonymous said...

Agree with the 10:43 prev poster. Better to just look stupid and say nothing rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt. (especially in this state or the south)

Obama supporter in Raleigh

Anonymous said...

I doubt if the 10:43 poster is an Obama/Biden supporter. Some folks will any trick to try to suppress or squeeze out a vote.

Anonymous said...

that type of native carolina brogue is only those who try to yap in the local yocal tarheel (whatever the hell that is)sophisto lingo and usually a chapel hill grad. we cringe when we hear it.
imagine that. trying to talk in a regional sophistocated jive and obliviously unaware how totally ignorant you sound.

hilarious southern comedy although blacks all over and southern whites speak almost identical ebonics. must have rubbed off from living together for 350 yrs on the plantation.

Anonymous said...

Not so fast Mitt McCrory. Democrats are out voting Republicans by 20% points in Early Voting (331K to 195K)as of yesterday. Females are outvoting men folk by over 100,000. Taking a victory lap in the first few days of Early Voting is Stupid 101.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

jeesh ...

so glad we moved to fort mill 2 yrs ago