Friday, July 11, 2008

Perdue doubles McCrory in fundraising

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bev Perdue has twice as much money in her campaign account as Republican Pat McCrory, after doubling his take in second quarter fundraising.

New reports show Perdue raised $2.3 million during the quarter to McCrory's $1 million. Perdue had $1.4 million on hand compared to McCrory's $700,000.

Perdue, the lieutenant governor, raised twice as much as Democrat Mike Easley had in 2000, when he also ran for governor the first time.

But McCrory's fundraising compares favorably to that of the last two GOP nominees, Patrick Ballantine in 2004 and Richard Vinroot in 2000. Both Republicans lost to Easley.

“We are very pleased with the strong support our campaign has received from across the state," said Richard Hudson, campaign manager for the Charlotte mayor. "He will have the financial resources necessary to win in November."


Anonymous said...

That's sad. With her disdain for the poor and for good government, I had hoped we could do better. It looks like we'll have the Black-Basnight bunch running things forever.

Our hope is that folk in the western 2/3 of the state might turn to McCrory in hopes of getting a reasonable share of road money and legal system support. I have had a few Democrats tell me they plan to vote for Pat out of self interest. And some women who were quite disappointed that Hillary wasn't nominated hold Bev's support of Obama against her, rather than vowing to elect a woman to something.

At least Bev probably won't go into men's rooms to get cash, like Black. And sometimes men with ambiguous first names (like Pat) get votes from people who think those candidates might be women. Perhaps McCrory is better not campaigning and therefore not letting more people know that he is a guy.

Anonymous said...

Looks like McCoal has lost some of his appeal to big bidness. I wonder if his coziness with Bush is part of the problem? All he got from that fundraiser in Raleigh was a black eye.

Steve, your "some women" statement reminds me of much of what passes for journalism these days. Exactly how many women are "some"? I actually don't know of even one, let alone "some."

Anonymous said...

By "few" and "some" I'm saying that they are anecdotal observations that I'm not trying to pass off as some kind of major trend, or to suggest that you and I know all of the same women.

I realize that I may just be grasping for signs of hope.

Electro said...

I'm voting for McCrory. Everyone else is shit, and believe me, I've looked. Liberal or Conservative... vote McCrory. I might be voting Obama this year, his stance on abortion is horrible, but the only effect he'll have on abortion is vetoing/passing a bill in the 50% to 66% majority, and I don't think abortion bills will get to that point(they haven't yet).

Purdue's support of him is pointless... I'm voting against her, and I hope you will too. She's not just going to tag along on a ticket... that's no way to elect anyone. (points to biden AND palin, suck). (I'm trying to stay party neutral here, and failing).

Pat can actually do something... he's likely to get more road development which will help the economy in this area.

With the presedency, it's generally the lesser of two evils... but with governor we might actually have a good choice.

Finally, for the lt gov, who is pittenger, and why haven't I seen ANY of his opponents commercials? Ouch... pittenger is a real-estate investor... well at least we know he will work for the poor, he probably is one now. (laugh)

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