Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pendergraph for Congress?

Will outgoing Mecklenburg County Sheriff Jim Pendergraph run for Congress? As a Republican?

He’s keeping that option open.

Pendergraph, a lifelong Democrat, is leaving his post for a job in Washington with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He got a pair of surprise send-offs from local Democrats. County commissioner Parks Helms proposed letting an administrator – not the sheriff – run the county’s jails.

And Democrats who oppose Pendergraph’s program of deporting jailed illegal immigrants balked at endorsing his hand-picked successor.

Pendergraph calls himself an "ultra-conservative Democrat." He’s voted for Jesse Helms and Sue Myrick. He won’t say whether he voted for George W. Bush. So it’s little surprise that Republicans have asked him to switch.

"They’ve worn me out," he says.
There’s been talk about Pendergraph switching parties and running for Myrick’s congressional seat.

"I never say never," he says, "because 15 years ago people asked me about running for sheriff and I said ‘That was crazy.’ I’m gonna leave that open. I’m certainly interested ... but I’m more interested in this new opportunity I have taken. And that’s where my attention is going to be totally."
Myrick, 66, is expected to run again next year. After that, who knows? Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory and state Sen. Robert Pittenger could both be interested. That doesn’t bother Pendergraph.

"I’ll let them worry about that," he says. "If I jumped in on something like that, I’d have to be pretty confident I could (win) and I’m not ready to do that. But I keep all options open."


Anonymous said...

I would absolutely vote for Jim Pendergraph for Congress. He's the one Democrat I've voted for in the past few elections here in Charlotte (actually, he's the only Democrat I've ever cast a ballot for), because I know he puts doing his job above any notion of party politics. If he switched to the GOP, that would make it even better.

Anonymous said...

As a life long Republican resident of the 9th district who lives outside of Mecklenburg County....I would vote for Pendergraph as a Democrat before I'd ever vote for Mayor McPatrick. Party labels mean nothing. Pendergraph is 100% more conservative and real than Charlotte's joke of a mayor.

Anonymous said...

Sheriff Jim PENDERGRAPH is a warm sensitive and caring person ; Even though I am Democrat i would vote for him and think he would do as honest as the Government would let him be. I spoke to Jim in Harris Teeter and wished him well in D.C. and told him I would see him there sme day and hopefully I wouldnt be handcuffed when I did.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy if you read this just rent in D.C. first unil you decide you may not like the traffic and the fast pace ; D.C. isnt for everybody although I think I would like it. Its a beautiful city with lots to do and see if you can get a day off.

Anonymous said...

Jim I have tried to tell the Government long ago about People walking across the border way before Sept 11 and they came after me and thought I was a RACSIST. I forgive them because now they see why we have to tighten the gates People have BOMBS smaller than your fist that are powerful. I tried to pre -warn them.

Anonymous said...

Once a MEXICAN told me " they are seeing People in the U.S. that were hardened criminals in Mexico and they are now living here; They also said" There are People crossing with them that are not Mexican and that is suspicious now that we look back; Many of the People they left Mexico to get away from are now here think about it.