Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Enquiring into Edwards affair

If Democrat John Edwards thought last week's interview with ABC would end the stories about his affair with a former campaign worker, he was wrong.

A one-time friend of Edwards' mistress, Rielle Hunter, has been appearing on national TV alleging the affair lasted longer than Edwards suggested. He said in a statement that it lasted for only "a short time" 2006.

But Pigeon O'Brien, who describes herself as Hunter's former friend, told ABC and CBS that the affair began months before Hunter was hired. She said Hunter referred to the former N.C. senator as "Love Lips."

"She said that they had a very deep connection and that they were spending time together in a romantic and sexual way, very, you know, very early on and in a very intense way," O'Brien told ABC.

And the National Enquirer, which broke the story of the affair last October, plans to publish additional details this week.

Editor David Perel says the paper will address Edwards' denials that he knew about payments made to Hunter by Dallas lawyer Fred Baron, his friend and former campaign finance chairman. Here's what Edwards told ABC:

BOB WOODRUFF: There are reports that you have tried to cover up. They call it alleged hush money. That there was money paid to try, to cover up this affair. Was there?

EDWARDS: Uh, this is what I can tell you. I've never paid a dime of money to any of the people that are involved. I've never asked anybody to pay a dime of money, never been told that any money's been paid. Nothing has been done at my request. So if the allegation is that somehow I participated in the payment of money -- that is a lie. An absolute lie, which is typical of these types of publications.

WOODRUFF: You never even heard about that before?

EDWARDS: I've heard about it from reporters like you just in the last few days. It's the first I hear anything about it.

"We’re going to report this week ... that Edwards absolutely knew that Rielle was being paid and that Rielle told him she was being paid,” Perel says. "I don’t think that passed the smell test.”

Perel dismisses Edwards' claim that he had "no idea who that baby is" after the Enquirer published a photo it purported to be Hunter's baby during a late-night meeting at the Beverly Hilton last month.

"That was ridiculous," Perel said. "I have the advantage of watching that interview and knowing what I know. That's 100 percent Rielle's baby and he’s holding that baby at the Beverly Hilton.”

A lot of questions remain, including the whereabouts of former Edwards aide Andrew Young, who last year claimed Hunter's baby was his.

But Perel and his often-maligned paper, dismissed by Edwards as "tabloid trash," are enjoying the moment.

"Do (we) feel vindicated?" he says. "The answer to that would be yes."


Anonymous said...

Edwards is no longer running. He is no longer a politician in office. His veracity will always remain in doubt. So at this point this all seems like gossip and nosiness. Why do we care???

Anonymous said...

Just another liar and a cheat who got caught. of course that baby is his, or else her family wouldn't have challenged him to take a DNA test. I bet this isn't the only girlfriend either. LOL. For all you people who thought pretty boy could do no wrong.

Anonymous said...

You should care because this was a presidential candidate that took money from private citizens to fly his mistress to Africa and other places. I have a feeling there will be an investigation on how Democratic party money was used by him.

and this from the same man that threw Clinton under the bus when his affair became public. typical typical typical politician

Anonymous said...

Both Edwards are liars. They must have watched the Clinton's routine and taken notes. He is still running... from the truth. She used his campaign pulpit for sympathy from the public to increase her book sales and to gain the attention he never gave her. Just like "Hilarious Hillary", she will probably now decide to run for office herself. This needs to be fully investigated and they both need to go to jail for misleading the public, fraudulent abuse of campaign finance laws, obstruction of justice and the obvious lack of any ethical standards. Any way we could move them to CA and get them out of NC so we can start our healing process?

Anonymous said...

"I bet this isn't the only girlfriend either."

This is the question of the hour, now isn't it?

Like I've said, guys who cheat on their wives do not start out with ditzy blondes they meet in NYC bars.

Ex-staffers and co-workers -- that's where I'd start looking.


Anonymous said...

Edwards new credo "bend over." I'll bet he'll see the inside of a cell.

Anonymous said...

I did not have sex with that woman, Mrs. Hunter. Sound familiar? Talk about a "culture of corruption".