Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gas wars in the 8th District

One brochure shows gas pumps covered with red bags that say "Sorry, Out of Service." Another shows long lines at a station where regular sells for $4.59 and high-test has run out.

One message. Two candidates.

The first is a mailer from 8th District Democrat Larry Kissell attacking Republican Rep. Robin Hayes. It accuses him of voting for tax breaks for oil companies and owning millions of dollars in oil company stocks.

The second mailer is from Hayes. Over the photo of gas lines, it says, "Larry Kissell's extreme liberal energy policies get us nowhere."

Kissell, it says, opposes expanded off-shore oil drilling. But Kissell's brochure says he believes in drilling too, though not necessarily off the N.C. coast.

"Drill on American soil and in the Gulf first," it says, "selling American oil to American consumers."

As my colleague Lisa Zagaroli reported last month, Kissell's position is "drill here, drill now." But by "here" he means the U.S., not North Carolina. And he wants oil companies to use leases they already have in the Gulf.


Anonymous said...

Wow, more proof that all politicians talk outta both sides of their mouths. Kissel's FINE with drilling as long as it isn't around here?!?!? Umm, what about the Gulf and the other places in the US that will be affected by it. Guess it's okay as long as it doesn't affect his view of the ocean. Hayes isn't any better.

They're both losers - just like the two that are running for President.

Time for a viable third party.

Anonymous said...

You are so right

Anonymous said...

We spent last week in NC - between Charlotte and the Outer Banks. Gas prices on Emerald Isle were the lowest I have seen anywhere - so what's the problem with supply in the Charlotte region?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, well, let me see, the libs haven't let us drill or build new refineries in about 25 years. Do you think that could have some effect on our supply in N.C.? If most of our gas supply comes from the gulf coast region, seems we might be a bit vulnerable to a gulf hurricane. Build new refineries in a less hurricane rich region. Stupid is as stupid does and stupid people shouldn't breed. Let's all step up and have some good sense!

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