Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's not about the money (No, really)

Charlotte mayoral candidate Ken Gjertsen doesn't worry about raising money. Maybe that's not unusual for a guy who just saw his war chest jump by 800%.

Gjertsen is challenging Mayor Pat McCrory in the Sept. 11 Republican primary. As he talked about his campaign over a roast beef sandwich at uptown's The Sandwich Club today, the conversation turned to money.

McCrory has more than half a million dollars according to his last report. Gjertsen had $101.99. Since then, that's grown to a grand total of $800. The way he sees it, that's about enough. With a couple dozen volunteers, he's calling voters for what's expected to be a very low turnout primary.

"I think people need to keep their money," he said. "They need it more than I do.... We don't have the resources to run a big retail campaign, so we're not even trying."


Anonymous said...

What would be interesting is if the Mayor pledged to limit his spending to whatever Ken Gjertsen spends... then we'd be able to see whether someone wins because of the message or because of the money.

Anonymous said...

If Charlotte had publicly financed elections, then people like Ken Gjertson would have a chance against the big money that Mayor Pat has stowed away.

North Carolina already has this in place for our state wide judicial races and three council of state races will be using it in 2008. Last year, 6 of the 8 winners in our judicial races used the program.

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