Monday, March 02, 2009

Lynn Wheeler: Unlikely Civil Rights pilgrim?

You might not expect Lynn Wheeler to be making a Civil Rights pilgrimage through the South. But that's exactly what she's doing.

Wheeler, the former Republican member of the Charlotte city council, is accompanying former NAACP chairman Julian Bond on a seven-day tour called “In the Footsteps of the Movement.” She's even blogging about the trip for Qcitymetro, a new Web site that caters to African Americans in the Charlotte area.

Even Wheeler says she's an unlikely candidate for the trip.

"I grew up in the ‘60s on a plantation outside of Richmond, Va." she wrote. "I
attended an all-white, all-girls high school and college. To top that off, I
was a Richmond debutante and spent my summers at the all-white Country Club
of Virginia, where my parents were members."
Today the group on Tuskeegee, Al., where they heard from Fred Gray, the lawyer who worked with Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King during the Montgomery Bus Boycott days. Travelers, who each paid $3,200 for the tour, also have heard from the likes of movement veterans such as Rep. John Lewis.

"It's compelling, it's riveting, it's emotional," Wheeler said today by phone. "I just wanted to go. I've been obsessed with the Civil Rights movement for some time. And what a better way to learn about it than to have Julian Bond lead the way."


Anonymous said...

Website that "caters" to African-Americans. I did not realize we had that many people coming over from Africa. I know of numerous blacks that have ancestory roots in Africa. But have yet to meet many "African-Americans". Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading articles like this. You catch a tone of "How I was raised was bad".

No offense, but it was not. How you were raised is just YOU were raised. It makes you no better...and read this everyone...NO WORSE than anyone else!

You are not a better person if you grow up in the rural the ghetto of Mumbai...or in the suburbs.

What you do with your upbringing is what matters! I personally know rich, private school, Ivy grads who I wouldn't let walk my dog! I know some that fit in that category that are dedicating their lives and the lives of their family to making the world a better place to live for ALL people!

I would say that the same is true for those who have grown up in less than ideal circumstances. There are "good" and "bad" and many in between the extremes!

The mindset that how you grew up in that world is somehow any better or worse than anyone else is a theme that needs to go away in America and the focus needs to be on PERFORMANCE! what did you do with your life...

Anonymous said...

I guess that former councilperson Wheeler needed expand her boundaries.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Lynn Wheeler to blog about a civil rights trip and start every sentence with "I". What a piece of work. It's always about her. Some things never change.

Anonymous said...

I suppose Lynne will be running for public office during the next election. I wonder who she is going to look to for votes??

Anonymous said...

WondI agree with Anonymous. This is first step back. Wonder what office she is running for next.

Anonymous said...

If she does run for office she'll have to do it on substance, because this time (and considering the age on her) flashing some thigh and that sweet smile ain't gonna cut it.

Anonymous said...

Hey fans,

Not running for relection again----ever. What I do now is for my own edification---not yours. You should go on this trip---it was wonderful.

So you can now get off my back. Thanks. And have a great day.

Your pal,

Lynn Wheeler

Anonymous said...

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