Thursday, November 15, 2007

Edwards digs Hillary's 'plants'

Democrat John Edwards has launched a new Web site that takes digs at questions planted for rival Hillary Clinton by her campaign.

The site, called plantsfor, mocks the questions that were planted for Clinton at at least two appearances by the New York senator. It features a photo of an oversized potted plant and instructions labeled "Spotting a Hillary Plant: A Field Guide."

The "guide" includes tips such as, "Questions begin 'what is your superfantastic solution to'..." and "You see folks carrying a small binder of 'Safe and Approved Questions for Hillary.'"

Edwards' aides say the site is tongue-in-cheek. But it's the campaign's first Web site to go after a rival Democrat and continues Edwards' drumbeat of criticism on Clinton.

Clinton's S.C. spokesman Zac Wright said the campaign won't "deign to comment" on the site.


Anonymous said...

This is what happens when an ambulance chaser can't (or won't) figure out the meaning of "lost cause."

Anonymous said...

Whole Hillary's campaign is controversial. At first, I thought she is a good candidate but her campaign shows that she can't be taken seriously. I started to change my mind about her when she struggled to give straight answers to simple questions. Next, I get very disappointed when I watched this video which proves that she plants questions during her campaign appearance. Shame on you, Hillary!

Anonymous said...


Now that Barack Obama has announced that Oprah will campaign for him in Iowa and New Hampshire, what do you the chances are that John Edwards can get an endorsement from Queen Latifah?

Unknown said...

John Edwards will be the choice of Iowa voters. However, where does it go from there? Actually, it depends on what kind of showing Obama has.If Obama gets more votes than Clinton then Edwards will still have an uphill climb.If Obama doesn't do well in Iowa,it will be a meaningful race to the wire with real substance between Edwards and Clinton. Obama is clearly the spoiler.