Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Democrat Clodfelter: 'Disafilliate me!'

State Sen. Dan Clodfelter, a Charlotte Democrat, wasn't in a particularly good mood Saturday when he sent this email to the state Party:

"Subject: Disaffiliation

"...please remove me from all membership rosters, e-mail lists, contribution solicitation lists, and any other associations with NCDP.

"My wife informs me that Jerry [Meek] has today publicly endorsed Obama for president. I do not wish to be associated with the party in consequence of this endorsement."

Clodfelter says his aim was to get his name off mass email lists, including those of the party. But he also had a moment of pique following Meek's endorsement of Barack Obama. Meek, a superdelegate, made the endorsement after Obama's 14-point victory in last week's N.C. primary.

"He should have stayed neutral until all the primaries are done," Clodfelter says. "He’s the state chairman."

Clodfelter supports Obama's rival, Hillary Clinton.


Anonymous said...

I believe he meant UN affiliate me!

UNaffiliated voter registration is the fastest growing segment of new voters in NC, as we grow ever outraged at the total corruption and manipulation of 100+ years of
democrackkk oppression in NC.

STRIVE to be SMARTER than a democrackkk, and be smart enough to change YOUR voter registration to UNaffiliated! Its the SMARTER choice for and by SMARTER people!

Democrackkks have RUINED our once great state AND nation!

Anonymous said...

LOL...ole Jerry Meek is beginning to catch a lot of hell these days and rightfully so, as he, too, is another scummy trial loiwyer and ultra lieberal!

hey Jerry, how DID NC democrackkks EVER get to be SOoo CORRUPT???

Anonymous said...

NCDP Chairperson Jerry Meek can endorse anyone he wants! He has that right. Just like Sen. Clodfelter has the same right to "Disaffilate" himself from the NCDP. It all comes to down to personal choice.Nonnews story.

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