Monday, February 11, 2013

Charlotte lawmaker pushes legalized marijuana

Two sessions ago, Democratic Rep. Kelly Alexander co-sponsored a bill to legalize medical marijuana in the state. It never went anywhere. Now he's trying again.

Alexander and fellow Democrat Pricey Harrison of Greensboro have introduced H. 84, a bill to have North Carolina join 18 other states in allowing doctors to prescribe medical marijuana.

"Many seriously and chronically ill persons, including many disabled veterans, get relief from their suffering from marijuana," Alexander, of Charlotte, said in a statement. "I cannot understand why we would not give seriously ill patients and veterans anything and everything that gives them relief. Should seriously ill patients be arrested and sent to prison for using marijuana with their doctor's approval?"

Efforts to legalize marijuana for any reason have faced opposition.

The last time Alexander tried it, the head of the N.C. Association of Chiefs of Police said such a bill could make people more accepting of other drugs.


Garth Vader said...

This is working in many other states - hope it passes in NC.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's working real well in California... NOT!

sumday said...

What amazes me is if it were any other drug in pill form lawmakers wouldn’t even bat an eye at passing it. I mean really you trust doctors to prescribe opiates, and so many other addicting or harmful side effect drugs but then say allowing doctors to prescribe marijuana is too risky or wrong? A doctor could prescribe codeine for pain or pot- I think I’d rather a person be on pot than addicting codeine.

sumday said...

um it is working in CA as I have relatives that live there. It brings in revenue and frees up cops time so they can go after real criminals. Let me guess you think a doctor should prescribe a person an opiate for pain rather pot? Personally I think Colorado and Washington have the right idea- forget medical just make it recreational. All we are doing is making criminals out of a victimless crime- if you can drink and not be a criminal why can't the next guy smoke instead and not be a criminal for that?

Ettolrahc said...

This will be highly regulated and bring in trillions to our school system. No wait, that was the other vice of gambling the democrats rammed into NC.

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt North Carolina will be the next-to-last state to change. South Carolina will be last. In 4 years it will be legal everywhere. Doesn't work that well in CA because politicians are fighting it in every BS way they can

Anonymous said...

What a joke. These small time low IQ mentality bumpkins in hillbilly redneck ville Charlotte NC are laughable wanting to legalize pot for medical reasons when it was legal for that until the 1970s. But whose gonna tell anyway? Smoke it if it helps you medically. Recreational usage possession is already decriminalized.

Legalize all drugs with strict regulation and tax them 50% like alcohol or cigarettes to put an end to drug dealers and increase tax revenue and decrease taxation on the masses.

Legalization actually decreases consumption. Prohibition was a disaster.

Legalize gambling and prostitution and tax it 50%. These industries would bring 100s of billions in taxes and 10s of 1000s of new jobs.

Its highly racist discriminatory to allow Indians to have big hotels and gambling with caninos all over America but not the rest of the population. Who the hell are they?

Charlotte needs to be transformed into the Las Vegas of the East or Atlantic City of the North. Donald Trump could build 50 story hotels and casinos along with Steve Winn of Vegas who own half the major hotel casinos there.

Entertainment is where the big money is and taxation plus jobs. Pro sports is a train wreck and totally sucks plus an economic loser as owner and players suck all the billions for their greedy selves. Get rid of it all. Bad economics. Total rubbish.

These small time pinheads in the QC never cease to amaze with their pea brain mentality.

Anonymous said...

Both parties should support legalization.

Republicans: let the free market flourish and stop spending money fighting this dangerous border war.

Democrats: civil liberties and the right of the individual to make their own choices are just as important in consuming food and drugs as they are in gay rights.

Anonymous said...

The people against Marijuana legalization really should try some... they are wound up way too tight!

Anonymous said...

Fags are the main reason to despise lib dimo-rats espec the rural hick redneck runts useless to society sucking welfare and food stamps in remote rural bumpkin corn shucking areas where farm animals are the mate of choice.