Thursday, October 11, 2012

Obama campaign touts N.C. registration numbers

In a memo this morning, President Barack Obama's re-election campaign is touting absentee voting and registration numbers in North Carolina and six other battlegrounds.

It says:

-- Republicans are leading in absentee ballot requests, but not by as much as in 2008. This year they lead by 34,000. Four years ago it was 39,000.

-- Democratic registrations have outpaced Republicans by more than 29,000 in the last three months.

-- Latino registration is up 55 percent in four years, to 106,000. Democratic registration among Latinos outnumbers Republicans by nearly 2-1.

The state board of elections could not immediately verify the numbers.


Anonymous said...

And you wonder why they are so against voter id... Vote the bums out... Romney/Ryan 2012

Anonymous said...

We don't wonder, but know why you are so for voter suppression tactics. When voters vote for candidates with substance, Republicans don't stand a chance of winning. So what is the GOP response? Let's make sure we make it difficult or impossible for people who see through our bull to vote.